Thursday, January 12, 2012

Still sick, not so disgusted. Computer virus attack persists.

Using my laptop and a tenuous wi-fi signal, I'm creakily and very slowly back in business. Still sick, but less discouraged and disgusted. Taking box to expert today to see if he can lay hands on it and drive the demons out. I will have a couple of posts this morning (I hope) and then more this afternoon.


Pvt.Joker said...

Birmingham area Linux users group. I'm on the left Coast, but Linux users are uniformly helpful, in my experience. I would bet if you show up with your box, someone will be willing to help you harden it.

Anonymous said...

Just remember not to mention anything about dual booting Linux or Ubuntu/Kubuntu etc.They're not fans!

They make money because people are saddled with the problems that are created by using windows and the sales of third party "protective" and "managing" software that you have to purchase because of it.

It means less revenue for them, when you install any of those and then become hooked to things like speed of operation, multi-tasking, immediate access to FREE SOFTWARE to include FREE BUSINESS SOFTWARE and SAVING A LOT OF MONEY!!!!

OK, I'm done with the sales pitch.