Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back from gun show.

Indifferent success selling stuff. Did however find 10 of these Romanian two-pocket Kalashnikov pouches for a little less than $2.00 each. Those will get packed away for newbies, if, as, and when.
Also picked up three wooden ammo crates suitable for packing away 2 M19A1 "thirty cal" cans of ammo per each, cost was $2.50 each.
What I was looking for, but failed to find were these:
Current standard M16 bandoleers (4 pockets, 30 rounds each. I have the ammo on stripper clips and packed in cardboard sleeves, what I lack are the bandos themselves. The cheapest ones I found were $3.00 each and the most expensive $6.00 each, pricing that I find extortionate. (The last ones I bought in bulk for fifty cents each.) I've got 7-pocket (20 rds per pocket) Vietnam standard bandoleers running out my ears, but I needed about a dozen four pockets to finish a project.
Back to writing. . .


Unknown said... has 4 pocket bandoleers.

Anonymous said...

I,ve got a stash of those same mag pouches.They will fit easily on G.I. web belts but you might need to take half the buckle off on one side.The oil can pocket on the left fit,s a G.I.compass or the AK47-SKS stripper clip guide perfectly,also if you trim the center divider out you can easily fit 4 AK-47 30rd mags in side by side down.Your right about the bargain price on these as they are a tough durable item.Kinda on the ugly side but we,re looking for durability right?.Buying ammo by the case is a get it done must now.If someone is part of a "Club",go in halves if you need to,but get it NOW!

Eric said...

And we threw away those bandoliers by the trash bag full while I was in the Army. :(

SWIFT said...

I must say Mike, you are obviously one generous fellow and certainly have more of a Christian spirit than I do. Stockpiling these items for newbies is damn thoughtful. But, I have no tolerance for fence sitters or ostriches; and that is what a person has to be if they are not committed at this late date. I consider them to be a lower life form than the FBI/Homies sewer rats. If they do not have a years supply of food on hand to feed their families, and sufficient fire power and military items to protect it from street thugs and chartered government thugs, they belong in a FEMA Camp. After all; what good is a FEMA Camp without inmates? Still, good on you for being who and what you are. (I still sleep nights though!)

Anonymous said...

I have four of these four-mag M4 bandoleers in "ready one" status. They each have four filled 30-round pmags inserted, and are hanging on a hook in the gun safe.

My "ready" states:

0 - I have them sitting next to me
1 - they're ready to go but not immediately available (in the safe or a closet)
2 - Not ready to just grab-n-go (no mags inserted)

Pat H. said...

I bought a slew of them from one seller on eBay a couple of years ago.

I know some folks won't buy from eBay, but if there's things we need, you'd better get by that blockage tout sweet.

Since I have an AR that fires 6.5 Grendel, I bought 100 7.62x39 stripper clips into which my ammo fits just like it was made for it, the issue I have is there are no spoons made to fit those clips AMD fit on what is an AR sized magazine exterior at the same time. I'll probably make my own at some point.

Seach all auctions for stuff we need.

Anonymous said...

Ain't nothin' like a gun show.

pdxr13 said...

We would like to get these at 2 cents on the original production dollar, but what if the supply has dried up (switch from trashbag disposal in quantity to $5 each at sales)? It sounds like we are half-way there if they are available for $2 in limited quantity.

Bring sacrificial example to local seamstress with appropriate material, and maybe some magazines or strippers to test-fit template, and get an estimate. I bet that you could improve on the material.

Same with cardboard inserts: local cardboard box maker could stamp out 5000 of them pretty fast. Perhaps, using non-absorbent sheet stock that will hold up to soaking/drying better.

I miss everything good and cheap too.


Crustyrusty said...

I want what was IN that crate LOL

Cropduster said...

Still got those two pouches i got for ya at the last show, and free is pretty cheap. You've got my # somewhere.


Anonymous said...

My preference is to keep my ammo in stripper clips and the mags empty (except for the one that is loaded for this month and unloaded for the next 5 months) Nothing like having a mag spring compressed and unwilling to feed-to-fire since it has been sitting for a while. The exception to this rule is the M1-Garand en-bloc clips that are ready to go. The AR-15 or AK-47 variety rifles need to have the magazines rotated every month and a bunch of stripper clips ready to go when needed. Learned from experience a couple of years ago when I had a "failure to fire" situtation right outside my front door when dealing with a bunch of thugs.

Pat H. said...

Magazine springs can be compressed for decades without harm except in pre-WWII magazines.

I keep a Fighting Load Carrier with 8 loaded magazines at the ready at all times, plus two in /on the weapon.

There's no such thing as too much ammo at the ready.

MechaRogers said...

Mirroring what Eric said at 1213 07JAN12 - We tossed those in bulk when I was in the guard. FMs and office supplies too. I remember one drill we were cleaning out our supply room, and there were hefty bags full of pistol belts, suspenders, mag and compass pouches, MOLLE assault packs (because they were woodland, not ACU) T-shirts, boonies, FMs, M12 holsters, you name it. We just tossed it all in the dumpsters behind the armory.

Check armory dumpsters if you can, or have a relative/friend that's in do it.

Pat H. said...

If it's not on the property book, it's garbage.

So sayeth the first sergeant.

Unless he's a smart one that keeps some "things" for a rainy day.

Female III said...

How was the buying crowd at the show? I'm hearing about long lines to even get into shows in some of the more renegade anti-American states.

Scott J said...

Quick hit & run this afternoon. 500 rounds silver bear 9mm for staying active in IDPA while my ability to handload will be disrupted.

3 nice long gun soft cases and then picked up a hard side double case at Academy on the way home so every long gun now has a case in which to ride for the move.

3d health animation said...

In China, we never have a chance to visit a gun show.

Loren said...

I have one. I think I can manage postage, I'd be up for trading for a .308 bando but I don't know if that would cost more than one of those $2 ones.