Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of John Boehner, Mice and Men. (Oh, and maybe a sheep.) Western Plagiarism Center jumping to illusions again and using me as a source for it.

"Quit saying baaaaad things about my Johnny."
David Codrea draws my attention to this latest from the ill-named Western Journalism Center.
But according to the man who broke the “Gunwalker” story a year and a half ago, threatening letters to Speaker Boehner might no longer be necessary. Sources in Washington, DC have told blogger and citizen reporter Mike Vanderboegh that Republican leaders have already decided to close down the Fast and Furious investigation and halt contempt proceedings against Eric Holder. . .
Now the WJC's work on the Gunwalker scandal has in the past been at best duplicative, at worst plagiaristic and always subject to exaggerated headlines which they craft out of half cloth. They did not attempt to interview me for this story, which ought to tell you everything you need to know since they make me the center of it.
Here is what I know currently about the subjects of the contempt citation and the backroom fighting amongst the GOP leadership and rank-and-file that has been going on. If it seems frustratingly opaque, that is because the parties have been singularly effective at imposing a news blackout so that they either:
a. Do not compromise their very clever plans to lay low the Obamanoids, or
b. Don't want us to find about a sellout until the very last minute.
First, you should understand that no one on the Committee -- staffers or Congressmen -- communicates with me directly these days. My emails are not answered. My requests even through third or fourth parties are ignored.
Despite this, I am assured indirectly through cut-outs by people supposedly "close to the Committee" that all will be revealed by the middle of June at the latest and they fairly beg me not to do something that "will discredit the investigation" -- presumably my threat to begin a campaign to break GOP windows as punishment for a possible Boehner sellout. Some of these arguments have been quite eloquent and factually persuasive, pointing out linkages I had not considered.
There is, in truth, no real loss in waiting as at least someone there in DC seems to recognize the serious of my intent and there is plenty of time to wreck maximum discredit and disruption on GOP election hopes -- and that includes Romney. The leadership of both sides have been able to hide behind the lack of press coverage and they like it that way. We, however, have the power to change that if necessary. There is plenty of time and there are plenty of rocks laying about -- and a salivating collectivist media who would like nothing better than to lay vandalism charges at the foot of the GOP.
Just understand, as the WJC apparently does not, that when I report what some of my sources say, it is not my conclusion. I have been very plain with y'all about the "nacht und nebel" that has been thrown up around the Holder contempt citation. Indeed, if I HAD concluded that, I would have issued a call to action already.
I await further events. But the Committee, and especially Obama's golf partner John Boehner, should not conclude that we will wait forever on hazy promises sent fourth-hand.


Anonymous said...

Any action that would de legitimize the authority or reduce the power of a Federal law enforcement entity is against the interest of the whole federal government, in a fashion the importance of which far, far transcends any of the minor differences between "Republican" and "Democrat".

You think you can provoke a cross aisle fight, but please remember- you're essentially dealing with a single entity here. At the command level both parties work for the same ends, with cosmetic and language differences suitable to placate party voters on issues that get sufficient notice in the press. This is established policy, the axiom that the parties must never materially be at odds in their actions (most especially in foreign policy!) has been SOP for decades. How else can the largest investors be assured of sufficient stability? Can't have the government being whipsawed by a mere change in electoral  office holders.

This is one of the many reasons that 3rd parties or even non team player members of the duopoly can't ever be allowed traction on the national level in the US. Dr. Dean? Ross Perot? Dr. Paul? Please.

Issa will not be proceeding against DOJ in any significant fashion. It's not in the interest of the established power structure. And as most of our reps are, Issa is a multi millionaire, wedded to that power structure and intrinsicaly incapable of damaging it.

Don't like it? Tough noogies. You don't have nearly enough money or power to matter, and if you look to be getting enough interest to be a serious nuisance you'll have an unfortunate accident of some type. Heck, you might allready have, just a little flesh eating bacteria in your surgical incisions would be enough for "natural causes" and mostly avoid risks of any of that "100 heads" stuff.

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't be surprised Mike that no one responds to you anymore. You gave their sorry asses a push start, but then politicians aren't exactly the type who are courteous enough to back the fuck up and offer you a lift in gratitude.
Like I said earlier, this investigation is dead and gone. Issa wasn't just pitched a softball - the softball was put on a tee ball stand and he still managed to swing and miss. The last-gasp contempt threat (for the third or fourth fucking time) was the final dry-hump from an impotent bunch of TV camera whores.
When a government reaches the level of corruption that ours has, and most of the people don't care enough to demand justice, then the game is over my friend. Eric Holder started the cover up. John Boehner enabled its ultimate success. They are both complicit in the cover up in my book. John Boehner and Eric Cantor are apparently stupid enough to think that obstructing justice will ultimately somehow work in favor of the Sears mannequin Romney getting elected. I wonder when the pics of Boehner in a bikini showing off his camel toe will turn up in the Inquirer? Hell, I bet his clitoris is even pierced.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, i think you are dead to rights with comment. I wanted some smoteing, I find holder and bother loathsome. What's with the croc or girlie tears. I wish you are wrong but wrong and this Pollyanna wanted heads to roll. But the articles and welshman007 or whomever's pics made me laugh.

TPaine said...

I wasn't the only one who called this a long time ago. Corruption is so wide-spread that no one in government worries anymore about breaking the law. Republican? Democrat? Criminals know no party.

Lock 'n load!

Anonymous said...

"First, you should understand that no one on the Committee -- staffers or Congressmen -- communicates with me directly these days. My emails are not answered. My requests even through third or fourth parties are ignored."

They have chosen option 2, knowing that the election coverage will conceal matters further and more so, the closer we are to the actual election. They are not stupid, they are calculating, they know what the media will do because they deal with this every day. They are playing for time. Either that or they really are that stupid... And do you really believe THAT?


What does your gut tell you Mike? Remember what happens when you don't listen to it? They're playing for time and there is only one reason to do that. Boner and friends are sellouts and in my view turncoat traitors.

What does your gut tell you? Haven't we been down this road before? How exactly does it make sense to keep a lid on something like this, when it could only help to have it out?

Go with your gut or you will be sorry you didn't. These people are professional liars. Back channels amount to deniability and cover, you know this.

Anonymous said...

So the "mid June" date.
Is this before or after the SCOTUS strikes down ACA ?

If before, this would look like the first salvo of an ugly war on Obama.
If after, it could allow the contempt citation to be lost in the noise.

The best would probably be to layout F&F before the ACA ruling, then move on the contempt citation after the ACA ruling.

Anonymous said...

I gots a rock or two that looks just like that!!

Anonymous said...

I think you are all wrong.. Believe my friends, believe.. Two weeks from now, middle of June is the exact time when the good sheriff and Mr Corsi will present their fatal punch in their investigation. It is said to be devastating. Holder is linked as CEO AmeriMexico bank laundering of gun monies for the cartel.. This is what the faux administration is in fear of and will put the final nail in the pine coffin ... The cards have been dealt and the jokers are played, the old maid is coming home to roost..There will be no running away anymore from the evidence, no covering up, no blacked out documents to be seen. All paper trails lead back home to Holder and his Gang of bandits.. He is rolling in the deep...

Pawpaw said...

I am placated somewhat by the knowledge that Conspiracy to Commit Murder has no statute of limitations.

Anonymous said...

Republicans and democrats are like two crime families playing a game of craps. Sure, they may squabble, occasionally one blows another away, but in the end, their interests are the same. The second anything threatens "The Game", they all circle the wagons together to protect it.

And that's exactly what we are seeing here. Mike, they tell you that all this is going to come out in a couple of weeks and the lid will be blown off??

I think the only thing being blown is some thick smoke up our collective asses.

Despite what we may think of him, Holder is tough as nails, very smart and knows how to play the system. He is Dear Leader's firewall and that's were Barry wants to keep him.

Those sources "close to the committee" you mentioned are going to let mid-June just pass by without a whimper, then continue to dodge, weave and dance around stuff.

These corrupt assholes are all on the same team, protecting their own interests, and fuck the rest of us.

Yesterday, the judge in John Edwards' corruption trial declared a mistrial. Edwards walks free and it is unlikely that the DOJ will try again. No surprise to me. I knew he'd walk. The elite cabal members stand by each other.

As for the ACA (Obamacare), the SCOTUS is supposed to issue a ruling this month. Even if they do strike it down, it won't matter.......the govt will implement it anyway. The Courts have no power of sword or purse, they have no way to enforce their decision.

Toastrider said...

I -want- to believe, Anon. I want to think that this isn't just 'politics as usual' but that Issa and Boehner are prepping to throw the mother of all rocks through the administration's window (figuratively speaking).

I just fear that those who have carried the burden for so long will be let down. AGAIN.