Friday, March 18, 2016

Herschel Smith -- "Merrick Garland: Obama’s Anti-Gun Nominee."

"Trump cannot win a general election, and virtually all of the polls say that. So Hillary will be the next president. The biggest issue we might face will be that Hillary wins with a single party vote with voters pulling a single “lever,” thus ushering in democratic control of the senate and house. This would give Hillary everything she needed for an assault weapons ban, national gun registry, control over sales of ammunition, and justices on the supreme court to back it all up. The long and short of it is this. Prepare for what’s coming. Steel yourself. Or better, I hope you are already prepared and putting the finishing touches on your preparations, mental and otherwise."
See also: Judge Merrick Garland Doesn't Appear to Be Friendly To Second Amendment Rights
You know, I recall well this moke when he was a cover-up artist for the Clinton administration during the trial of McVeigh, "the lone bomber." J.D. Cash despised him, with good reason.


Anonymous said...

SCOTUS, What Will It Become?

ince the passing of Justice Scalia, the Obama administration has the potential to befoul America with blatant Socialist goals, provided he gets his choice of who will sit on the Supreme Court. The NRA has came out solidly against the nomination of Judge Merrick Garland of the D.C. Circuit Court. The NRA cites a long string of rulings where the judge shows a contempt of the 2nd Amendment and it's protection of law abiding Americans rights to own firearms for self protection. Judge Garland it is supposed will reverse Scalia's 'Heller' decision and go beyond it to include other gun control issues.

As it now sits, the SCOTUS is split evenly between four justices who believe the 2nd protects American Citizens rights to own and use firearms for self protection, and the four Socialist Left justices who have a perceived agenda to remove that right. Since it is obvious judging by his speeches and more so by his actions, President Obama shows nothing but contempt for the Second and other amendments that stand in the way of his Socialist designs for America and the NWO sponsored by Soros. The NRA through Chris Cox who is the executive director of the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, cites the opinions and voting records of Obama's past nominees on the issues

Chiu ChunLing said...

Trump doesn't want to get nominated, and so he probably won't be. If he were nominated, his only exit is to complain about Democrat vote fraud, and while he'd certainly do so if he were put in the general election, he would rather blame the Republican establishment for stealing the nomination.

I'm somewhat curious about who the brokered convention will select instead, but it's not like I seriously care. Hillary will win the election anyway with as much voter fraud as necessary, if they have an election at all. Whatever #NeverTrump is her opponent, the vote fraud will pass effectively unremarked because, unlike Trump, the other Republicans don't have to explain why they lost.

But whatever, as long as people wake up to the futility of politics, anything works.

Anonymous said...

This "Idea" that Trump can't be The Butcher, is just, "A Idea" a Establishment "Whining Point."
The GOP has exposed it's hand,
Along with other like story's
There Lies, over Decades to the voters, there Contempt for the voter, there "Show", there walking with Obama, are Enough!! They have brought this upon themselves and NOW They Show There Desperation!!

With The Butcher Running on a Anti-Gun, Sue the Gunmaker agenda, (I) find this nothing less than GOP Establishment Propaganda and Dis-Information.
As do many others!

POLS, who gives a rats ass!
The only Pol that matters is How, they and we vote on election day, for the Nominee.
Whom ever it is.

That said, The Global War on Trump tells (Me) all (I) need to know.
Never have i seen such Back Stabbing, Traitorous Behavior, Total Fear and Scorched Earth Talk and Behavior from the RNC and GOP.

Yeah, he's doing something right!! And Listening to The People.
I'll judge his Actions as President after he wins. Thats the game. All else is conjecture, opinion and crystal ball BS.

So, give The Butcher YOUR vote, Dont Vote, stomp your feet in Protest as a teen girl would or HELP Destroy The Butcher on Election Day.

And IF, Cruez gets the nomination, then YES, I WILL Vote For HIM!
I Will not go as the RNC/GOP Establishment , to embrace the Suicide Bomber Mentality.
For that is all they have shown themselves to be!

This Doesn't End well No Matter whom gets elected.
And it's going to be a Very Ugly Summer it appears thanx to Soro's, RNC/GOP, Marxist Democrats and the BoweL Movememt.

xtron said...

the GOPe is experiancing a revolution by ballot....

if hillary is the next president, or trump pulls a ryan/rubio and betrays us, the revolution they will see will be with bullets...the silent maajority is fed up with businesss as usual and appears willing to do what ever is necessry to rid themselves of the ruling elliet oppressors

Anonymous said...

Seems common sense is absent from too many. First off, Trump is running because he is behind the everyday middle class American. Trump sees a golden egg, its called trickle up. If Trump gets America Great Again, by taking down the Iron Wall of government taxing and sticking their regulatory noses into everything. The middle class will start growing again and that will create a need for development, bingo! Remember that old scam, trickle down, that is giving the middle class crumbs. Trump gets it and isn't in this for himself. He really does remember the greatness of America pass and wants to see it come back. People understand this and he's got their backing. The people who don't want Trump are Parasites and Communist, the PC folks.

Kenny said...

Anonymous said...

This country IS NOT going to be saved through political means.