Wednesday, May 23, 2012

David Codrea: Grassley holds key to bypass balking on Holder contempt charges

"There is one other option, perhaps the best one, and it’s a course recommended consistently in this column: Reenact the law that expired in 1999 to allow for a truly independent counsel."

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Mt Top Patriot said...

The key right now, is political assassination, as in Impeaching Holder.

Benjamin Franklin was right centuries ago.
I wonder if he grasped just how right he was 2 centuries later.

Impeachment was created to avoid the calamities of physical assassinations and ultimately armed redress by the sovereign people. It was created as a blow off valve for trespasses upon rule of law, an alternative to violent options adressing the treason and tyranny sure naturally to happen as our Liberty was usurped by the power and greed intrinsic in political class out of control.

If impeachment is not exercised, the issue of what kind of redress is required to correct the wrongs is settled through default.

The political class knows this sure as the sun rises.

Ya, bet your left nut Grassely holds the key. Locked away in a place intended never for it to be found. Less used.

Just how long do these mental giants think this circus of stupidity, this ruse, will last? Are they so incredibly ignorant, so barn blind, that they can not fathom the scope of the tempest in a teapot they have created?

Or, are they all, each and every one, from the illegal alien in the white house on down, so helplessly locked into this cultural corruption and treason, so mired in the greed and lust for power, that no matter what any of them could do any time they so choose do to begin to make amends for the high crimes and felonious acts, that they are scared shitless to be men and face the consequences of just how ugly and morally bereft they are.
Or maybe some are true psychopaths and sociopaths, and just don't give a fuck who or what suffers from their acts.

One things sure. you don't need to put a finger in the wind to grasp push back ain't gonna be a figment of state secret police generated paranoia propaganda much longer.

No matter how it is sliced, it is our government in entirety in so many respects that has crossed the line of no return.
The inertia of the leviathan.