Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"This horrible conduct." Interesting agitprop from Missouri.

from Russian: агитпроп
Derived from agitation and propaganda, and describes stage plays, pamphlets, motion pictures and other art forms with an explicitly political message.
Gun target stickers found at Mo. Capitol offices.
Authorities in Missouri were investigating the discovery Tuesday of small stickers resembling gun targets that were found near the office doors of several state lawmakers.
Senators widely condemned the orange, round stickers displaying crosshairs as an affront to their safety, and police appeared to step up their presence in the Capitol hallways. The stickers were placed next to the doors of at least five Democratic state senators. The House clerk said a sticker also was found next to the doorway of at least one House Republican office.
The point of the stickers was not immediately clear. However, their discovery came as the Senate was debating legislation on whether Missouri should implement a portion of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. Several Democrats were leading the opposition to the Republican-backed bill, which would require approval from the state Legislature or voters before Missouri can take steps to create a state-run health-insurance exchange.


millerized said...

If they thought little orange pieces of paper were scary, just wait til the holes start appearing in them.

(choose your meaning of 'them')

Anonymous said...

Nice stickers! Where can I get some?

Anonymous said...

Who want's to put money on this being a Democrat ploy?

SWIFT said...

No doubt the left-wing media will play this up; as will the Democratic Party nation wide, for ages. What needs to be watched for is a return to the "old" MAIC style of demonization of ordinary Missouri citizens.

Anonymous said...

This is a false flag political attack in Jerrerson City, MO. It happened in New York state last week when a Democrat running for office came home to find a dead cat with the word 'Liberal' carved into the dead cat. It tugs at the heartstrings and provides free news time. The Democrats are reaching for any political advantage.

Anonymous said...

Great agitprop move. Doesn't break any laws, is not illegal to possess, can be bought at walmart, and does not make threats but sends multiple messages.

These politicians are ok when they use targeting or crosshairs messages about their opponents but don't like a 50 cent sticker posted anonymously on the door or window of their offices.

Anonymous said...

Obvious false flag.

Anonymous said...

If it's that easy to get their panties twisted over some harmless orange stickers, just wait until more mean and scary things start showing up.

B Woodman

Pat H. said...

Wow, what a low cost idea. I like it.

Quiet, effective, and easily accomplished.

Watch out for those security cams!

drjim said...

I wonder how much time and money they spent pulling fingerprints off these, running them through the databases, watching security camera tapes, etc, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

Sortof like a dead rattlesnake laid on the front doorstep of a certain Sedona resort that dug up Indian bones while expanding their golf course - then threw them in a dumpster. Just a symbol, with a meaning for those who understand.

Female III said...

Reminds me of Treasure Island. That little piece of paper with the black dots scared the eye patch off the old boy. These target stickers are great ways to deliver a message.

I don't know why they make such a fuss over a little sticker that can peel right off. It's a helluva lot better than finding a horse head in their bed.

Ed said...

I also read that someone placed a larger target sticker where a small target sticker had been removed.

Someone should go back and place Halloween orange and black pumpkin stickers. Similar design elements - sticker, small, round, orange color, black printing over the orange background.

Difference? The image.

Expression of speech? Yes?

Message? Ambiguous.

The ambiguous expression of speech I was referring to was the pumpkin sticker, which is just as ambiguous an expression of speech as the orange target stickers.

Let's make it even more ambiguous. Place 1" diameter, round, plain orange stickers with no image printed. What does that mean? Again, ambiguous.

Do some people use these plain orange dots placed on a contrasting paper background as targets? Yes.

Anonymous said...

Fuck em if they cant take a joke!