Friday, May 25, 2012

Facebook Follies Strike Again. Anybody know William David Butler?

Man's Facebook posts draw scrutiny from law enforcement.
A man's posts on U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan's Facebook page are drawing scrutiny from Anderson County and federal law enforcement officials.
In a Wednesday morning post on Duncan's Facebook page, a man identifying himself as David Butler wrote that President Barack Obama has committed treason.
"The punishment for treason, how delicious is hanging," Butler posted, a response to the Republican congressman's comments about how he is sick and tired of "hearing President Obama demonize success in this country."
Butler posted additional comments in the same thread, including the following: "Militia action is warranted, but not needed yet ... Peaceful marches to escort the traitors out of office should suffice for now."
Duncan's staff removed the comments referring to treason and hanging from his Facebook page on Thursday. His staff also contacted the Capitol Police in Washington, D.C., and the Anderson County Sheriff's Office.
Anderson County Sheriff John Skipper said Thursday that he has assigned an investigator to look into the congressman's concerns about Butler's Facebook posts.
Skipper also said his office recently learned about some additional comments that Butler left on another Facebook page. He said his staff has shared this information with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.
A spokesman for U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham confirmed Thursday that his office also has been notified about a post that Butler left on Duncan's Facebook page that could be construed as a threat against the Republican senator from South Carolina.
"We are aware of the situation, but that is all we will say," Graham spokesman Kevin Bishop wrote in an email.
Michael Kiger, chairman of the Pickens County Democratic Party, said he spoke to a U.S. Secret Service agent based in Greenville on Wednesday night about Butler's post that mentions treason by Obama.
Efforts to contact Butler, whom a law enforcement official said also is known as William David Butler, through his link on Duncan's Facebook page were unsuccessful Thursday.
According to his Facebook page, Butler lives in Anderson. Skipper could not confirm where Butler lives.
Butler's Facebook page and some of the posts he left on Duncan's Facebook page mention his support for two groups: Oath Keepers and Three Percenter.
The Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center each have listed Oath Keepers as an extremist anti-government group.
According to its website, Oath Keepers describes itself as a nonpartisan association of active military members, veterans, law enforcement officials and firefighters who are committed to defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
The group's motto is "Not on our watch!"
The Oath Keepers website includes articles on topics such as how Wall Street banks are secretly building the world's largest private army. The site also has a section devoted to Operation Sleeping Giant, which urges veterans to prepare to defeat the "domestic enemies of our Constitution."
As part of Operation Sleeping Giant, veterans are advised to stockpile food, fuel and medical supplies and to create barter networks based on the use of gold and silver as money.
Three Percenter is a pro-Second Amendment group. The name refers to the 3 percent of the population in colonial America that took up arms in the Revolutionary War.
Look, I do not do Facebook, viewing it as a positive social and cultural evil. However, posting comments about hanging Obama on a Congressman's page seems to me to be self-evidently stupid. There is undoubtedly more to this story but so far it seems to me to be within the limits of the First Amendment, still I would like to know if anybody knows this fellow. I need the whole story.


Anonymous said...

Those in power are so afraid of us out here in flyover country that they consider almost anything to be a threat. It need not be an elected official either. Someone I know told a Park Ranger (who, by the bye, is kitted out with sidearm, Asp baton, OC spray and Tazer gun) that if a revolution comes all wearing his uniform would convert to targets. Though the man never said anything about a desire or intent to harm ANYone he is being investigated for possible state and federal charges and local prosecutors want to give him the maximum for trespassing.

The Federal Colossus has (almost) everyone thoroughly cowed.

Anonymous said...

I knew something like this would happen one day and we're left to wonder which "Three Percenter" group he is talking about.

AJ said...

The first amendment only applies to praise for O'bomba, not criticism.

Anonymous said...

The civil cold war began years ago. We are only left to wonder when and where this second civil war's Fort Sumter will be.
Perhaps the federal agents assigned to monitoring this forum are privy to that information already.

Anonymous poster
(not really)

Anonymous said...

One of the nice things about the internet is the Anonymous Factor. One can use any name they want, use any available wi-fi signal to continue to be anonymous and even call themself by another person's name if they want that individual to "get on the Gubmint radar".
Signed, Joe Biden.

Frederick H Watkins said...

I agree with BadCyborg. Almost anything you say, however innocuous, prefaced just right with all the right words to imply this is just a thought, can get you investigated. It is indicative to me that "they" are a little scared.

Dedicated_Dad said...

You forgot to mention that Facebook is without parallel in its utility to Leviathan's jackboots.

They couldn't have dreamed up anything better, especially in the infrastructure behind it's photo-tagging functions.

The biometric database being built covers 1/3 of the people on the planet, and is growing daily--you should really look into that!!

Whiplash said...

While the poster is indeed correct regarding obamas high crimes and misdemeanors it's not wise to post those sentiments on a US Congressmans page. And as far as this guy being a threat I would tend to think that people planning something would not be broadcasting it on facebook.
I have a feeling with the economy still sliding in the wrong direction more and more people will express their distaste with the commie and chief if he is re-elected. Based on the polling data we are seeing it looks like that will not be the case but you never know....

Whiplash out...

Pat H. said...

Congressman Duncan's district is just south of me, I'm in Congressman Gowdy's district. Both are pretty good, both have had meetings on the Fast & Furious problem and back Issa; both voted for CISPA.

Lindsissy Grahamnesty, our local name for this sleazy senator, is from this area and once held the district seat occupied by Duncan.

I don't know Butler, nor have I heard of him. While he may be "out there on his own", it may be something else.

Anonymous said...

There are many people in the U.S. named William David Butler. This Butler, feels strongly that elected officials should be voted in or out of office. Any other way is not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know this William David person very well. And believe it or not, he's very intelligent and quite sane. And most people would be appalled at the repercussions that resulted from the infamous post. Our goverment seems to have no boundaries whatsoever anymore and it my strong belief that our nation is and has been falling apart for many years. Obama has certainly done his best to convince many citizens that he is not only the outright worst but definitely the most ridiculous president EVER and that's saying a lot! I cannot fathom how anyone could have voted for him not only once but TWICE! LOL That fact alone tells me that there were an indecent amount of uneductaed votes which are dangerous and a depressing sign of the times.