Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The horror! The horror!

Citizens killing criminals in righteous self-defense in Detroit. And some guy wants more cops instead. Why not just arm more citizens and give out bounties on dead crooks?


Anonymous said...

F**k the gun registration and CCWs. Buy a gun and ammo, however you can, and off the record.
And leave the criminal's body in the middle of the street to be picked up with the rest of the trash.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

the environment of that city and the one 46 miles south of it, are both a cesspool of crime,corruption at all levels.
there is a certain demographic that thinks they are owed something, and when it doesnt show up in their mail box its going to get real ugly, yeah worse then it is now.
My 13YO got confronted by a adult on the assumption that she was "eyeballing" them, as I stepped out of the vehicle it escallated into "we were being disrespectful" all we were doing was sitting in my truck talking to eachother waiting for mom to come out of the store..I felt I was very close to a situation that was sooon to go balistic, one of them got into a car close by and shut the door, the other one walked around and go into the other side of the car with the door left open, My truck was running I got in and rolled out of there calmly and smoothly, but was followed for over 3 miles.

almost making me wonder if I should go back to open carry with my full size 1911..maybe the fact it would have been visible and on my leg might have shown them Im not one to negotiate stupidity with.
An armed society is a polite society, if you will.

Anonymous said...

"Shoot, shovel and shut up" may have to be modified to fit the feral urban environment.

frosty2 said...

Citizen lives, neighborhood is safer, scumbag is gone...

How is this a "problem?"

W W Woodward said...

Bounties on dead crooks didn't work out too well in Texas. Many many years ago (late 1800s and early 1900s) Texas implemented a bounty. It resulted in innocent people being shot and then thrown through bank and store windows by enterprising entrepreneurs.


TPaine said...

I live in the Central Florida area, and as you know, FL is a "shall carry" state. Anyone without a record can get a CCW permit in about 90 days or less. When the law was first passed, the media (of course!) warned everyone that Florida would become a "Wild West" state, with showdowns in the streets. Yeah, right!

In the past couple of years, in my area alone, there have been at least 8 justified homicides by armed citizens stopping crime. Two of the noted ones were a pharmacist shooting a robber and a man who saw a man savagely beating a convenience store clerk, went out to his vehicle, got his gun, and wasted the assailant.

Crime in Florida has dropped appreciably because of the arming of a lot of its citizens. If I was crazy enough to live in Detroit, I'd have automatic weapons and Claymore mines in my house.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Bounties on dead crooks is a *very* bad idea. Basically, you just put out a contract on every person in the community. Kill somebody, drop a knife near them, and congratulations, you just killed a "mugger". Drop your wallet near them. Congratulations, you just killed a "pickpocket". Drop a baggie of oregano near them. Congratulations, you not only killed a "drug dealer," you killed a "crooked drug dealer," who was trying to pass off oregano as marijuana.

Millwright said...

Last time I worked Detroit was at the Rouge somewhere in the late Eighties (without referencing my logs). Didn't like "downtown" even then ! Took only one trip downtown on my first visit and thereafter confined my off-work activities to the environs.

I'd still like an opportunity to vist Greenfield Village, but would certainly make sure I stayed "out of town", too !! >MW