Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Issa Threatens Holder with contempt

FOX reports.
The politically reliable Jordy Yager.
Issa's letter.


dave@gisrentals.com said...

Holder will eat Issa for lunch with O's approval. Bluster is a better word.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a strongly worded letter, bet that scares these lawless mad dog gun running thugs of the ATF and DOJ uh?

Foothills Firearms said...

"Eric you are a very bad man....and you lied to us and you keep lying to us! Were gonna give you yet another chance to lie to us some more, but we just wanted you to know we think you are a very baaaaaaad man"

Jezzus....these guys ought to be U.N Weapons inspectors in Irans Nuclear program!

What is the frigging point of being a Congressman if you cant haul off and arrest someone you openly admit is gridlocking and lying to congress in a sworn statement? Issa are you listening? Go ahead and have him locked up!
Two things will happen, First he will be pardoned immediately by his buddy Obammy.
Secondly you at the very least will be able to hold your head up high and claim "at least I busted the dirtbag" which will only help during the coming soundbites of this upcoming fixed election! People can't very well claim this transparent president needs to be re-issued since he didn't have any scandals....oh wait a minuet didn't congress jail his AG? Didn't he pardon him? Don't they look suspicious?

Anyway I guess I am just TOO damn cynical to think that ANY thing that happens is going to make a hill of dung difference.

But since we are already saying it won't make a difference Issa......Arrest his ass!

Ashrak said...

So is this to draw a formal declaration of Executive Privilege or is this intended to see Holder invoke his own 5th Amendment right?

Either would be a bombshell worthy of me actually saying something nice about Issa. Though I would qualify it by saying "It's about time." ;)

Now I have to ask.....

How can it be that a member of the Majority Party in control of the House "threatens" a sitting Attorney General of the "opposing" party with contempt of Congress and the Speaker of the House is still SILENT?

How can the Old Media dog resist that tempting biscuit? How the heck can Boehner keep skating like this?

BTW, rest well kind Sir and mind that sugar.