Saturday, March 19, 2016

See you at the AGCA show this weekend,

Prices for surplus will be VERY competitive.

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Anonymous said...

Dutchman - You may be interested in this:

What it is: The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has pioneered a breakthrough "living" immunotherapy treatment that engineers the patient's immune cells so that they target specific molecules on cancer cells. Thus far, researchers report the treatment has had "dramatic" remissions -- even on patients with tumors that have been resistant to high-dose chemotherapy.

Why it's important: By engineering our own immune cells, we're able to kill off cancer cells without conventional chemotherapy, improving patient outcomes while also decreasing side effects. "The results are simply astounding," said Stanley Riddell, MD. "We are treating patients with advanced leukemia and lymphoma that have failed every conventional therapy and radiation therapy, including transplants... in a single treatment. Within weeks, the patient goes into remission."

The article suggests they may want to expand this to solid tumors as well. Best wishes to you & Rosie.