Saturday, March 5, 2016

"Caching your Guns for a Civil War."

Part One.
Part Two.


Anonymous said...

Please note that the "weapons" are useless balls of rust and have been since being interned in the salt laden soil of the middle east. "Cashing" is the best way to destroy an otherwise useable firearm. It is a stupid IDEA that only works in a highly limited way for a very short time.--Ray

Witold Pilecki said...


Currently my EVADE scheme here in Kommiecticut. `Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Good articles on a valuable subject. Whether the equipment cached is weapons or other useful items, the ability to store and hide equipment and supplies from enemy forces during an occupation is something that never gets old.

Those caching "fails" were illustrative of what goes wrong when best practices are not followed.

For further reading, TC 31-29 covers the topic well and can be found easily enough online.

Anonymous said...

Awww, Bill Nye wants to troll again. Welcome back Billy. I guess you ain't getting enough attention after the great die off of the IIIPS and no one will return your calls in Pennsylvania. Poor, poor Billy.

It's like what they say about if you go through the whole day and you think everyone you meet is an asshole, the asshole just might be you.

Bye, bye now Billy. Maybe one day you can find some kids to play with that are your own emotional age.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:43 - the words "ain't" and "nothin'" in the same sentence is a double negative. Any person of "superior" intellect ought to know that,,,BTW: you are THE most obvious troll designed to malign a presidential candidate I have ever seen...

Chiu ChunLing said...

I have to say, leaving aside the Jew hatred, the article basically makes the case that caching is pointless for anyone that has been involved in advocating against civil war. If you don't have the backing of a major power to provide and cache the weapons for you, forget it. And major powers backing insurgents are always in favor of the war.

You have to go in ready for a stand-up fight. Only after achieving a mentality in which you are prepared for open confrontation against any odds is it useful to speak of ways to improve the odds, if you let the odds dictate your courses of action you will choose to be a quisling.

To make a pop-culture reference, you need to respond to any suggestion of not fighting with "Never tell me the odds" and be ready to switch off anyone who says "Surrender is a perfectly acceptable alternative."

Bill St. Clair said...

If it's time to bury your guns, it's time to dig them up.

Unless you have extra money to use for guns that you don't need immediately, but might be able to use later. Most of us have more urgent preps than that to buy with our limited funds.