Saturday, March 12, 2016


Battle of Teutoberg Forest
The Roman Empire 'fell' only in the minds of people who had a particular and limited view of what the Roman Empire was . . . For the auxiliary soldier serving on the Rhine frontier at the end of the Roman period, for farmers in villages in central France . . . there was no abrupt fall of the imperial power . . . (This touches) on a question of fundamental importance for understanding the past and indeed the present, in human societies. The approach to the past for which I have argued is a 'bottom-up' one rather than the traditional 'top-down' approach. . . The big question . . . is which people drive change? Is change brought about largely through the actions of leaders, or by the majority of people? To read traditional text-based history of the first millennium, we would think that the persons named in the texts were the decisive factors . . . But battles were won by armies, not by generals. -- Barbarians To Angels: The Dark Ages Reconsidered by Peter S. Wells, pp. 200-291.
In St. Louis and in Chicago yesterday the future could be beheld by those with vision enough to glimpse "through a glass, and darkly, the age long strife."
It would be overly simple to explain this run-up to fratricide as between a shape-shifting demagogue and competing elites from the likes of George Soros and the Wall Street banksters and their GOP familiars. There is much truth in that view. But there is also no denying that yesterday represented two peoples eager to tear each other's throats out in an ancient atavism whose time has come round again.
For those of us who refuse to fully enlist in either cause, the choice is clear, If the three sided race war, abetted by various cynical strains of collectivism, is about to break wide open then it behooves us to work locally to defend our interests, our safety and our liberty against all sides who threaten them with their "true belief" We need not, we must not, choose an evil side in this clash of collectivisms (and yes, Trumpism represents one authoritarian strain of that age-old disease). We must stand ready to defend what may be defended, to save what must be saved and to preserve what may be preserved.


Anonymous said...


Obama buddy and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was seen protesting Donald Trump in Chicago today.

Thousands of leftwing protesters were expected today to protest Donald Trump at the University of Chicago Illinois campus.

Sean said...

I hope you see and understand, Mike, that people like Trump come to power exactly because of the way those protesters acted. They will tolerate nothing but their socialist/communist purview, and only THEIR power. That Hitler came to power in Germany like he did, in the times he did, is a wonderment and puzzlement to those of today. I have actually had conversations with Germans about this, and every one of them said they went for Hitler because of either a perceived, or actual threat from the communists. It's not the elephant in the room, it's the floor, the walls, the roof, the whole building. The coming race/religion war is coming not because of our differences, it's coming because the communists want it, and want it badly. Their figuring holds that they'll win, period. There will be no balancing of any society, no matter who wins the election. Neither side will hold for anything other than excess, depravity, and murder. Who will win? The side that is willing to make a friend of horror. And like the Germans, whites here will have a choice to make. Go with the crowd, or become the enemy. People that can't even bring themselves to register to vote, will go with the crowd, when this tide rises. It will be far from pretty, but better than winding up a slave, or dead. They're not going to give us any other choice. I hold no illusions about Trump. But I see no alternatives. We're going for a ride on the whirlwind, and the end of it all will be worse than anyone can imagine.

Kenny said...

Mike, you my friend are one of a few who have vision in this time of strife.
thank you for the post. I stand ready as an Oath Keeper and 3%.

Charles N. Steele said...

Mike, your comment is the most perceptive I've seen yet on the deeper meaning of what we're seeing. The fundamental building block of civilization is respect for the rights of the individual. When another believes or says something with which we strongly disagree, a civilized person argues against him, but respects his equal rights as a human being. Current political movements are dumping that idea -- someone who disagrees is an opponent to be silenced and destroyed.

We've seen this on the left and now the tendency is being universalized. It took centuries to develop and spread the idea of the rights of the individual; we might see it killed in our generation. Every one of us ought to resist this, first of all in our own thinking and behavior. Be sheepdogs, not wolves.

John Otis Comeau said...

"it behooves us to work locally to defend our interests, our safety and our liberty against all sides"... fully agree. although Bracken's CW2 cube theory dictates otherwise, it's the only moral approach IMO.

too many people are giving in to those primal urges and are seemingly anxious for civil strife, validating what Mencken said in his quote on your home page. just like Yugoslavia after Tito, all that pent-up rage will spill over, along with the blood of combatants and innocents. but I won't be participating. I'll be protecting my own.

Anonymous said...

History repeats itself, the fascist with their 35% will try to take power from the commies with their 35%, neither are a majority, and those who seek change through peaceful means will be the spectators to the violence.

The fascist and the communist have both been victors before and it always results in death and destruction.

This will be our future unless people with level heads are voted into power. And that is not Hillary or Bernie nor Trump.

Anonymous said...

Yea, don't vote for Trump, vote for one of the Goldman Sachs backed candidates... I am sure that liar Cruz will really help our cause! Mike used to be a member of the Communist party... and probably still is... he likes to infiltrate the conservative militia movement then lead us astray.

Hitler was a nationalist, and a lot of the things they say about him was completely made up to demonize the man and his nationalist party. He was against gun control, the big banks, and for helping his (the German) people (you know the same stuff you guys claim to support)... yet he is demonized, even to this day (how long has the war been over?). And why is this? Because if you ever learned the truth of what happened to Germany, you would suddenly be awake to who is ruining America today...

Just google the story on that picture of the Nazi shooting the woman and child on his side column. In actuality, he is shooting past the woman and child, at communists, who were attempting to fire upon the Germans evacuating their kin. But don't expect the 'former' commie Mike V to tell you that. No, just remember, the Nazis are evil, and so is any other white person who loves their race and doesn't wish to see it destroyed. Oh, yea, and the Jews totally love you dumb goys. Keep fighting for Israel suckers! LOL

Google the 'long march through the institutions', only this communist didn't choose an institution, he choose the militia movement. Let's face it, Mike V, is leading you guys astray. You need to get behind a strong leader (And yes, I will admit Trump is not perfect, but who is?) who has the power to do something.

How many years has the militia movement been around? What have they accomplished? Just a bunch of headstrong wanna-be commandos in-fighting with each other, and doing dumb shit that doesn't gain much public support. And now a strong leader shows up, who can't be bought with Jew money, and he is demonized.... yes he isn't perfect, but this is the best chance to get someone sympathetic with our causes in the White House, and you got ass clowns like Mike V coming out against him, because god forbid he does more for you in 4 years, then the militia movement has done for us in 30 years....

But yea, I am co-intel pro, I am this, I am that.... you people are your own worst enemy. I am not using a VPN, I am not bothering to really hide my info, I am sure you can track me down, and the gov't definitely knows who I am. The gov't hates you Mike, and won't do shit to me, and neither will you Militia punks. Go clean your rifles one more time, and bury some more ammo... LOL.

But yea, Mike probably won't post this, just like he hasn't posted my other truthful comments (except for the one on March 6th), because he has an agenda to sell you people, and my thoughts can't be allowed to creep into the commentary.

Bottom line, Mike is a judas goat, and you people need to get behind Trump, because we don't have any more time for this shit.

But Mike won't have the balls to post this, just like he hasn't posted the vast majority of my other comments. Mike V is Bill Ayers biggest fan! So, the trolling will continue. Fuck you Mike V! May you rot in hell with your pals from the synagogue of satan!

Anonymous said...

Nobody attacked Trump at the debate and he looked like the nonsensical fool he is. He had to have something done to get media time! The Carson endorsement pissed more people off and drove more votes away than it gained so move on stepped up to the plate to give donald his media play.

Make no mistake, that event was absolutely staged to try to give donald the edge in St Louis and Chicago.
Yeah Yeah Yeah the hype is Florida and Ohio but Trump is in trouble in illinois Missouri and even north carolina!! The supposed steam rolling Trump train isn't steaming and isn't really rolling.

There is a possibility for serious disaster for Trump this week - if Rubio pulls it out in Florida Kasich pulls it out in Ohio and Cruz pulls out north Carolina and the upsets Trump in illinois and takes Missouri as expected we might witness the literal decapitation of this Trump snake campaign. Well maybe for him calling it knee capping would be more appropriate.

Trumps 1/3 winning is the most pathetic thing I have ever witnessed. In Washington speak, there just is no there there. The Republican primary it's supposed to be defenders of the constitution deciding on their candidate, yet Trump wins with Democrat votes. Can it get any more backward?

See, what's being shown is that democrats really do CONTROL the Republican party!!! So much so that the election system itself is rigged to help democrats. The plot being eliminating constitution defenders before the REAL election even begins.

That's why a lot are voting Trump. It's not that they support trump or his hogwash, they are simply voting to punish the party, ramming an absolute fool down their throats. And ripping rino masks off in the process.

I submit that a serious turn in this election is about to happen, and the media pundits won't know what hit em. Watch for's coming.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING: Man Attempts To Attack Donald Trump At Rally In OH, Secret Service Springs Into Action UPDATE: Got Close Enough To Grab Trump’s Leg…

Dav343 said...

Whichever way it breaks, I want all side to follow this one rule, "Lawyers and Politicians first".

Anonymous said...

I agree Mike. We will tear each other up and I don't see any prospect that will prevent that. With the new administration Congress will have to act and include in the definition of Domestic Terrorist of someone who violently attempts to thwart legitimate free speech. Otherwise, this is going to get out of hand.

The left just played their card: they will not allow a peaceful transition of political power without violence.

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

Wow. Annon. 12:02, just how much do you HATE JEWS, that your willing to ignore industrialised genocide? I've read Mike. Now I've read you. You win! You're the Asshat Supreme! Bugger off, you hate-filled pus-pocket.

Chiu ChunLing said...

"Trumpism represents one authoritarian strain".

Sorry, but this is wildly inaccurate and such a fundamental categorical error is fatal to any attempt to understand what is happening in America (and the entire West). 'Trumpism' is anti-authoritarian to a degree only just short of stripping off all your clothes and trying to return to the simplicity of life in the ocean. Trump's 'supporters' don't believe anyone who claims authority anymore, including Trump (to whatever degree he claims any, which is not particularly great). The vast appeal of Trump is screaming defiance of all those who claim authoritative knowledge of things that are beyond the direct personal experience of the vast majority.

Trump knows this as well as anyone, it is a large part of why he has no real intention of actually winning, as demonstrated by his increasingly hilarious efforts to split his own base of support while not provoking too many of them to start trying to kill him. Which makes for the only show worth watching in politics today.

But if you're serious about fighting 'Trumpism', the first and foremost thing you need to understand is that any appeal to authority will be rejected out of hand by Trump's 'supporters'. That especially includes historical or scriptural authority, but also scientific authority. If you want to persuade them, you must begin by acknowledging that all traditional sources of authority have failed or been corrupted outright. If you can't (or won't) do that, then you have nothing to say to them. Because for them, any claim of authority makes you the enemy.

After granting them that all traditional sources of authority are invalid, you need to engage them with practical ideas that they can personally test out and verify without having to take anyone's word for it. Which can be limiting, but it is essential in an age when we really can't trust anything we've received not to be tainted with the poison of Marxism.

Henry said...

'But Mike won't have the balls to post this”

And yet Mike posted it. Meanwhile, you posted your screed anonymously. It’s clear to all of us who has balls and who doesn’t.

FSHB said...

Mike, your writing is fantastic. I love that I have to pull out the dictionary to see what you said, no seriously; I like well used words. Atavism really is coming out in this conflict which has morphed from political into actual street skirmishes.