Monday, July 7, 2014

So-called "Three Percenters" on the Border. "This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account."

I have received many forwards from readers of this YouTube video which now says "This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account."
The link is variously presented along with this BuzzFeed story: Militia Leader Calls On Members “To Go Armed” To The U.S.–Mexico Border or this original story in the Brownsville Herald "Militia group says it’s heading to help secure Texas border." At issue is the call to action from one Chris "Three Percenter" Davis.
Though the video has been self-sanitized, the Herald is helpful enough to provide this snippet:
However, in a 21-minute Youtube video featuring a man who identifies himself as Cmdr. Chris Davis, the person said it’s time to secure the borders. “How?” he asked on the video. “You see an illegal. You point your gun dead at him, right between his eyes, and you say, ‘Get back across the border or you will be shot.’”
Now, I have already gone on record about this cluster coitus in the making here. I stand by my conclusion:
"What is accomplished by a picket line of armed volunteers threatening to shoot unarmed, half-starved and thirsty children? I agree that the invasion is devilish in its conception, carried out by collectivists who could give a shit less about how many kids die along the way, but will the proposed COA do ANYTHING about it other than to help make the other side's propaganda points? Only the Oath Keepers can answer Question 5 for the Oath Keepers. As for my advice to Three Percenters, based on what I know now, stay as far away from this incipient exercise in cluster coitus as you can."
I have been chastised by some for that answer. I stand by it.


Anonymous said...

The battle isnt with the illegals, its with the officials allowing it to happen.

Anonymous said...

I think you are misjudging where the sympathies of the American people lie; it lies not with the invaders, but with the citizens.

Murrieta is a flash-point.

The violence will not be directed at the invaders, but at the feds.

with respect.

Anonymous said...

Smart play, Mike. All it takes is one idiot with a gun and we could have major riots on our hands. The real threat isn't the children, it's the people who are stacking up against each other in the streets.

Anonymous said...

Mike, i agree with you 100! I further believe that, Chris "Three Percenter" Davis, is a classic F.B.I. 'Agent Provocatuer'! Everyone should stay as far away as possible from Davis and anyone who even remotely resembles him !

joe bailey said...

Chris Davis seems to have some baggage with him, comments on that post, people that know him, don't seem to like or trust him very much, and that's putting it politely

DAN III said...

At what point do you "peaceniks" decide it's time to take up arms against the Leviathan ? And Disciple of the Night....I don't particularly appreciate your attack on 2d Amendment folks with your asinine remark "one idiot with a gun". Seems to me that idiots like you have allowed the continuing desecration of our Freedom & Liberty.

Hell, if the Patriots who stood ARMED on the Lexington Green and Concord Bridge had decided to confront the Lobsterbacks with a rousing chorus of "Kumbaya" we'd all be singing "God Save The Queen".

You neocons are something else.

parabarbarian said...

So, can we just put the kids on a bus and send them to DC? Tell them Obama loves than and wants to put them up at the Whitehouse.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Dutchman, what would you suggest we do? I don't agree with shooting unarmed children either. But neither do I agree with allowing carriers of possibly deadly, highly contagious diseases easy access to our heartland. Considering that these children are being transported on regular public transportation with apparently no safeguards against contagion being exercised, what do you suggest?

It's not your home that is being used to warehouse these innocent carriers of disease. If it were I suspect your tune might be different. It's not your grandchildren who are threatened by the diseases these innocent vectors have been documented as carrying. Would your tune change if it were? I love my grandchildren (and great grandchildren) every bit as mush as you love yours. If it were that grandson of yours who was threatened by the Creator only knows what mosquito or lice or whatever-borne instead of mine, would you still preach the same message? In 1770, the most subtle weapons the lobster-backs possessed were brown bess muskets. Today's enemies of liberty have much more subtle tools at their command. If a missile with a payload of weaponized disease pathogens would constitute a WMD, would a busload of living creatures carrying various and sundry diseases along with various arthropod delivery agents not equally constitute a WMD?

I don't have any plans to grab my FNAR, throw the tent and other supplies in the SUV and head for the border. I ask what you would do if it were YOUR children and grandchildren at risk for possibly deadly diseases??

It is easy to be objective when you do not have a dog in the fight.

soljerblue said...

Dan III -- the patriots who stood armed on lexington Green, and Concord Bridge, don't forget, were facing regular British troops armed and able to shoot back. Not -- KIDS! Mike is right and Davis is exactly the sort of loose cannon the feds and their butt kissers are looking for.

Anonymous said...

In nearly every respect, the situation on the border is completely assaine and our government is being completely lawless, but what really is going to be done about it?

Protest??? Sign waving every so often hasn't really done anything except get an extreme minority of tea party candidates in office. The few we have are good but they are rather few. With political voting fraud machines keeping folks like Harry in power, electing a few more wont change anything anytime soon.

Kudos to the people keeping illegals out of their own towns, but that doesn't change the fact they are going somewhere in this country. Just because someone else falls on the grenade besides you doesn't change the fact your unit took a casualty. Some other town now has to deal with them on the streets.

Is there nothing that can be done on the border? I am not saying to shoot approaching illegals, but could peaceful blocking take place to try to keep them out. Could we build a makeshift fence? If and when the illegals attack with knives, etc., then the sacred laws of self defense apply. Also, if the feds send military or try to foreably take on people desperately trying to save the country, then so be it.

I mean what gives? We seemed to have reasonably hard balls in our sacks at Bundy ranch, as some patriots were willing to risk rapid blood depletion and quick shock followed by death when they walked down the feds. Like Alex Jones said, it was like out of the V for Vendetta movie. Is there nothing we can do to force another potential situation here? If the Civil war is comming, why have it start completely on their terms and their timeline? At some point, the Colonial militia formed the line and forced the British to open fire. Where is our line in the sand going to be? After Obama creates his national security force, arms every single illegal in a work for welfare program (the job title being U.S. citizen oppressor), then uses a staged or real dirty bomb incident to call for all guns and potential bomb making materials lest another incident happens where half the city poulation vomits uncontrollbally and dies in days to weeks from severe radiation poisoning.

Arguably our country is under attack, and this is just a few steps down from tanks and armored vehicles comming across the border and opening fire on Texas ranches and suberbs close to the border. Some percent of those comming are violent criminals and how is it different if a criminal comes across the border, captures and rapes your teenage daughter before snuffing her compared to a tank rolling over the border and chain gunning the same daughter in a suberb after they shell your house with the main cannons.

Anonymous said...

For god's sake... If we aren't a nation that can take children in, make sure they're safe, DON'T stack them in a cel 30 deep, while negotiating THEIR SAFE RETURN to the land that sent them here, then what in the hell are we "arming for Concord" FOR? What do we stand for as a nation if we just callously throw them back south/prevent their supervised entry?