Saturday, December 19, 2009

Praxis: When it comes to military intelligence, be skeptical.

My thanks to Bob Wright for forwarding this.

Throughout history, in virtually every conflict, a universal law has applied. That law says that when it comes to military intelligence:

1. Whatever you think you know is incomplete, and some of it is wrong!

2. You don't know what you don't know,

3. You don't know how much you don't know,

4. You don't know what part of what you think you know is wrong

• Did you Verify, Verify, Verify,?

• Never Report someone else’s information as fact, always cite the source.

• Your enemy is not stupid; remember he was smart enough to steal your country while you watched.

• Be skeptical

• Do not try to make data fit your theory, use the data to build a theory based on the data

• Face facts no matter how badly they shatter your beliefs, understandings, prejudices, or pet theories. Only then can you make judicious decisions and plans of action.

• Be skeptical

• Things happen fast and often make no sense. Don’t make it worse by rushing a judgment based on raw or incomplete data.

• Always look deeper than what the information seems to imply. Always ask one more question. What is it they WANT you to see? Identify that and what is being concealed is often easier to find.

• Be skeptical


Anonymous said...

If the intel briefer uses the words, "in my assessment" watch out!

Anonymous said...

These strategies could be applied in so many ways. It's clear the Obama administration is not following most of them.

Toastrider said...

Murphy was an optimist.

John said...

I'm reading Antony Beevor's "D-Day: The Battle for Normandy" right now. We all know about Hitler's stupid insistence that the "real" invasion would come at Pas de Calais and how he held back the Panzers early on.

However, after reading about the intelligence and tactical failures of both American and British armies I am somewhat amazed that we actually broke out of the beachhead and then the hedgerow country. A lot of good men died to make it happen.

One example is that a 30th Inf. Div company commander reported a warning that a French mayor gave him about German tanks and troops massing for a counter-attack nearby and was told to "stop spreading rumors". The division was almost overrun as a result.

Unknown said...

"Your enemy is not stupid; remember he was smart enough to steal your country while you watched."

Between watching the Cowboys, the pornography, and the Xbox, I don't know how our countrymen could ever find the time to pay attention to the world around them. At least when the FEMA Camps open up, all the dumb assholes who were way to entertained to pay attention to their responsibilities (providing liberty to their offspring) will be the first to get on the bus. Then after we kick some globalist asses, hopefully we won't have to deal with them.

Chris said...

My late father-in-law said Military Intelligence was a contradiction in terms.

Mayberry said...

I always take everything with a grain of salt. I take the high and low, figuring the truth is somewhere in between, as it usually is. But what I have learned is that most everything we hear from the "mainstream" media is complete bullsh!t....

You do a fine job here Mike, please keep it up. And by the way, any news on "Threeper" (Nyberg)flags? I want one. I've asked my sister if she could sew one up...

aughtsix said...

This should probably be in the third thread down but I wanted to get it up where it would likely be seen and, hopefully, read.

I and many of you are so fed up that we are actually spoiling for a fight. Give the Enemy what he deserves and be rid of him once and for all. But here is a less dangerous and quite possibly more effective way to achieve what we want so badly... and with less bloodshed and unintended consequences:

Good stuff.