Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PATCON, the gift that keeps on giving. "Oh, sweet Jesus! I'm f--ked!" Dennis Mahon always did have a big mouth and compulsion to brag.

Dennis Mahon and ATF informant Carol Howe, back during the ubermenschen White Aryan Resistance salad days, when Dennis was introducing Carol to all the racist collectivist terror trash -- and a few FBI informants and provocateurs (but then, I repeat myself) -- at Elohim City, Oklahoma.
"How The Feds Brought Down Arizona’s Suspected White Supremacist ‘Serial’ Bombing Brothers." Back in the 90s, I vividly recall, J.D. Cash sat Dennis Mahon -- a frequent visitor to Elohim City -- down on a couch and explained to him about Andreas Carl Strassmeier being a federal provocateur, whereupon he leaped to his feet and yelled, "Oh, sweet Jesus! I'm f--ked!" I myself had a chance to chat with Mahon on the phone during my John Doe Times period, when he assured me that I should be very afraid of Michael Brescia, Strassmeier's roommate at Elohim City and the Aryan Republican Army bank robber who we embarrassed the FBI into arresting with a poster campaign.
Mahon, his brother and Tom Metzger, the public faces of White Aryan Resistance, were three others who had this weird protective envelope around them. J.D. told me later that Metzger and both the Mahons had made their own "snitch peace" with the FBI, which was typical in the PATCON period, where the FBI had the racist collectivist organizations thoroughly penetrated, if not controlled.
Now it seems that Mahon, having learned nothing about his experiences with the ATF confidential informant Carol Howe, has once again played beast to beauty.
Carol Howe, ATF informant who gave strategic warning of the Oklahoma City Bombing and Andreas Strassmeier. In late February 1995, ATF was planning to raid Elohim City where Strassmeier was "security chief," when they were told by the FBI and DOJ to "back off," saying "Elohim City is our operation." A little over six weeks later, the Murrah Building was bombed.
The only real question is, now that the feds have given him less to lose than before, what can Dennis tell us about the Oklahoma City bombing?


Anonymous said...

Unwanted posted. Spittin' image of Jose Padilla.

Holland Vandennieuwenhof said...

I am writer and producer for the newly released documentary, A Noble Lie Oklahoma City 1995.


Your work is outstanding and correlates with what we know to be true and presented in this ground-breaking film.

Longbow said...

I was on active duty in March of 1995. We got word through the ratline that there were dozens of federal goons at Ft Drum who were bragging about how they were about to bust a bunch of militia groups all at once.

Soldiers started calling their congressmen and saying, "Look, you're about to spark a civil war here. Tell 'em to call it off!"

I recognized, afterward, that it was the preparation for the response to the Murrah Building fiasco. Which always meant to me, the response was planned in advance of the event. Which means the event was planned and staged.

Your thoughts, Mike?

Anonymous said...

That March 1995 crackdown has been verified independently. I wonder if OKC was the response to the stand down?