Tuesday, May 1, 2012

David Codrea: Bill O’Reilly perpetuates Fast and Furious ‘screw up’ meme.

Clueless in New York.


Female III said...

Bill O'Really? is nothing but a highly paid windbag for FauxNews. He has a zero grasp of truth even in his own life, let alone something like Gunwalker. The moron had so many chances to slice and dice the bad guys that made him bellyache (lardass Michael Moore and pasty thighs Bill Clinton are two that come to mind) yet he gave them a pass.
And that is exactly what he is doing now.

Everytime someone says "screw up" with regards to Gunwalker, they need to be corrected and challenged over and over and over until they get it right. O'Really? isn't worth a thinking man's time.

rdf67 said...

O'Reilly is all about his ratings. When John O'Neill and Jerome Corsi exposed John Kerry in Unfit for Command, O'Reilly honed in on the affidavit from Capt Elliott - which contained first hand info that Kerry identified for the Boston Herald could not be accurate - and dismissed all the charges when Capt Elliott corrected his affidavit to a second hand account. "The charges have been rebuked" O'Reilly claimed, dismissively. That position gave O'Reilly access to Democrats that he otherwise would not have and access to an audience that would have abandoned him. He lost me, but, who am I?

So here, he sounds like the reasonable man, questioning the tenacity of the Committee and the stonewalling by Holder. O'Reilly will be the last to jump on the wagon - He will let Hannity lead the charge and stay out of the fray. I am much more interested in the NYTimes and WAPO jumping on Holder - but I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Oreilly is a doofus. He has proven he is a brave man - just not an intelligent or honest one.

Anonymous said...

O'really's "Spin In Zone"


Rider said...

I lost all confidence with him when he SWORE to find out who the source was for the electronic devices found in every IED. The trail was leading to GE. He started down that trail and (presto chango) all of a sudden he never spoke of it again. He is nothing but a puppet. I believe it has to do with the new partner in Fox. He is from Suadi Arabia.
As always Mike, you and yours are continually in my prayers!