Saturday, March 5, 2016

Cruz: Brokered convention would lead to voter 'revolt'

Ted Cruz poured cold water on the calls to stop GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump during a brokered convention, warning that there could be hell to pay with the grass roots if they believe their will is being disregarded.
"Any time you hear someone talking about a brokered convention, it is the Washington establishment in a fevered frenzy, they are really frustrated because all their chosen candidates, their golden children, the voters keep rejecting," Cruz said Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). "So they seize on this plan of a brokered convention, and the D.C. power brokers will drop someone in who is exactly to the liking of the Washington establishment. If that would happen, we would have a manifest revolt on our hands all across this country." In Cruz's mind, there's one way to beat Donald Trump: "with the voters."
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And also McCain: Cruz won't win ‘Miss Congeniality’


Uncle Elmo said...

Dear Senator McCain,

I regret to inform you that congeniality has gotten America $19 trillion in debt.
You can go back to your mahogany-paneled, smoke-filled conference room now.

Uncle Elmo

Anonymous said...

CPAC FRAUDS Give Speaker Paul Ryan a Standing Ovation – But Were Planning Walkout Protest on Trump

In December Speaker Ryan passed a trillion dollar budget deal that was widely praised by Barack Obama and Democratic leaders.
They got everything they wanted.

The frauds at the “conservative” convention were planning a walkout protest on the man who promises to build a wall and preserve the union–
But they give failed Speaker Paul Ryan a standing ovation

Anonymous said...

Gun Controllers Want Psych Evals to Practice a HUMAN RIGHT

Anonymous said...

Looks like the tide is turning, Cruz wins Kansas,Maine and maybe Kentucky? There is a God, keep praying for America and a Ted Cruz Presidency.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Cruz fan. I've been voting my whole life it seems for "the lesser of two weevils". Even if I did decide to vote for Cruz, well, I've been there & done that.

McCain's comment made me think of a couple of things:

1. Our high school football coach always had his heart set on winning the "sportsmanship trophy". I once heard someone say "set your sights high or your shot won't carry very far". While our coach had his sights set on that sportsmanship trophy, I don't recall ever having a winning season in the three years I was at that school. I don't think we got the sportsmanship trophy either.

2. Someone needs to inform Sen. McCain that Sen. Cruz is not running for "Miss Congeniality". Missing these little details might be one reason why Sen. McCain lost his run for the Presidency.

tjbbpgobIII said...

These people are going to f_ _k around and give this election to THE BEAST. I will no longer vote at all if they try to broker this convention. Romney is a joke to most of us R's. I believe Cruze to ineligible for the office and Rubio also. They both need proper vetting which will happen by the MEDIA in case either of them progress that far. I think Trump will also come in for his fair share of b.s. from the MEDIA but believe he can handle himself well.

Anonymous said...

CPAC conservatives focus more on defeating Trump than Clinton

Millwright said...

Most pundits - and certainly the RNC - seem unable to grasp the depth of voter animus with the "political establishment" . Its uncertain if Trump is leading - or being driven - by this surging animus at this point. But if Trump enters the GOP convention with a commanding primary vote plurality and the RNBC power mavens try to gerrymander the convention to suit their objectives I suspect there will be - at first - a political revolt. Its possible it may devolve into a far more serious civil crisis.

Perhaps we ought to be asking "the sixty-four". Are the power mavens seeking to create a climate of civil unrest providing opportunity to abrogate our national and state constitutions ? Are s=we seeing the looming threat of a "moneyed oligarchy" seizing dictatorial powers ?

Anonymous said...

Cruz is as anti establishment as one can get.

If Americans are so stupid as to pass up this chance to shove the Constitution down the political class elite's throats, then the civil war that comes eventually is absolutely earned.

It really is Cruz or lose......and is on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

The only states that Cruz is winning are caucus states. I got calls from friends in Kansas saying that they all voted for trump and the party leaders just voted the party line which was Cruz. Same thing is happening in Wyoming and other caucus states.

Anonymous said...

The only way Trump is "winning" primary states is by having the vote split. Trump is Charlie sheen winning with 1/3 of the vote - and that's WITH the Democrat duck mission division votes!

One on one, Trump cannot beat Cruz.

Charles N. Steele said...

It's bizarre that anyone would claim Cruz is part of the Republican establishment; he has consistently been a strict Constitutionalist and defender of individual rights -- that's why he's so hated by the Republican establishment.

But then, these are the same people who imagine Donald Trump is fundamentally different than Hillary Clinton, even though he has publicly endorsed everything in her political platform up until this election cycle, he has donated heavily to her political campaigns (his donations to Democrat Senate candidates are greater than those to Republicans by 20:1), and *this year* has said he likes and can make deals with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

Moe Death said...

Glad you're getting better. My church prayed for you last week; I believe it helped.

As for Domino and myself, we have no choice but to support Cruz. The question is: Are these the same people who swore that Obongo was a citizen that are now saying Cruz isn't?

Just wondering...

Bill and Domino, trusting in God.

PS. Hope you didn't get any Chiky-Stix. Domino's prayers are kinda focused...

Anonymous said...

Send a Cruz missile to deliver a Constitutional message to these losers.

Anonymous said...

If Cruz was such a strict Constitutionalist, he would know that he is not eligible for POTUS. By his actions he must be judged. The Constitution is not an ala carte' document. He who would on one hand say that it is the supreme law of the land, and yet advocate that the rules be broken for him is not worthy of our votes. I like Cruz, and he is a tenacious prosecutor and good Senator from the great Republic of Texas, but he is not a "natural born" citizen according to the meaning of the term in the eighteenth century.

It sucks, but he's going to lose in court. That leaves us Trump, and Trump really is Clinton with a d!@k. I've said it before. I cannot continue to hold my nose and vote. Lesser of two evils is still evil. This absolutely will be the last election before the collapse of the empire. As Mike says, we have become a nation of two polar opposites. A house divided unto itself cannot stand.


Santos Design Solutions said...

It is ugly, it is going to get uglier too. As a conservative American citizen, I have no party that represents my values. The Republican establishment is committing suicide. To borrow a quote from WWI about Austria-Hungary, "We are fettered to a corpse". It can be applied to today's Republican party.

Anonymous said...

Cruz is eligible for president .. I wish people would quit saying this. For Canada and Cuba, he's all set. Who's a member of the GOP anymore? Join the Libertarians folks ... been one for 20+yrs now and have never been felt betrayed yet.