Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Prep like it's 1856. Trump and the elites to take the GOP the way of the Whigs. Get ready for civil war.

Remind you of anybody you know?
Thomas Sowell asks: "Last Chance for America?"
A reading of the history of the Whig Party makes interesting parallels.


Anonymous said...

The new face of the patriot movement is a Kansas-raised teenager

The pastor of the Auburn, Kan, church the Sharp family once attended speaks of Victoria, now a champion of the patriot and militia movements. Rick Montgomery rmontgomery@kcstar.com


WarriorClass III said...

Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen, but what he is - is a lying SOB.

Voted for Trump.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything (or anyone) that you DON'T hate?

Nemesis said...

I guess on any single day I could drag out at least two differing articles on what America may expect from a Trump presidency.

But what does that prove?

And one could put up a photo of Mother Teresa that would have the effect of not showing her saintly side - but then again, what does that prove?

Thomas Sowell is a good writer, he has written many relevant and topical articles, but this one on Trump is not one of his better articles.


Because his lack of understanding re: the British refusal to accept Trump as a visitor and promoting Muslim allies exposes his ignorance (wilful?) as to why the British do not want Trump visiting or to why any country that values its own sovereignty should never have, let alone trust, 'Muslim allies'.

Servando Gonzalez has a very relevant article concerning the globalists plan on Trump - perhaps even Thomas Sowell could learn something from that writer.

Rivenshield said...

Nip the shoots of arbitrary power in the bud, is the only maxim which can ever preserve the liberties of any people. When the people give way, their deceivers, betrayers, and destroyers press upon them so fast, that there is no resisting afterwards. The nature of the encroachment upon the American constitution is such, as to grow every day more and more encroaching. Like a cancer, it eats faster and faster every hour. The revenue creates pensioners, and the pensioners urge for more revenue. The people grow less steady, spirited, and virtuous, the seekers more numerous and more corrupt, and every day increases the circles of their dependents and expectants, until virtue, integrity, public spirit, simplicity, and frugality, become the objects of ridicule and scorn, and vanity, luxury, foppery, selfishness, meanness, and downright venality swallow up the whole society.

-- John Adams

Time for some creative destruction, sir. The cure is no longer worse than the disease. Not in a society where all branches of government overstep their appointed Constitutional bounds; where parents can geld medically healthy boys and dress them up in girls' clothes -- and demand successfully that The Party and The State and the rest of The People accommodate the atrocity; where a wealthy spoilt urban elite can lord it over the other half of the population like the nobility of Bourbon France.

The Founding Fathers knew it would come to this, thought they did not know how. Gird your loins. And pray.

Anonymous said...

It's a movement. A wave. I voted in Texas for Cruz. Had to give the native son a chance. But I fear we will all be voting for Trump in the general election. If I find out that anybody I know jumped parties and voted for, Ech! Hillary, Ech! Ech!, instead of Trump, I just may shoot 'em. Stick with the party, G_d dammit! Obama has the country loaded into the toilet. Hillary will come along and hit the flush lever.

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of these academics and think tank know-it-alls. Are they not affected by unemployment, outsourcing, Obamacare, horrific public schools, living paycheck-to-paycheck? No. They attend their cocktail univerist and think tank parties discussing the plight of the common ruck they wouldn't socialize with if they had a gun to their head.

Another thing, all of Sowell's and his ilk's best thinking has gotten us nowhere. I wouldn't doubt it if he voted for the first half-black president because he was so enamored of him back in 2008. Many closet Obama supporters were black conservatives. Ask Armstrong Williams.

They all rail against Trump because he doesn't fit the mold. So accuse him of being Mussolini and Hitler? LOL. And they say they know world history. And btw the quote about the lion and the sheep goes back to an ancient Chinese proverb except it was a lion and a lamb. At least 3 other sources for that one BEFORE Mussolini used it.

Sowell needs to leave the Hoover Institute and move in with inner city blacks who are killing each other. If he really wants to help the 80% of black children living without fathers, why not? get your hands dirty Mr. Sowell. All of his swanky intellectualizing would soon be totally debunked.

Please stop posting these elites, yes, Sowell is an elitist, articles. They are irrelevant, condescending and useless. We are so way past analyses in this country.

Anonymous said...

Mis_attribution to Musolini for the quote. Italian soldier named Rigoli actually came up with it...but like sheep they follow what the regular MSM says...even when its wrong.

"The Lion and the Sheep
Why they hate Trump

by Justin Raimondo, February 29, 2016

On June 14, 1918, a nineteen year old Italian soldier by the name of Bernardo Vicario was ordered by his commander, Carl Rigoli, to carry out a curious task. Outnumbered and outgunned, the Italian forces would soon be hit with a furious bombardment that would mean the death of most of them. Rigoli clearly knew this, which is why he told young Bernardo to write an inscription on the ruined wall of a home in the village of Fagare, where they were holed up:

“Better to live one day as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep.”

Rigoli perished in the battle: Bernardo lived to tell the tale. And almost a hundred years later, a researcher looking for ways to smear GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump stumbled across a reference to it and attributed it to Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator."

Come on folks, get a grip such is your hysteria over Trump.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

I admire TS....
But Trump is a Product of the Cowardly Traitorous Repube's.
And this is just another example ("he has ridden a wave of Republican voter anger against the Republican establishment, which has repeatedly betrayed them, especially on illegal immigration.Hillary Clinton's best chance of winning the general election in November.")
..along with the yellow journalism of Fox and the other MSM.

"IF" Trump is nominated....The Republican Party has 1 last chance to save there worthless cowardly ass's!!
We shall see.

If they fail, to support him, as many of the traitors have yelped, then so be it...
The Repube's can Burn and Rot in Hell!
Scortch the Earth!! Burnt forrests come back stronger than ever.

Again i say, no matter whom gets the office...
What is coming is America's Darkest most Ugly time in recent history.

Anonymous said...

SELECTIONS.......... aka "elections" have been a joke for more than a generation. The IDEA of choice keeps the sheep in line.

Seriously, American politics is merely for entertainment purposes only.

Want real "change"? It will require ugly times, and America lacks the moral compass to navigate a constructive revolution again.

Anonymous said...

Trump strikes me as pompous, egotistical, bombastic and ungovernable. The next president, particularly if he has these character qualities, will rule with executive orders as he has seen his predecessor so easily get away with. It will take an unusually principled man to refuse to do that. We can only judge a man's character [one who is running for political office in this instance] by his past statements and actions. Be careful before you eat the meat thrown to you by a man like Trump. Proverbs 23:1-3

Anonymous said...

Here Comes Mandatory Gun Insurance (And A $10,000 Fine If You Don’t Buy It)

Politicians nationwide have discovered a sneaky new way to discourage gun ownership: mandatory insurance.

Laws that would force gun owners to purchase liability insurance have been proposed in three states and the city of Los Angeles, Insurance Business America reported.

Under the proposals, gun owners who did not buy insurance would face fines up to $10,000. The laws also would require individuals to prove they have insurance prior to buying a firearm.................



Anonymous said...

Oh sure, blame Trump for the coming civil war. C'mon. This war has been brewing for at least the last ten years. Trump
Is the only candidate that MIGHT be able to steer us away from it. I'm not counting on that. I've been preparing for an all out collapse for the last ten years - but if ANY dem is elected, war is a certainty. Maybe Cruz could steer us away from it, but if he is nominated the dems will destroy him on eligibility. No matter how you slice it, rough seas ahead.

Dakota said...

Amazes me that the American voters are going to turn right around and put another arrogant prick back in the White House. I like what he says but I also do not like what I see. Trump is ill tempered and has a habit of destroying his opposition and enemies. He may be the master of the deal but America has to have someone who loves this country and wants to serve it with distinction and humility .... someone who respects our laws, our traditions and our people. The American people have been beat up enough and been passed over while foreigners walk in and get it all. I see no help for America with a Trump presidency, only elitist enrichment at the expense of all of us. I hope I am wrong ..... I doubt that I am.

Anonymous said...

Politics is a cult of personality, we have devolved into an Idiocracy. Salesmen not statesmen rule us now. It is fitting that a game show host has captivated a nation of TV addicted dolts.

Unknown said...

Indeed, Thomas lays out very well the state of America but chooses not to assign blame. The blame is on the Republican Party establishment for allowing g things to get this bad, all for the sake of a buck in their pockets.

Mr. Trump is not perfect, but neither is anyone else running unless they are the darling child of the establishment. It's time for a change, America has spoken and the continued calling of names is not going to benefit anyone. Trump will be president, or there will be civil war. Americans are no longer sitting by while a Hillary or a Rubio is handed our livlihoods.Get over it.

Kerry said...

May I suggest reading this Angelo Codevilla article at The Federalist- http://thefederalist.com/2016/02/29/donald-trump-is-the-next-barack-obama/

And Mike's reference to 1856 is prescient; read also Lincoln's 25 page "Speech on the Repeal of the Missouri Compromise". The past's "recent unpleasantness" seen before arrival.

Robert said...

Obama has always reminded me of a Mussolini style fascist, he just has that "look".

FSHB said...

Character integrity matters. The media can offer information, but, I will digest it for myself and base my decisions on consistency and performance. Trump continues to contradict himself at every turn and will not give logical solutions to the actual issues the nation faces, but instead offers 'candy pablum' of meaningless feel good slogans.

Cruz or Trump will win the nomination. The GOP deserves what they get. I pray it is Cruz, I am more inclined to think it will be Trump.

I will write in Cruz if he is not the nominee - I live in Utah and my vote has as much effect as flatulence in a hurricane.


Anonymous said...

I have been coming here for a while because I believed in what Mike and Dave support and actively do to protect my 2A rights from the cabal in DC. I cannot for the life of me believe that so many of you support Trump. This man is has a spotty record on everything. He lies, he isn't that good of a businessman, he has supported Hillary and Bill, he supported the assault weapons ban and self identified as a Demonrat. He is nothing more than another O in disguise. I want to destroy the GOPe as well as anyone, but not with this man.


Bad Cyborg said...

Mike, your admonition, "Get ready for civil war", got me to thinking. When the USA and CSA fought for the CSA's homeland, the northern troops had several advantages. For one, they outnumbered the Confederates. For another, they had more and better arms; plus the northern troops had a much stronger and more industrial economy behind them. But the northern troops had a "cause". They may not have been terribly fond of black people (in many - most? - cases discrimination against black people in the north was as bad if not worse than in the CSA) but their passions had been inflamed against the evils of slavery. They considered themselves to be participating in a "holy cause"; a "crusade", if you will. They also fought to preserve "the union". The troops of the south were fighting for their homes but not for any particular cause other than that.

In the (I believe probable) coming conflict, what will be the "cause" for which the loyalist troops fight? What will be their "holy crusade"? And how will they react when their own homes come under the torch? (as they inevitably will.) Everybody starts out on the moral high ground but nobody stays on it. How will the majority react when they are given (as they inevitably will be) versions of the Oath Keepers' 10 orders? Doubtless, many will revel in the opportunity to exercise their baser urges, but how will the majority react?

Chiu ChunLing said...

Anyone who actually believes there really is some point of no return knows that America passed it long ago.

There are no exceptions.

Invoking the idea that Trump might be the point of no return is a small hypocrisy, compared to most of what passes for politics these days. But it is nonetheless more than sufficient to dismiss these thoughts on this subject entirely. Because it's the only thing left to say.

Trump is no worse than anyone else running, and less bad than several. That remains true regardless of how bad you think they all are or how hopeless the entire appeal to politics is.

Anonymous said...

...we get the people who reflect and represent the culture and people of the nation at large. Once a nation loses its virtue and direction, it votes for people just like that. We get venal, corrupt, selfish leaders without integrity, honor, or virtue because we have become a nation of people with these characteristics. They represent us in more than simply policy decisions; they represent us as people as well.

Even if, by some chance or act of God, some leader is elected who differs from this pattern, they are powerless and shunned. The politician now who is constitutionally responsible, has integrity, honor, and seeks liberty and future benefit for the nation over immediate comfort and gain is the outcast who will not play by the rules. They are the trouble maker, the rebel, the crazy guy who won't shut up.....


I will never support trump because I can't dance and will never be able to learn the goosestep, don't, ya know!

Anonymous said...

Why is Trump such a game changer when obama has been the worst

Ominous Cowherd said...

Sowell thinks we need mohammaden allies in the Middle East, and that we should suck it up and vote for an anti-American cuckservative again, because it has failed every time in the past, so we better do it again.


If we want to keep the mohammaden terrorists out, we can just keep mohammadens out. No allies needed for that.

If you want to know what Trump will try to do, read his position papers. They are good, on guns, health care, and everything else. Not perfect, but pretty good. He has been listening to the alt-right.

Unknown said...

I hope the Republican party puts up Mitt Romney as a independent poison pill. We will see several independents run for house and Senate to sabotage the RINO'S. My Congressman ain't worth caca. Sure he likes to flirt with Greta on FOX NEWS but he talks right while voting left. Conservative candidates to poison these RINO'S would kill the party.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Trump just burned the house down in speech in TX a few days ago.

He explained his 2A stance simply by saying, “Your Second Amendment rights will be protected, PERIOD!

His sons are competitive shooters and hunters. They got into trouble with the liberal media over posing with dead animals. (Google it)

Make your own judgment.

I’ve been fooled by politicians before, (Salvi, Percy, etc.) but I believe this guy is the genuine article regarding our issue and others.

As for his “Evolution” on various issues that are frequently pointed out by the “Enemy”, I was a pro-abort until I had my first daughter and felt her movements inside my wife. I realized that was a person inside my wife. People change.

Marco, ‘Open Borders”, Rubio is out. Check the Gun Owners of America for a warning message about our immigration policy being the biggest threat to our gun rights on the horizon. I believe they’re correct.

Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a Globalist Organization, until 2012 (Google it. You’ll find her names on rosters)

She worked actively on the North American Union project. You know the project that eliminates the borders between Canada and Mexico and we all live like one big happy family on a dollar a day after we give up our firearms. Europe is the model.

I can’t trust Ted if he sleeps with the enemy.

Kasich expanded a variety of Socialist programs in Ohio. I don’t know his 2A story but if I wanted a Socialist I’d vote for Hillary or Bernie. I would point out that there is no room for government resistance under a Socialist government.

That leaves the doctor, who I believe is a good man. He’s a 2A supporter but doesn’t have the depth of executive experience that Trump has. He would be my second choice.

One more thing. The Republican Establishment has turned their support from Jeb to Marco. That in itself is enough reason for me to support Trump.

I predict Trump will run the table from here on. It will be the first time I’ve ever supported a first choice candidate that will win.

Now, go ahead and tell me where I’m wrong...and don’t bring up the “He’s an Arrogant Bastard argument.” If that’s all you’ve got, it’s not a valid argument.

Mohamed Ali, formerly Cassius Clay, was an Arrogant Bastard but he did what he said he would do. Remember “I’ll take him out the third round?” He fulfilled his every prediction. People hated him because of his arrogance in spite of his first class talent.

Now he’s the elder statesman of the boxing world and everybody loves him.

Worse yet...don’t say he’s not a “Conservative”. We sent.”Conservatives” to DC in droves over the past two election cycles. They control the House and Senate. If anyone can tell me what we got from that, I’m listening.

Come on, get me.

Larry Morse

Anonymous said...

Loretta Lynch Bails On Oregon Gun Forum, Chaos Erupts When Fast & Furious Mentioned (VIDEO)


Anonymous said...

Trump is not the one who is causing a civil war. Try blaming Resident Obama, who has set race relations back 60 years, who has bought up BILLIONS of rounds of ammo to send to ISIS (which he and Hitlery Clinton set up and financed and ran guns to), who is trying to remove ranchers from their land so he can sell the mineral rights to mine rare earth metals to the Chinese, who has blackmailed the supreme court into forcing Americans to buy an insurance policy scam against their will, and who has demonstrated that even the (P)resident of the "United" States can ignore ANY law that he disagrees with AND GET AWAY WITH IT.
Trump is not the one who is weakening our military in innumerable ways and trying to create an all-homosexual military. And Trump is not the one who is issuing executive orders further restricting the sale of guns between private parties contrary to U.S. law and the Constitution.
And Trump is not the one who is threatening to not support the nominee of his party, even though that same party forced him to pledge his support if the nominee was not him.

Anonymous said...

DeLemus facing slew of federal charges (Bundy Ranch Supporters are being arrested)


Anonymous said...

Hey Not Me - How about taking note of who it is that supported the Democrat Party for DECADE after DECADE with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars! Yeah, that would be Donald Trump. From Harry Reid to Chuck Schumer, who funded their reelections? How about the PARTY itself? Oh yeah. Donald Trump.

Obama had to GET to where he is to DO the things you slam him for. Donald Trump, heck, right down to Rahm Emanuel, is DIRECTLY responsible to getting them there in the first place.

So you can play town crier and say "Look, a squirrel!" all you want to - but we will not be fooled by the obfuscation you attempt. Trump is a progressive liberal democrat touting the wonders of his communism masked with different names just like any other democrat.

Proof? Ok here ya go.
Trump TODAY supports that progressive income tax. He says openly that "rich" people must pay higher RATES specifically because they can afford to pay higher rates.
He also says that we are going to take care of everyone, and, that government is going to pay for it. Call this general or call this healthcare insurance stand alone - that obfuscation attempt makes no different to THIS point. Now, these are Trump words directly. He said these things over and over and over.


That is what Trump is SAYING in his own words. You can deny it, but it remains true anyway.

Oh and as for guns, well Trump thinks enumerated rights are just something government hands out permission slips for. He likens the right to carry permit to a driver license. To Trump, government holds the power of permission OVER enumerated rights. Trump finds himself at odds with the Second, Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments, thinking "reasonable" is all he needs to think about. SO go get your bible carry permit as Trump would have you do. Remember, the Second Amendment is no different - and Trump OPENLY supports those permission slips for rights.

Try truth, "not Me". It works better.

As for Trump saying he will protect the Second Amendment "period". Yeah, he will protect government CONTROL over it, period. Trump doesn't even understand the word privilege - and uses it OPPOSITE of the framers of the 14th amendment. Justice Thomas is right, Heir Trump is WRONG.

Allen said...


Details are sketchy and will be updated. Apparently, the FBI, in full tactical gear, have raided the Delemus’s and taken Jerry into custody. My source is saying that he may be in transit to Concord for arraignment with the the “presumption” is over his involvement in the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014 – I am thinking this is a reaction to the recently concluded situation in Oregon. However, this is speculation. UPDATE 2: word just received that he will be arraigned at the Federal Courthouse in Concord at 4pm on a Nevada warrant and then / may be transported to Nevada afterwards.

The FBI had twice asked for meetings (10 days ago,a 9:30am and when they didn’t show up, a 1pm), so my source says, at a Dunkin Donuts in Rochester and both times failed both times to show up because of “fear for their safety” (pure balderdash IMHO).

UPDATE 3: The New Hampshire Union Leader is reporting that Delemus faces

nine federal charges including conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, threatening a federal law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice, attempting to impede or injure a federal law enforcement officer and several firearms charges, when he was in Nevada to support the Bundy family at the ranch.

Update 1: from a loyal reader – They also arrested another Bundy today…

URGENT: Davey Bundy has just been arrested by the FBI in Millard County Utah in an operation of about 20 FBI vehicles. UPDATE: It looks like he is being taken to Salt Lake. The Millard County Sheriff was called and dispatch confirmed that he was arrested in the County and that the sheriff knew but was not on site, that the FBI does not need Sheriff permission to operate in the County. That’s all we know at this time. Please stay alert and prayerful. You can phone the Sheriff at: (435) 743-5302

Anonymous said...

Warrior Class III,

You voted FOR the guy who says government owns the power of permission over your right to bear arms.

You call the guy, who took the fight to D.C. and made them admit, in court, that the right to keep and bear arms is individual- debunking literally every argument gun controllers (permission slippers) have made for over a century and a half, a liar.

What a fools fool you are.

Got your bible carry permit yet? That is what you VOTED FOR. Fool.

Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio Has a Second Amendment Problem


Anonymous said...

If I still believed that voting changed anything, I'd vote for Trump.
I am so sick of politicians, the same politicians every time, lying & saying whatever it takes to get in office. Then, they do absolutely nothing that they were sent there to do.
So, Trump would be the F-You to all of them from me - if I believed that the system wasn't so corrupt that it would actually count when I voted. I no longer do & will withdraw my consent from that corrupt system. No more will I go to the polls, pretending that I'm "doing my civic duty". I've voted since the mid 70's & can't see that it's done a hill of beans difference in anything.
Y'all carry on. :)

Anonymous said...

Trump is a SOB, but he's our SOB. It looks like he will be the nominee. If so, then I will move Heaven and Earth to get to the polling place to vote for him in November.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

Alabamians may surrender and suffer for it, but Ohioans rape and pillage. You would have us surrender. Again. But this will not happen. Again. Of all things Trump may be, I don't see him as a believer of surrender.

Anonymous said...

Mike, you OK? Haven't seen you post in a couple days - please put up a short post if you can to let everybody know you're good.

bondmen said...

Let me merely say: Last Chance for America? Part II


Brothers this is the big one!

Anonymous said...

People still think there is a meaningful difference between the Rep's and the Dem's. So sad.


Anonymous said...

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger: I Will Not Follow Orders from a President Trump

RINO Representative Adam Kinzinger, who supported Jeb! Bush and now supports Marco Rubio, told reporters today he will not follow orders from a President Trump.


Anonymous said...

Smith & Wesson Sales Soar Amid Rising Gun Control Worries


Witold Pilecki said...

Anonymous said...

People still think there is a meaningful difference between the Rep's and the Dem's. So sad.


March 3, 2016 at 8:36 PM

I believe there is a difference, and tell folks all the time. Here it is:

"The Demon-craps want to take the country over the cliff at 100 MPH, and the Re-pubic-ans will slow it down to 80 MPH."

Unfortunately party hardliners on both sides completely miss the part about going over the cliff. Assholes.

I am not looking forward to the shit storm that is brewing. I can only guarantee this: I will die on my feet a free man, before I will live on my knees as a slave, and I will KILL as many oppressors as I can before I am dead.

Anonymous said...

Whether you like it or not, whether you WANT it or not, there is ONE UNDENIABLE FACT about this year 2016 and these fraudulent "elections"....There is a civil war coming because NOBODY TRUSTS the establishment criminal candidates of either Treasonous stripe (Demorat or Repugnican)..TOO MUCH OF THE TRUTH HAS BEEN EXPOSED ON THEM...If Donald Trump is assassinated, it will become an INSTANT civil war (solely because it will crush the last best hope for REAL CHANGE)...so the establishment KNOWS they cannot do that either unless they can hurriedly get the guns (which isn't gonna happen without MEGA bloodshed).. So where does this leave the Globalist Elite and the criminal cabal in Washington DC? What will their next move be? Americans WILLNOT tolerate Martial Law either or UN troops doing jack bone on our territory.....
So this leaves the ONE giant uncomfortable question that people are wrestling with and cannot fathom how it will go. What happens if Trump DOES make it? He has stated what he WILL DO (so the establishment cannot fail to change his mind about the EOs and pursuing Hillary criminally)...they can't afford to let him still get into the office.
FEAR..raw naked FEAR is driving the BUS, and ANGER is fueling it, PEOPLE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF THE STATUS QUO, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND LAWLESSNESS that we live with now...mark my words, there is a WAR coming to America NO MATTER how this turns out, people can feel it and smell it like ozone in the air, but they still don't want it and fear it, but they CREATED IT with complacency and tolerance for the criminal elite. We are at the top of the first hill on this coaster, that is what you feel, that sick thrill and anticipation of a ride that you don't know what will come of it....Just saying, it is UNavoidable now.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Trump Says No Restrictions on Second Amendment, Let the People Shoot Back

During the March 3 GOP debate Donald Trump said there should be no restrictions on the Second Amendment and stressed that attacks on innocents can be prevented or curtailed if the people have the ability to shoot back.


Anonymous said...

RINO Representative Adam Kinzinger, who supported Jeb! Bush and now supports Marco Rubio, told reporters today he will not follow orders from a President Trump.

The mere fact that the RINOs and their globalist puppet masters are so strongly opposed to and fearful of Trump is all I need to know to support him. Could Trump be nothing more than a lucky huckster, one step ahead of indictments for his entire adult life? Yes. Could he actually be a capable, principled business and family man who's made some missteps, but tried and succeeded in doing better? That would be a more likely yes, based on objective facts. Even if we're willfully blind to reality, we still have to deal with such fixtures of modern USA as the "progressive income tax" and concealed carry permits. Are they technically right--no. Is any candidate going to do away with them and revert to our view of pure Constitutional liberty? No. Trump's the best chance we've got to head off the giant cyanide capsules of open borders immigration/amnesty and the Trans Pacific trade Pact. Those two things, alone, even if everything else stays just as F'd up as it is, can and will destroy the USA as a sovereign nation. Deal with reality.

Is Cruz going to stop those things or is he going to continue to pretend to be a dupe while voting for fast-track authority to allow Obama to usher in TPP, unfettered? Is he going to build a wall and enforce immigration laws or give out teddy bears and footballs with his partner in the snake-oil gold investment business, Beck? Is Cruz going to miraculously establish birth on USA soil, of a USA citizen father and mother? Same basic questions and a few more for Rubio? To both Cruz and Rubio, shouldn't we expect their records of poor attendance, poor money management, non-achievement and complicity with RINOs to continue?

You think you'll be better off with Hitlery or da Bern? Do you seriously think even for a second that Kasich or Carson (or Rubio or Cruz) can win a national election against the DNC machine?

So you've got certain, specific, limited choices--the one and only one that gives us and the USA a chance is Trump. You can abdicate your responsibility to participate in representative government and let other yahoos choose for you, if you like, but be honest that that's what you're doing--you're not taking some heroic stand or "sticking it to the man" by not voting. You're just hiding under a rock.

I won't hide and I won't give up my rights to vote, to think and speak freely, to keep and bear arms, etc. None of those rights can be denied to me, without violence. Stand up.

Anonymous said...

A Very interesting article.

The Mass Murders That Dare Not Speak Their Name

To get the media’s attention, black mass murderers must do something fairly spectacular. Colin Ferguson accomplished that feat in 1993 when he shot twenty-five non-black commuters on the Long Island Railroad, six of whom died, including the husband of future congresswoman, Carolyn McCarthy. Back in its saner days, the New York Times dismissed Ferguson’s stated motives. “While Mr. Ferguson blamed racism for all his misfortunes and shattered expectations,” wrote the Times, “the examination of his past shows no evidence that he was ever a victim of discrimination.” True to form, McCarthy, a Democrat, decided to make guns her cause de tutti causes.