Thursday, March 10, 2016

Latest 4th Circuit Gun Ban Decision Highlights Legal Danger for Militia-Suitable Arms

No one has a crystal ball. That said, prepare for the worst. Especially if the Republicans manage to alienate enough of their base to put Hillary in the Oval Office, assuming she has enough dirt on all the key players to keep from ending up behind bars.


Witold Pilecki said...

As I have said before; once you make the personal decision to commit to The Armed Civil Disobedience of Non-Compliance, none of this bullshit matters. Once, twice, three times a felon (apologies to Lionel Ritchie).....does it really matter after that? Disregard it all, and leave the next move to the tyrants. When they come for your guns....


After we kill the obedient minions that followed illegal orders, then we kill their masters. We have the list, and know where they are.


Otto Didact said...

Am I the only one who found the statement David quoted by Prof. Quigley to be espechally chilling?! The idea that the parties should be so similar that the people would have no say in policy is frightening. The Professor would give the people the illusion of being in charge without, in fact, BEING in charge. But wouldn't eliminating the ballot box increase the likelihood of the people resorting to the ammo box? Is not the Prof.'s vision the very essence of evincing a design to place we the people under absolute despotism?

Anonymous said...

Ya, but they don't see it as despotism.

They see it as the natural order of things.

They see themselves as better and more and superior and because you are not their equal, you should have no voice or impact. They and those who agree with them, should control all.

To avoid trouble, give them just the appearance of a voice and the appearance of impact. The mere appearance of freedom. Tell them that this is what freedom is and that you will see to it that they have it, as long as you and your friends are left in charge.

Since their thoughts and logic are indisputable and undeniable, they will therefore feel free to murder, incarcerate and commit any who stand in their way.

And where have we see this before, throughout history? And more importantly, what has been the butcher's bill for for those beliefs?

You cannot argue with them because they are always right, and will never concede the smallest point to you or us. Except at last, at gun point and with a noose in your hand.

Their conversion only happens then.