Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still stalling.

DOJ: Issa’s Move To Hold AG In Contempt ‘Unprecedented’


Anonymous said...

I would prefer Congressman Issa "stuck to his muttons" and pursued the ramifications of "Operation Fast and Furious" - and all its possible spinoffs - to wherever they lead. The shades of two dead USAG agents, numerous U.S. citizens and hundreds of Mexican citizens demand it !

OFF is not merely the possible "Watergate" of President Obama's administration, but, (IMO), the key to unlocking its multiple/multifarious domestic "operations" involving clandestine movement of funds/influence top the detriment of our economy and freedom. >MW

Californian said...

Unprecedented? Maybe. Not that something being unprecedented is necessarily a bad thing.

Then again, I haven't heard of an AG, or an administration, that's this brazen and arrogant about flouting the rules they're supposed to follow.

Then again, I'm a younger guy, so I might just not know any better.

JAG06 said...

Perhaps it is unprecedented. But so is an Attorney General and top BATFE officials conspiring to voiolate U.S. and international gun laws in order to increase the numbers of domesticaly purchased firearms found at Mexican crime scenes, in order to provide statistical support for their anti-Second Amendment agenda, resulting in the deaths of two federal agents and countless civilians on both sides of the border. Holder should be indicted for conspriacy and felony murder, not contempt of Congress.

Anonymous said...

"Issa released a draft contempt resolution earlier this month that charges Holder should be held in contempt for failing to properly respond to Issa’s subpoena"

At lease some portion of the piece was accurate. The rest is toenail clippings.