Monday, March 7, 2016

Too bad.

Michael Bloomberg Will Not Enter Presidential Race


Anonymous said...

Michael is too busy with his gun grabbing operation. I'll turn their word on them; "If you are not guilty, you have nothing to rear from armed Americans"

David Dawson said...

Michael Bloomberg's private Diary for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and early 2016:

March 2016: Just decided today, not gonna run for president. Was told no way, and this after all of my considerable achievements:
2012: Gonna build me a victory mosque at ground zero! Gonna show everyone just how multicultural and PC I am. No, wait, that's not going to happen? United Steel Workers said "Good luck finding someone to build it." Shucks!
2013: Going to help defeat that uppity pro 2A sheriff in Milwaukee, David Clark. Putting lots of my own cash into that one. Um, he won reelection? Poop!
2014: Right then, really going to enjoy Comrade Mayor Bill de Blasio's fine work maintaining the level of peace, prosperity and sanity that I created in New York during my reign, err, I mean time in office. Huh? whats this? In spite of the progressive gun laws we've enacted NYPD being gunned down in the streets, executed while in their patrol cars? Getting beat up while trying to make lawfull arrests? NYPD turning their backs on him in public? Huh, what? A homeless guy just crapped in the middle intersection at Central Park and West? What the.....?
2015: How about this. I can see to it that Virgina doesn't have to practice conceal carry reciprocity with other states. Gov. Terry McAuliffe got millions in campaign money from me. He'll carry the day... NO! Shoot, that got gunned down as well? Heck!
2016: O.K., well then, I'll throw my considerable influence behind stopping constitutional carry in West Virginia! No, wait, that veto was overturned by the W. Virginia House and Senate? Darn.
2017: Maybe I'll run for the U.S. Senate instead?