Friday, May 18, 2012

Texas lawmakers play hardball over Fast & Furious

Boehner asks Obama, pretty please, to get Holder off the dime. As if that's going to work.
LATER: Another, more detailed, account.
Meanwhile, the GOP does nothing except fund raise using the issue and makes the Dems points for them.
LATER: Boehner continues to hide.


WarriorClass III said...

These A-hole Republitards aren't going to get the job done. We are working hard here in Texas to get a good Senator to replace the POS Kay Baily and remove as many lame congressmen as possible this election. That being said, I seriously question whether there will be an election in November. Despite what you may here in the lame stream media, Ron Paul could get the majority of delegates at the Republican Convention and when they see this as a real possibility, look for something very bad to happen.

Keep praying. Keep training.


CB said...

On one end of this spectrum we find patriots willing to sacrifice everything to save the nation. With them are true statesmen who stand with We The People.
On the other end of the spectrum we find spineless politicians. With that group are the politicians who are also spineless in that they are certainly cowards, but we find that they have been purchased...even the ones who pretend to stand with We The People.
Our nation is on the edge of the abyss.

Anonymous said...

“If Holder simply steps down, much of the incentive to pursue him will evaporate...

I must respectfully disagree with David.

Holder's removal from office will strip him of executive immunity and expose him to tort liability.

If he is found guilty in a civil suit, Holder's credibility will be impeached and a criminal case against him would be greatly facilitated.

"Stepping down" is a good first step.

Captcha: "niagro"

The magic "niagro" has no rabbits left in his hat.


Old Top said...

In last night's (5/17) CBS evening 'News' broadcast, the pretty face was reading the Martin-Zimmerman script when he said something like - "The unarmed teen was returning to a friend's house when he was confronted and Zimmerman murdered him!" Now that's not an exact quote but it's the gist of what Loretta Lardass and Willie 'da Fist' Brown heard.

Is that not an effort to prejudice a jury? Is that not an effort to prejudice justice? Is that not an effort to incite? Is that not an effort to 'plant a seed'? Is that not one more measure of the despicable media practice in promoting an agenda?

I would ask you to file your protests at CBS 'News' website; and I would ask you to spread this around as far as it will go.pmetan