Monday, March 21, 2016

David Codrea answers my question on twisted soul trolls: "What Sort, Indeed."

A sadist/psychopath, Mike. An infiltrator/disruptor. Tellingly, someone who needs to, which means you're actually the one who has power over him. And yes, absolutely, a coward who must hide, because he knows what he is and is terrified others will see. Such a demon-haunted creature cannot be happy or loved, or even genuinely liked. Talk about pathetic.


Anonymous said...

The problem with David's assessment is that he starts with the premise that such comments are honest, that the person making such foul comments actually feel that way.

Most dont, at all, they just view it as a way to cause chaos, to sew deceit and create conflict.

Trumps campaign is a good example. The attempt to set up the sympathy card is rampant. Look at the protests of his rallies now. They began only AFTER the other Republicans in the race stopped attacking him. Attacks had to be arrange so he could "defend" against them. We see the same thing with the racism hoaxes, you know, the tip tickets and the noises hanging etc. It's all manufactured drama..

Sure, special K and his crew might well be sending some legit hate, their own souls burning as a result, but the vast majority are just sick games played by those who do not actually mean a word of what they write. It's just a game to them.

They will find out it is not a game the day they meet their maker, and face judgement for their use of hate as a political tool and or tool of entertainment. If suspect they will cry out about how "unfair" that is, not realizing the irony.....that they chose eternal damn ation for the laughs they got posting such pathetic drivel.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Oh, I'd say that most hateful comments are motivated by genuine hate, especially spite of someone who is clearly better. But there are fakes, and while the deceptive techniques of genuine psychopaths make them difficult to discern without direct access to evidence of their lies, the pedestrian scripts followed by paid shills tend to be more easily spotted. The refrain of "you're a nobody, a loser, you're not better than anyone else" is an accompaniment to a sincere feeling of specific injury to the pride of the sincere hater. Voiced alone, it is evidence of someone who is humming along because they don't know any of the words.

Psychopathy of a level that results in real expertise and ease with seamless insincerity is relatively rare, so even though psychopaths certainly produce far more than their fair share of hatred, most hatred is going to be the result of real feelings or blunt socio-economic incentives. Getting paid outright is the most blunt, but of course the dependence of most young people today on Social Justice credentials for self-esteem is only a bit less crude. But even at that level, there will be particular complaints beyond "you're more popular than you 'deserve'."

Still, genuine hate is commonplace and available for free, psychopaths likewise take their pay in the pleasure of causing harm, but the paid shills mean someone is willing to spend money on you. That means you're being effective enough to be countered with cash, is all.