Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's official: Mother Jones magazine says I may be a mad dog militiaman but I have a sense of humor. "A complicated character."

SPLC Highlights New Extremist Leaders To Watch
The Southern Poverty Law Center published a new report this week on 30 up-and-coming leaders of the radical right. There are some old familiars on the list, like David Duke, and many others who probably won't come as much of a surprise to regular Mother Jones readers. SPLC singles out some of the chorus of anti-Muslim activists like Pam Geller, Frank Gaffney and David Yerushalmi as people to keep an eye on. There are some gay-bashers in there, too. Birther-conspiracy theorist Joseph Farah, the founder of WorldNet Daily, also makes the list. But not everyone on the group seems to rise to the level of menace that SPLC suggests.
Among those might be Mike Vanderboegh, a former militia activist from Alabama. Vanderboegh is probably most famous these days for having encouraged readers of his blog to break the windows of Democratic Party headquarters after the passage of health care reform, which prompted some of his readers to toss bricks through the windows of a few Democratic congressional offices.
Vanderboegh, though, is a bit more of a complicated character than the SPLC has made him out to be. His rhetoric is certainly inflammatory, but it's also mostly confined to his blog, which has a very small following. Vanderboegh has also helped bring to light some evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the government in the "Fast and Furious" gun scandal, in which the federal government allowed guns to be illegally exported to Mexico in the hopes of tracking them to major drug cartel leaders. (The ATF agents ended up losing track of thousands of the guns, which later turned up at crime scenes in Mexico and the US.) He's also got a sense of humor, a rare quality in an extremist. He responded to his inclusion on the list by writing a blog post about it that included a photoshopped picture of Mark Potok, the SPLC senior fellow who tracks right-wing extremism, wearing a tin-foil hat.


Anonymous said...

A "small following"?
Truly, they underestimate the power of one, much less the power of 3 percent!
That will be their downfall.


Happy D said...

David Duke is a Quisling at best and a National Socalist at worst. How can he be a right wing anything?

Sedition said...

Nothing like living in their heads rent free.

CB said...

Well then, congratulations! But you're going to need a new theme song. I'm sure the Beach Boys wouldn't mind.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Mike.

Have fun with your new status!

Mt Top Patriot said...

Dear Mike, here is an interesting piece on Fast and furious. Reading it I could not help but think that if it is class warfare and a narrative on the "evils" of guns in the hands of willing murderers obama and his lickspittles such as the SPLC desire, well here it is on a silver platter. is time to turn the tables on these amazingly hateful people. Here, in stark unmistakable reality, is the truth that the racism, (and it's attendant narrative of disarming America camouflaging the crony tyranny they really desire), the dead elephants imply they are so scared of, this racism belongs to those who point their fingers at Liberty as the culprit.
I'm saying, it is those who cry the wolf of racism are they themselves the singular greatest racists in existence in America.

I'm saying, the actions deeds and words of this trouble creator Mark Potok, unquestionably are proof he is a racist pig in every sense the the phrase. White, rich, privileged, "educated",(whatever that means or is worth), connected politically, has an agenda he is being paid to shove up everyone else's arse but his and his masters, belongs to a ruling elite class, gets 1st rate exposure in the legacy media, captures the spirit of the 5th column, espouses the diatribe of the radical left and domestic radical chic, not to mention the political arm of the communist party in congress. Well blow me down, if that don't describe a man as racist in this day and age, I'll vote for obama!

The whole dichotomy of this abortion of murder of liberty for political increase in power of tyranny is laid bare at this link.
A lot of truths just how lost these men and women are is clear as a bell.

But you Mike mentioned throwing bricks through windows because those who swore an oath to represent us little folks, who swore to defend our only defense have honestly and truly forsaken us for the very thing they swore to protect us from.
Man Mike, you sure are one horrible dangerous guy. I guess that makes you the perfect whipping boy.

If I have my druthers, I would bet everything guys like Potok, they are really deeply scared shitless of you, but not even that so much that they are terrified of the existential threat you represent.
An awakening by people of every walk of life of just how bad guys like Potok really are. Of the twisted lies, the meme organizations like the SPLC represent and hawk. Not any different than the race baiters and class warfare agitators from obama on down.

These are some the most twisted individuals our society can muster.
Sociopaths and psychopaths. through history without fail, every regime attracts them, like flies dining on a new steaming hot fresh pile of crap.

Anonymous said...

Nice bit of agit-prop from Mojo.

I suspect that if they knew how many people actually do read this blog they'd come unglued.

1894C said...

Hey! Who you calling a small following?