Monday, January 9, 2012

Another F&F weapon used in the killing of an American law enforcement officer?

From Doug Ross we have "Remember the good old days when we had a real media?"
To which piece we find this comment from Duke C:
I would like to comment on the shooting of a Maricopa Deputy Sheriff Sunday morning 4am, north of Phoenix, AZ. The no comment policy of the AZ Central newspaper prevents readers from expressing thier views and suspicions on this tragic event. The 50 year old father of 2, died when his body armor was penetrated by an AK 47 bullet. Eric Holder and the DOJ are holding their breath that this weapon is not connected to Gunwalker's Fast and Furious. Real OLD MEDIA is dying, but real scandals are ongoing. That is my tie-in to your article. Censure me if you must.
Although the comment says that Maricopa County Deputy William Coleman was killed with an "AK 47 bullet," this story indicates that his shooting is being linked to an earlier shooting where .223 brass was recovered. Still, there were many AR-type weapons sold as part of Fast and Furious, so it will be interesting to see what the trace turns up. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not known for his love for the feds, so we shall hear presently if the weapon traces back to Eric Holder's Gunwalker Conspiracy.


Aiken Patriot said...

Did this shooting just happen? Can't help but wonder if this is the Obama administration trying to threaten Sheriff Arpaio.

Longbow said...

Jumping to conclusions is a dangerous thing. It would be wise, as a sentinel on a picket line, to watch closely and wait

Mt Top Patriot said...

Whether it is a rifle from Gunwalker or not, ultimately it is that illegal alien usurper in the White House and his ilk who are responsible for these things. It is leadership, no matter how good or evil that sets the bar. In no uncertain terms I believe we would not have the deep problems we face in this great nation today but for the meddling and insidious social engineering mortal useless fools such as obama and his ilk through history have imposed. Sure there are always bad apples in every bunch, what we are faced with today is the brutal law of unintended consequences attributable to these bad people who rape us of our dignity, means of prosperity, impose their will on us all.
This bad stuff is gonna come out of the woodwork of our society. It is only natural when you sow the seeds of tyranny the bad stuff runs wild throughout our Republic.
In some fashion it is desired by those who covet all power over others.
Holder and the rest ain't so smart as they believe they are. All the lies, stonewalling and subterfuge in the world ain't going to stop the magnitude of how big a bite out of their butts it is going to be when Gunwalker and God only knows what other shit they have pulled comes back around on them.

Jhn1 said...

some AK types are made in .223
one example is the Century Inter Arms WASR-2 or WASR-3

left side of page 3

It is more money to buy in .223, but IIRC the Finns and other companies do make them.

Anonymous said...

This just came thru on our local Tucson news- possible tie to another murder

Anonymous said...

The AK 74 is a 22cal weapon.