Thursday, May 24, 2012

David Codrea: Shipley appeal presents former FBI agent’s side of gun charges.

"On reading the details, it’s clear there is more to this case than just a slam dunk conviction."

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SWIFT said...

For decades, many in the patriot movement have believed and stated that the FBI eats it's own. While I do hope Shipley gets some justice, this whole episode should serve notice to other FBI scum, that loyalty is a one-way-street. The FBI leadership and also the U.S. Attorney offices are totally lacking in morality, honor, and integrity. They will tell any lie, manufacture any evidence, fabricate any testimony, for a conviction. Gerry Spence, the famous lawyer for Randy Weaver,years ago stated he'd never been involved in a criminal case, when the FBI DID NOT commit perjury. Great legacy guys. Teach and raise your kids to be just like you!