Friday, July 4, 2014

"There is a storm coming." My short speech at the Westcliffe CO Independence Day.

I want to thank George Gramlich and the Sentinel for making it possible to be here today on this beautiful Independence Day. And I want to tell you all -- men and women -- young and old -- families and friends -- that you represent a powerful statement of American liberty and you are a sight to make the most blood-thirsty tyrant tremble!
You know, in an article in this morning's National Journal, Ron Brownstein whistled past the collectivist graveyard by claiming that no matter how badly Barack Obama has bungled politics and damaged his party that, and I quote, "cultural affinity has become the Democrats' most powerful weapon." He seems to be saying, 'Don't worry about getting beat in November, the future is ours.'
That will come as small comfort to Governor Hickenlooper after you derail his presidential ambitions by throwing him out of power in November!
But Brownstein is wrong about one of those 'cultural affinity' issues and that's the God-given, and inalienable right to keep and bear arms -- the natural right of self defense -- which does not come from the Second Amendment to the Constitution but is merely codified by it. That right is widely seen by most -- across all lines of race, class, economics and even party affiliation -- as absolute.
It is true that in the aftermath of Aurora and Newtown that the emboldened advocates of citizen disarmament have revealed their naked ambitions for your liberty and property with more unconstitutional laws and demands for the repeal of the Second Amendment -- but they tipped their tyrannical hand. They are no longer asking for "common sense gun control" -- they want confiscation.
But all over this country, from Connecticut and New York where their Intolerable Acts have sparked an 85 to 95 percent non-compliance rate -- to the Bundy Ranch where the bad behavior of the federal government led to an armed response by an aroused people -- to Colorado where you have your own defiant non-compliance movement and you successfully recalled these advocates of a government-monopoly-of-violence who shoved their unconstitutional law down your throats -- Well, their best laid plans are coming apart and to put it politely the politicians don't know whether to defecate or go blind.
For they are slowly beginning to realize what the Founders understood from bloody experience -- and what we Three Percenters boldly proclaim today -- WHEN DEMOCRACY TURNS TO TYRANNY, THE ARMED CITIZENRY STILL GETS TO VOTE!
And when this 60 trillion dollar debt house of cards that both corrupt political parties have built collapses -- taking their best laid plans with it down the toilet of history -- it will be YOU -- the armed citizenry -- that will work with local and state elected officials to save what can be saved and, God willing, who will restore the Founders' Republic that these domestic enemies of the Constitution have been doing their best to undermine and destroy.
They may whistle past the political graveyard now -- but rest assured that it will be THEIR political graveyard and YOU are the people who will make that happen.
So here on this beautiful Independence Day in Custer County, Colorado, let us remember and honor the Founders' sacrifices. But let us also prepare for our own sacrifices which will be required in the near future.
There is a storm coming -- perhaps the worst storm in our country's history -- and we have a nation, a people and eternal principles to protect.
My speech at Westcliffe March.


Anonymous said...

nicely done.

The mask is off the administration and its minions.

The People are awake and they are pissed.

We will win this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well said, a lot of people are just sitting, watching, waiting, and preparing. The definitive Casus Belli has not emerged, however it is only a matter of time. Removal of sanction and resources is the prelude this event, secession of the heart and mind and the people win.

Spider Monkey

Anonymous said...

Well said, Mike. To the Tories of both parties who still think they're in control we are
Jacobins -- republican guttersnipes -- HOO-yah!

Richard said...

We can only hope that the states talk some sense into the Feds, by whatever means available, before what is really unwanted becomes what is inevitable.

T. Paine said...

Yes sir. I concur.
A terrible storm is brewing and those who are whipping it into a frenzy are ignorant of their actions for the simple reason that their pursuit of tyranny is all encompassing, all consuming. They have such a hatred for the Christian principles that underpinned the foundation of our republic that they blindly go forward, confident that their little papers with words written all over it (i.e. 'laws') will carry the day. Fools.

Our blessed founders, who risked all to create this Republic, also gave us the means and permission to resist tyranny. It's called the second amendment.

The storm is building and it is near.

Lock and load.