Saturday, May 12, 2012

Occupy Wall Street thinking infects self-declared 3 Percenters.

The Bank of America Declaration.
I have my own criticisms of BoA which track with this "Three Percent Declaration." However, making BoA a Three Percent target is a red herring and a distraction. I am surprised at some of these names. I thought they had more sense. Seeing Kerodin and his fellow traveler Bill Nye does not surprise me. In fact, their inclusion makes perfect sense. Hell, it was probably their idea. What does this waste of time have to do with preparedness, training, logistics? Does it strike at the legitimacy of the collectivists in government? Will BoA be sending raid parties to your door? No. There are plenty of other organizations and movements targeting the "banksters." Making what appears to be common cause with the Occupy Wall Street meme is a waste of time and self-defeating. It is, in fact, what the collectivists in charge of the regime who WILL send raid parties to your door -- if they think they can get away with it -- want.
I have no objection to attacking BoA's predatory practices, but associating the Three Percent name to this cause is the result of fuzzy thinking or deliberate distraction.
LATER: By the way Bill, your wish to see me "die rotting from the inside out" will not now, apparently, be granted any time soon. Sorry to disappoint you. ;-)


Treaded said...

Mike brother it's not as one dimensional as you portray it. BoA has crossed a lot of folks - especially those in the RKBA scene. Look at what they did to MCMillan. Their self proclaimed opposition to things firearms related puts them on the opposite side of our freedoms and leaves them non-deserving of our business.

And please man, lay off the Nye/Kerodin stuff. Rise above that crap for once and stick to the real gorilla in the room.

Anonymous said...

I agree. This is a distraction. IMO the root of the evil in the banking sector and a what should be a far greater concern is actually the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel...but we have other fish to fry right now.


Mr. White said...

Glad you are posting but take it EASY, OK?
about Nye - did you hear that he organized a major, massive three per center gathering? No, really.
They had like FOUR people show up. Counting him.
One of them who runs a website I used to read, until he started criticizing everyone who doesn't line up to lick kerodin's asshole, said that even if it was a small gathering, at least they knew who they could really count on when TSHTF.
So we can all go back to sleep now - the future is safeguarded by kerodin, nye and two other smegma suckers who will doubtless terrify the PTB no end.
But you, sir, take it easy.

Jim Klein said...

Glad you're doing better, Mike; that's the most important thing. May I bring a little philosophy into this? They're ALL red herrings to the fundamental issue. By this standard, so is Fast & Furious.

The fundamental issue is individual liberty. Each man must decide how, what and where he does what he does. Pretending that "issues" are what it's all about, is the biggest red herring of all.

Your success with Fast & Furious isn't about Fast & Furious; it's about you. You set out to do something and you did it. That's a great thing but let's be real---alone, it can have no effect on liberty. Even were Holder fired or Obama impeached, it would mean nothing. Each of them would end up making even more loot and causing even more damage somewhere else, and freedom would continue its downward slide with or without them.

"No more free Wacos"?? Let's get real again---there are hundreds and hundreds of Wacos every month, if not every week...people illegally arrested, imprisoned and yes, even murdered. Children taken from their families, people dying from regulation, lives ruined...these are commonplace events, and every one of 'em amounts to a Waco. Just because the victims are spread out, or just because the media doesn't cover them, doesn't make them anything other than what they are. Does David Koresh, or even Vicki Weaver, somehow count more than Jose Guerena, or Matthew Speese or any of the uncountable others who've been murdered by the government? I think not. A wrongful murder is a wrongful murder, seems to me.

If those guys decide that the best thing they can DO, in reality right now, is try to get a boycott going against BofA, why would you care? Surely it's deserved, so that can't be the gripe. The gripe seems to be that it's not as righteous an issue as your issues, and that doesn't make any sense. My righteous issues are different from all y'all, but so what?

The only truly righteous issue is that we each should be able to live our own lives, and choose our own values, without stopping anyone else from doing the same. Anything else is about something other than freedom, and so is automatically a red herring from what we should be seeking socially.

If the goal is just to figure out which group, or which issues, should rule over us all, then we might as well stick with what we have now. After all, that's what the majority wants.

The majority is wrong. Here's what's right...

CB said...

By golly! You are feeling better!!!
Funny, I had those same thoughts when I read that post.
BoA no friend of mine, but it is way on down the list from Fast and Furious.


Anonymous said...

Mike...this war will not be won by guns, it will be won by economic warfare without fire a shot. I think Mitt has a good chance of beating Romney, which isn't saying much. I truly see our debt bring us down. We will remain well armed and in know way will I ever give up my guns, but I do agree I'll most likely die trying to keep them somewhere in the future.

Randy Dye III aka
Randy's Right

oughtsix said...

Bill Nye's wizened soul can emulate the rot he wishes upon you, Mike. He ain't no "science guy!"

I read and comment a lot at WRSA and find a great deal of value there, but the relentless attacks on you are incomprehensible and unconscionable.

Prayers and best wishes are yours from me.


Anonymous said...

Ha!,tell it like it is!.Carnival barker`s selling T-shirt`s flag`s and trinket`s probably won`t go far in the restoration of our Constitutional Republic....Glad to see you back in action.

Dutchman6 said...
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Dutchman6 said...

"Let's get real again---there are hundreds and hundreds of Wacos every month."

You must have seen a different Waco than I did. There are plenty of injustices, but no Wacos, not yet. Scale is important. Agency is important.

And the Gunwalker Scandal is a very real blow against the legitimacy of the system. How many folks has it woken up to the disarmament agenda, the corruption, the lies? The number is incalculable but very real. Both the ATF and the FBI have been knocked back on their bureaucratic heels. They are in defensive mode, not offensive. These are not small things.

Dutchman6 said...

"Mike...this war will not be won by guns, it will be won by economic warfare without fire a shot."

Defeatism pure and simple. If you really believe that, you'd better go run and hide because if you are counting on a simple contest of economic means we will lose.

Randy, I'm sorry but this is a Three Percent distraction. I'd be interested to know whose bright idea it was.

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks there is a difference between B of A, J P Morgan and the other TBTF banks and the Government then they have never looked at the advisers, cabinet members and others who are the real PTB. You say the Federal Reserve is a real target then what better way to attack it than to cut away at its foundation which is the biggest banks. Like the old saying goes "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

Gen John Stark Returns said...

Stoking the fires of infighting quite the "waste of time" as well. No one's ideas are going to please everyone. You know this. Is this post not based a personal grievance?

Dutchman6 said...

Johnny -- My objection is one of principle in that the Three Percent have many more important things to do. Had they issued this diktat without associating the Three Percent with it, I would have no gripe. My disdain of Kerodin and company is also one of principle -- unrepentant convicted blackmailers should not pretend to leadership in the Three Percent. It is on its face discrediting to the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Day 2 of Bank of America down fall


Randy Dye III

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Made this up to amuse myself.

Can't tell you how happy I am to see you getting stronger, Mike

Jim Klein said...

My point was that each man has to choose his own values and choose the right thing to do. There's nothing wrong with targeting a bank--or anyone else, for that matter--with a boycott. Y'all can argue about which actions make more sense, but the point is that it's an individual decision.

"You must have seen a different Waco than I did. There are plenty of injustices, but no Wacos,"

Why...because the fires aren't as big? Because the dozens murdered are spread across the country? Because they don't get media play?

Again, these are irrelevant details. My comment stands and it's factually correct.

"not yet. Scale is important. Agency is important."

Of course they are, and the scale and agency of what's going on now, are both far wider and deeper than the single Waco incident. Though I personally don't measure things that way. To me, the taking of a single innocent life is as bad as it gets. I don't know how to compare the dozens at Waco with the zillions since. They all stink.

"And the Gunwalker Scandal is a very real blow against the legitimacy of the system."

Even if true, I don't think the legitimacy of the system is really a huge issue currently. you know anyone with half a wit who thinks it's legitimate?

I know what you're saying---it helps to convince the masses or something like that. The thing is, if the masses were willing to be convinced, they would be convinced already. The simple fact is...the masses want this, at least right now. That's how those yahoos got there; duh.

Jim Klein said...

"Had they issued this diktat without associating the Three Percent with it, I would have no gripe."

Who are the three percent please, and who is to associate which issue with whom?

My answer's simple---each one of them, of course. Frankly, I can't even imagine any other answer consistent with reality, but I'll happily entertain any.

I can add this---any guy who thinks he's part of the "three percent" and thinks ANYONE else can speak for him, hasn't the foggiest clue what this is about.

SWIFT said...

F&F a Red Herring? Never happen GI. Hundreds of dead bodies on both sides of the border and the perps given a pass? Justice and honor demand our attention to expose those responsible for this genocide. Seeing some of the leadership of government and their praetorian guard, frog marched off to prison will be no small victory for constitutional patriots. It must be done.

Jim Klein said...

Sorry if I wasn't clear, SWIFT. I should've written, "Those are the instances." F&F is one, Waco is one, Jose Guerena is one, and there are about a million more, literally. They are "red herrings" only insofar as their particulars distract from the principle.

One is worse than the next depending on which attribute you're measuring, but I think that doesn't matter. What matters is what's going on, which is nothing short of brutal enslavement, and how to stop it. At this stage, anything agin' it is right, at least within this context, and anything with it, is wrong.

But then, I'm an awfully simple guy. I've told Mike when I think he's right and I'm tellin' him when I think he's wrong. It's no skin off his back who boycotts whom and his allegiance should be to Mike, not some ethereal and unnamed percentage of the population.

Anonymous said...

Mike: Simply put. YOU'RE WRONG.

I know you don't like Kerodin....I don't either, but saying that IIIpers can't somehow stop doing business with private entities that have an incestuous relationship with the government (to the point that they control that government and can demand "bailouts" from each citizen's pocket for generations) while at the same time supporting the premise of the III percent.....well, that makes ZERO sense.

A boycott of a business for unethical traditions doesn't take much away from anyone's training, logistical supply stocking, etc. It just means: don't do businesses that support things you don't agree with. Pretty simple.

There's plenty of room to support the III percent and NOT support BOA.


SWIFT said...

Well done Jim Klein and thank you for the clarification. God speed.

Anonymous said...

A distraction? Really?
Glad to see you are posting again Dutchman but you are off base.
4G warfare my friend. All avenues of attack are viable and this absolutly attacks the legitamcy of the system.
Just agree to disagee and move on. Otherwise this will turn into another pissing contest and we will have to ask a question. Is the reason you oppose this so much because you disagree with it or because its not your idea?


Anonymous said...

I think you are absolutely right that it is fussy thinking. The same type of thinking that is infecting the OWS movement.

Of course BoA is a money grubbing, corrupt bank...They all are. How did they get that way?...With the help of the bloated, overreaching government. You look at the TARP bill...Bush signed it into law...But Obama and Biden voted for it and the Democrat controlled Congress passed it...The Obama regime also administered most of the TARP funds to banks.

The argument of blaming the banks and Wall St only serves to take criticism away fro the real problem...The government.

B. Martin