Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obama "Memorializing" Brian Terry in the dark.

David Codrea writes Obama memorials bury Fast and Furious law enforcement deaths
John Richardson: A Lack Of Class


Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to be surprised by the LACK of CLASS by this Clown in the White House. He is nothing but a JOKE and a BAD JOKE at that.

SWIFT said...

Obama has sent a clear message to the Terry family of how little he feels toward their loss. The Terry family should send a message of their own to Obama, by having their lawyer file an amended suit against the government. This one would read:$50 million. In ANY settlement, if the government wishes to add a clause where they admit no wrong-doing, it's an additional $50 million. If the government wishes to add a "non-dislosure clause", it is another $50. million. The importance of not having a non-disclosure clause is that the family can run newspaper adds all across the country showing people that government scumbags can be beaten.

SWIFT said...

Lacking class among lefties is a condition of membership. Being an uncouth, low-life scunge bucket is considered "career enhancing". Look at their leadership.

W W Woodward said...

Yep, just another egg in the omelet. Brian who?