Friday, March 11, 2016

Welcome to the in-crowd. Herschel Smith has arrived at that lofty level of being threatened by devoted Trump supporters.

Herschel Smith writes me in an email: "I have so earnestly desired to be threatened like you, good sir. I've arrived."


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a bunch of brown shirts?

Anonymous said...

First, who's Herschel Smith? I know of a Herchel Smith, the chemist who pioneered injectable contraceptives, but his name is spelled differently.

Anyway, I was threatened by a Cruz supporter. I was going to hell, and if I didn't go there automatically because I voted for Trump, he or she would make sure I went there by 'other means.'

Now anybody who has ever taken a stand in very crisis-oriented times is bound to be threatened by the opposition. It's not nice but it happens. I certainly would not threaten a Cruz supporter and I would say the majority of Trump supporters are not like that.There are always hard-core people in every group. But through all my years I have found they are a tiny fraction of the whole but because they say something that elicits a visceral response, they get the reaction.

So I don't understand the 'I have arrived' pride. If one speaks up on a very polarizing issue or backs a certain controversial candidate, it's bound to happen.

Anonymous said...

There's no such thing a perfect candidate - Trump has at least addressed a lot of the items that will drown this country if not addressed immediately: Unchecked immigration, Medical Monopolies, Outside Wars to name 3. Herschel linked to a critique that complained he is not pro-life enough? Come on -

I'm still way more comfortable with Trump - Take a gander at the video's of Cruz's Dad, or the recent addition of the Bush clan to the Cruz payroll. I fear that Cruz is as shady and slimy as they come. Throw in his eligibility being as questionable, if not more so, that the current holder and he's a nightmare in my opinion.

Long time reader of your Blog, First Post - I however wanted to extend my gratitude to you and your wife for all that you have done, the light you've shown on the workings of those that represent us, and your efforts to restore our republic. I pray that the lord still has more in store for you!

God bless -

Anonymous said...

I'm still jealous of, and working towards, Mike's (and now, Herschel's) enviable position of being despised by the despicable. But I feel that I have a long way to go.

B Woodman

Nemesis said...

Trump stated in 2000 that although he supported a woman's right to choose abortion he was uncomfortable with that kind of decision. As of April, 2011, he hardened his 'uncomfortable' position on abortion and changed his stance to that of a 'pro-life' supporter.

I would suggest Herschel has not researched Trump's opinion and position concerning abortion in 2016.

Charles N. Steele said...

An additional irony: Trump's politics are *very* close to those of Bernie Sanders. Both oppose free speech (Sanders with the "People's Amendment, Trump by rewriting libel law so politicians can sue people who disagree with them). Both oppose any reform of entitlements. Both oppose cutting the federal budget. Both want to end free trade. Both favor "some" gun control (but just "some"). Both support federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Both favor increasing government subsidies for Obama's favorite "green" energy, ethanol. And both claim they will fix things and pay for all this crap by taxing the "rich."

Trump & Sanders are both national socialists. They are the American version of Juan Peron vs. Hugo Chavez.

Chiu ChunLing said...

I'm all for principled refusal to support Constitutionally illegitimate candidates for office.

But if only applies to Constitutionally illegitimate candidates you happen to personally dislike, it's not really all that principled.

Anonymous said...

Ahahahahahah Ted Crud supporters thinking they are important enough to threaten!

Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz would make a much better President for our 2nd Amendment cause than Trump. If Trump is the nominee I'll certainly vote for him in November. I think Trump is a childish bully!

- Old Greybeard