Thursday, March 10, 2016

Still playing catch-up.

The 8 days I spent in the hospital put me behind the eight ball on many tasks and yesterday y'all paid for that by not finding any posts in this space. I'm sorry, but with Matthew visiting from Germany we have lots of stuff to do and very little time to do it. We did finally get the video surveillance system installed for Rosey (and Matt worked like a champ on all the ladder work and cable pulling to get that accomplished). We also got the privet stumps ground by a local contractor, which was a herculean task in itself. Anyway, I will remain busy today sorting and moving surplus out of the storage lockers in preparation for the AGCA show coming up where I will have five tables. If I fall behind on my posting you perhaps begin to understand why.


Anonymous said...

Please, don't apologize for not being superhuman. You are doing much more than most, working past hurdles that stop almost all mortals. To my eye I see God's hand in your work, even with your imperfections, He makes it possible, or not. Be secure in being led by His spirit, and do what you must, but don't apologize for not doing more than He has you do.

Nemesis said...

You do what you can Mike, this should be your time not ours.

Good luck with it all.