Monday, March 7, 2016

Extremely busy (and tiring) last few days.

Back home from the hospital into a bunch of stuff that had been postponed for more than a week. I am being excoriated in comments and emails by the Trump true believers/neo-Nazis/trolls for a variety of sins, including my "deliberate" ignoring the arrests of the Bunkerville Fourteen. The fact is that days ago I reached out to Jerry Delemus' wife with offers to help in any way I can but have as yet received no reply. When I get more, you will know more. In the mean time, it seems there are those who believe I am going to hell for disrespecting their new Saint Trump of Gotham City. I'll take my chances.


Anonymous said...

Just tell the Trumpobites to relax. Life is short. Do what you can Mike and get that book finished. It would be nice if an audio book with you reading it were available for posterity.

Anonymous said...

RNC & Company remind me of Jihadi Suicide Bombers, and World Leaders see the End of The Gravy Train.

GWOT-Global War on Trump

So be it, But IT's gonna GET REAL.......UGLY!

TRUMP 2016

Bad Cyborg said...

Those Trump supporters scare me. They are so fervent in their praise for him and are so vehement in their vituperation against anyone who does not support him. It is downright scary.

Anonymous said...

We will get the government we deserve. It is easier to believe in today's American culture that DT will give us revenge. And that is the heart of the issue. We want a champion that will rail the opposition over the kitchen table, without the benefit of lubricant. That potential is best seen in DT from an emotional standpoint. Fantasy.

What they fail to realize is Cruz is far more apt to dismantle the opposition. He just doesn't appear to be the type to get it done with the roughness and flair we'd all like to see. We Americans love good theater.

So what if we miss the chance to restore the Republic? No matter. The USA isn't eternal. Jesus and His Kingdom is, and nations rise and fall by His sovereignty (Isaiah 21). If He brings us down, enjoy the ride. We can still sing Hallelujah because His wisdom in that day will be manifest.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
As for "The Don" ......Hell!!, I'll go for "Him"... Never mind the "Kings" and "Queens' in the "House of Cards" It's the "JOKER!!!!!".... that will have the "Last Word!!"
Funny thing about the "Bunkerville 14!!" How come it wasn't "FIFTEEN!?????!!!" I could see them come into the Hospital and drag you out out on a stretcher with the IV still in your arm!!! I really thought they would!!!!! On top of that, just go for all your friends too!!!! Just for knowing you, I'm sure I'm on their "LIST!!!"
There is no more "Condition WHITE!!!" and "Condition YELLOW" is fading Fast!!
Got Gunz..........OUTLAW!!!!!!!,
PS Glad to see ya' made it home!! 'Appears tat the "Good Lord" still has "Plans" for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Re Trump: he may be the least of several evils, but at least it'd be a
change from the regular dog-and-pony show we've had all of our lives. Still,
Ann Barnhardt's axiom applies - "The fact that a given person is holding or
seeking high-level public office is, in and of itself, proof that said
person is morally and/or psychologically UNFIT to hold public office."


Anonymous said...

I appreciate every post from you and wish you many more days, months and years. God bless and grant you the strength to carry on.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what bundy or his followers were thinking? They didn't beat .gov or run them off. It's called a tactical retreat! TPTB felt it wasn't the right time or place for a fight so they left. Now when everyone is watching the election circus .gov has gone around picking people up with no problems and no media attention and no violence. Let this be a lesson to everyone reading this. If you pick up a gun against .gov you better stay on the offense till TPTB are gone or they will come back and get you at a time of their choosing! Fourteen people have just learned that lesson for you! Learn from their mistakes don't make the same ones and don't lose you won't like it!

Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely convinced now, Flint isn't the only place lead has filled the brain cavity of it's inhabitants. It appears there are hoards of people in every town in Murika who are suffering from terminal delusion. The thing that really bothers me about this abomination called Trump though, is seeing how many dingbats, bigots, racists, unhinged morons, extremely intolerant and hate filled and outright thugs this maggot has drawn out from the nooks, crannies and cesspools of where ever he appears. Given what has occurred just in the last few days, and moreover, his latest call for members of his supporters to PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE and a PROMISE TO VOTE FOR HIM.. we're seeing the beginnings of something never before seen in the history of American political campaigning. In reality, Trump is now bordering on demanding fanatical idol worship...just as Hitler did. I've got $100 that says someone is going to either die, or get beaten at one of his rallies before this campaign is over. Mark my words. After all..look what just happened to a Times photographer.

One more thing got some real, authentic, certifiable psychos visiting here now. I only hope one of them doesn't hurt you. Cause from what I've read in your comment section the last few days, were talkin some real, sick pukes. Be careful. This thing has now taken on a hue of not just an ugly, obscene political campaign, but a very dangerous call for the gates of hell to open in America, just as happened in Germany circa the 1930's. I don't know who said.."it can't happen here",..but whoever it was, never envisioned a Donald Trump. Be careful Mike.

bondmen said...

The extreme Trump crowd hurls invective and innuendo en mass at all who favor a different flavor and many without an ounce of panache or with good humor. They've even taken to saying Ted Cruz was eating his buggers at the last debate! Yuck boys and girls.

So in the spirit of political fairness I propose a parasitic twin in the chin for The Donald and all his fanatics. Reminds me of the pilot fish that live on sharks.

Sean said...

Don't worry Mike, Christians like me are praying for you, everyday, and we know as well that you are saved and Glory Bound. To all you crazies out there, in the Bible it states that those who are saved He will in no wise cast out. Once saved, saved for Eternity. G*d is not the author of ANY imperfect plans, and His Will can not be thwarted by anything man does, or plans. I've always thought of you as one of those lambs that G*d went out to recover, and bring back to His Fold. We all are. My thanks is to G*d for that, and all the grace we've received, but never earned. And Thank You, Mike, for your labors, your courage, your strength, and most of all, your Honor. Gentlemen, I say ye, Mike Vandeboegh. When, comes such another?

1NCCCH said...

Wow, so much bile! Seems Trump is the poster boy for many angry Americans. If being pissed with no constructive plan is your criteria, then The Donald is your man. You bilious, tasteless shills out there reveal something truly sad about the body politic. Personally I think he is a petulant compromising no character having childish blow hard con artist without a real clue and if he is the best we can do then we are truly screwed. And to you haters and trolls out there, have at it. Show your ass, who cares? I could give a good dump less how you feel or vote. Your nastiness says all anyone else needs to know about you. In any case, we are way past political solutions to what ails us and none of the candidates, R or D, are going to change what is coming for the better. They will most probably only accelerate the inevitable.

And God speed to you and Rosie, Mike. F the trolls!

Anonymous said...

Oh wait!

Constitutionally ineligible (yet still parading) GoldmanSachs and GOP! backed Cruz is also proclaimed as the messiah of dominionists!

How was that overlooked?

Bad Cyborg said...

For Anon at 2:01 AM,
Ah, excuse me. It's not "fourteen people" it's fourteen ADDITIONAL people. The total - SO FAR - is NINETEEN people indicted. The "fourteen" number represents the additional folks named in the SUPERCEDING indictment. And who's to say those nineteen are the only ones whom the feds are planning to punish for their insolence? There is always room for YET ANOTHER superceding indictment. And another. AND ANOTHER! They are bound and determined to show us who's boss. It's no skin off their noses if they indict a HUNDRED people; or a THOUSAND!

Gonna get mean, people. It's GONNA ... GET ... MEAN! And it ain't gonna be bretty - not even a little bit.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a quandary. If the general election pits Hillary against Trump, I don't know who to vote for because I have no idea which Trump will be on my ballot. If it's the conservative Trump, I might vote for him, but if it's the liberal Trump, it probably makes no difference who is elected. Decisions, decisions.....

Mike, please finish your book. Reading the chapters you posted was the hook that made me a regular SSI reader and MV fan.

Chiu ChunLing said...

My suggestion is to give up on politics entirely at this point. Pleading that you're too old and sick for this nonsense is fine, but the more enduring truth is that an illegitimate government is illegitimate no matter who runs it.

Trump supporters are playing a foolish game, trying to use Trump to pull down the facade of legitimacy of the government while Trump is only trying to pull down the facade of legitimacy of the Republican party. But it's not as dangerous or as foolish as the game of propping up the legitimacy of the Republican party with a candidate who really only wants to prop up the facade of legitimacy for the FedGov.

Especially if you actually believe that those other candidates aren't committed to doing just that.