Tuesday, May 29, 2012

White House organizes ACLU, unions, and race hustlers to lobby Boehner to leave Holder alone. Where are the countervailing voices?

Meet The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Executive Committee. This gaggle of collectivists has been mobilized in support of Holder and as described below, has sent a letter to Boehner to reinforce the Travyon Martin argument for doing nothing.
Here is the headline and link: Organizations urge Boehner not to vote contempt against AG.
Here is the article:
With the threat of a contempt charge hanging over Attorney General Eric Holder, 14 civil rights, labor, and liberal activist groups Tuesday urged Speaker of the House John Boehner not to proceed to a contempt vote.
The organizations which are closely allied with the Obama administration charged that to hold the attorney general in contempt for failing to turn over demanded documents on the "fast and furious" investigation "seems to be a rush to judgment intended to create a stain on the office of the attorney general."
The two-page letter, written by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights repeats the claims made by the Justice Department in refusing to provide sensitive internal law enforcement documents. The organizations said Holder has already turned over the disputed documents to the inspector general for his ongoing investigation into the flawed gun-smuggling operation. "They reportedly include law enforcement information, grand jury transcripts, and other information that would compromise ongoing investigations and prosecutions," the letter said.
House Republicans have repeatedly threatened to vote a contempt citation against Holder for failing to adequately respond to a subpoena issued last October.
The Justice Department has acknowledged the operation was flawed and the ATF should not have allowed illegally purchased weapons to "walk" across the Mexican border to drug cartels.
No date has been set for the committee to vote on a contempt charge, which would need to precede a vote by the full House.
House Republican leaders had no immediate comment on the letter sent to Boehner.
Although they seem to have released this letter to CNN, they have not yet posted it on their website. Obviously, however, the White House is pulling out all the stops for the "no justice, no peace" mantra. Or, put otherwise, "leave our black brother Eric alone or there will be riots."
Where are the countervailing voices?


Anonymous said...

I followed your links and I see no involvement of the ACLU. Why did you call them out? Did I miss something?

The ACLU is generally not there on gun issues, but they are constitutionally correct on everything else. They need to be educated, not condemned.

(Disclosure: I donate to a variety of freedom oriented groups. I will never give to ACLU until they see the light on 2A.)

Anonymous said...

The Leadership Conference doesn't get it. Issa's committee already knows what happened. What the contempt charges are for is to determine who authorized this and who tried to cover it up. The trail will lead from Holder and Napolitano and proceed directly to Clinton and Obama. Leadership Council should also start thinking about Holder's involvement with the Drug Cartel money laundering which facilitates the drug dealers which in turn destroys the youth (including young blacks).

Dutchman6 said...

"I followed your links and I see no involvement of the ACLU. Why did you call them out? Did I miss something?"

Yes, you did:

"Coalition Members of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights


American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)"

Anonymous said...

..."intended to create a stain on the office of the attorney general."

Stain? That's odd. How can one"stain" a putrid smelling festering abscess. The only thing I can think of is iodine post lancing, which in this case is way too late. Surgical remedies are the only possible cure for normal i. Unfortunately, in this case..the whole body is infected beyond remedy. Only death awaits which is why letter-writing campaigns may ease consciences, but they won't cure diseases.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if Weepy would grow some ahem intestinal fortitude and Do The Right Thing (for once) and stand up for Issa and against this 'coalition', he might be shocked to find that there are indeed others in the House who would back him up. He could start by calling holder and telling him in no uncertain terms that he had until close of business TODAY to fully comply with the Congressional subpoenas OR ELSE.

Anonymous said...

NRA bends over for Holder

The NRA and the ISRA have made a deal on Illinois Bill SB1034, a bill that expands the Illinois FOID cards data base and meets the requirements asked for by Eric Holder [murderer] and his DOJ.

Kurt Hofmann wrote about this bill in his examiner article “Stealth Gun Control Threatens Illinois”


Some subtle changes were made and a new amendment was drafted with the help of the legal teams for the NRA, ISRA and the Illinois State Police.

The problem is the bill still expands the FOID cards data base and meets the requirements by Holders DOJ.

The subtle changes are not enough to justify an expansion of the FOID card data base.

The 1.2 million dollars that Holder will give to Illinois will not last very long but the expansion of the FOID card will last for a long time.

Apparently there was NO effort made by the NRA/ISRA to use the problems within the FOID card Data base to END the FOID card law.

Apparently the NRA/ISRA is content with the gun control requirements of the FOID card.

I believe its time to call for the creation of a new NO compromise gun group in Illinois!