Thursday, January 26, 2012

Self-described "Educated elitists" for Romney.

"Florida primary pits tea party vs. cocktail party."


TPaine said...

Yeah, well, if you have attended any of the recent events in Florida, you'll know that Ron Paul is ranking very high down here. Santorum is out, and the fight for 2nd place will be between Romney and Gingrich.

Anonymous said...

“They were the only two intellectual, credible people in the race. It was obvious that they would be the final two,” Phillips said. “However, given Newt’s past, I just don’t see him as someone I want in the presidency for four years.”

This is an example of the "fait accompli" debating trick commonly used by elitist snobs.

Ron Paul is not intellectually credible (don't you know?) because he talks about the "scary" Constitution,
a gold standard and deficit reduction by means of a massive spending cut.

This makes him unacceptable to the Ruling Class.

Newt is cute and Mitt's da schnitz
There's no use in your crying,
or continued trying
To steal the prize away from the rich

It' Republicans like "Prince" Phillips that make me want to see a Ron Paul victory.


oldsmobile98 said...

If the Tea Party gets behind Gingrich, then the whole thing was a lie and a fraud.


He has voted for globalist measures several times. He voted for the Gun Free School Zones Act and the Lautenberg Gun Ban. He's on record several times as saying his favorite politician is FDR.

Friends: See past the bull. Do your research!

Anonymous said...

And some people still believe that the paries are the problem.

It's the media that makes or breaks a candidate....

The media that bends public opinion...

And they are completely driven by Marx!

Anonymous said...

Key question for any/all of them: "Which gun control laws will you work to repeal?"

AJ said...

Ron Paul or let the shooting start.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how much these stupid cocksuckers look alike...sound alike? they are like a row of childs paper dolls.and just about as useless.

Anonymous said...

These people have been caught red handed in the most childish lies so many times they have 0 credibility .There is little doubt Ron Paul WON Iowa and has placed much higher than credited since. What a disgusting performance!.The republicrat hacks like Oberst Karl Rove doing their "Washington Bungler,s Waltz"is enough to make you vomit. While you are in D.C.this week , if you can ,please visit Arlington and shed a tear for the tragic demise of the Republic.