Thursday, December 3, 2009

Complications, complications.

OK, I came home to find my home computer had caught a virus again. Have no idea how. Still have Pete's laptop (which enabled me to communicate from the hospital) so I'm going to try to get it connected later today. (Am currently posting from a friend's workplace.)

I'm also apparently having complications with my new medicine, since I am having a sustained attack of what my Grandma Vanderboegh used to call "the scoots" and my skin is hypersensitive and feels like it has third-degree sun burn. That's more information than you wanted to hear, no doubt, but I offer it in explanation of slow posting in the immediate future.

Needless to say, between Thanksgiving in Ohio, being on the road and my hospital stay I have not written more than 20 words on Absolved. (Although I did resolve one major conflict between chapters.)

Anyway. I'll have more later.



Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best. Get well soon.


John (in Columbus) said...

Virus! LOL one reason I bought a Macbook.. linux doesn't catch a virus either..

Anonymous said...

Your skin feels like its on fire?

I know that feeling.... Niacin?

Took it once (once, mind you). My first thought was: "So this is what menopause feels like."

LC Scotty said...

Be well, Mr. V.

drjim said...

Hang in there, Mike, and welcome back.
For your PC problems, I use AVG anti-virus, MalwareBytes, Spybot Search and Destroy, and SpywareBlaster. All are free for personal use. To clean out the old crud that builds up on a Windows box, I like to use CCleaner.
Although I'm a Linux guy, I tend after half a dozen Windows machines for the family and friends, I've been an "IT Professional" in a previous career, and I *know* these programs work quite well.
Take care, and get well soon!

Brock Townsend said...

Keep your chin up!

Anonymous said...

Mike, I wish you the best too. I managed to leave a comment on Codrea's blog in between crazy work hours.

Mike, this recent events also reminded me of something else: Did you safely receive the package that I sent you. LOL I even forgot that I mailed it afterwards. Let me know if you received it and if you need any help in preparing the herbal recipes.

Get well soon and may God be with you.

If there is anyhting you need, remember, you have my number.


Yuri Orlov said...

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

I've moved to AVAST after using AVG from several years. Ditto on the other tools by drjim. Use PeerBlock for all P2P activities and to provide a bit of invisibility.

Anonymous said...

drjim is right--there are a bunch of great freeware apps that will prevent most bad stuff and they are easy to use. The ones he mentioned are some of the best. To prevent intrusion, ZoneAlarm firewall is good too (hate Windows Firewall-not customizable enough and you can't easily lock the Internet manually). The key is to KEEP software UPDATED!

Whatever has infected you has probably disabled your existing AV program. First, download Malwarebytes at and run it to clean up the system.

Then, get and install AVG 9.0 Free version. AVG can be downloaded at

save to your desktop, then double-click to install. Be sure to update it.

If you already have anti-virus installed, you'll need to get malwarebytes to kill the current bug(s). Turn off your existing AV program, then run MWB. Then, restart your machine, run MWB again until it shows a clean system. Turn your AV program back on and update it. Should be good to go.

Glad you're feeling better. Too much important stuff left for you to do. You can't die on us just yet ;-)


thedweeze said...

Pain is weakness leaving the body, ya tough 'ol b@st@rd!!

Get better soon, hear? Don't make me drive up there...

Mathew Paust said...

If it ain't one thing it's another, eh? Glad you're doing better, Mike.

I had the skin thing for awhile this summer. Reaction to a diuretic in one of my medications. Made my skin hyperphotosensitive, or some such.

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

The scoots?
Is that why you are called "irregular"?

Old NFO said...

Glad to hear things are 'better' at least in a relative sense...

Anonymous said...


Drink some gatorade, or other electrolyte replacement if the docs say it is okay - beer actually works fairly well also...

Am not that familiar with all the programs drjim mentions but I use Spybot and CCleaner to check the system every now and then. Run Ad-Aware all the time.

Used to use AVG but with version 8 it got too intrusive and made a noticeable impact on my computer's performance. The others like Avast are the same, plus can't be turned off and that's a real bother to me as I only want an AV program running when I am on-line - I put my data on a external drive which is disconnected while on-line.

First thing to do with a suspected virus infection is to do a Free on-line scan with a reputable site. Preferably one which will clean the problem as well as identify it. Some, even well know companies with a rep, act more like bait&switch scam acts. Don't take one site's word if they show multiple infections, check it with another especially if they want you to pay for the download to clean out what probably doesn't even exist.

Then run your scans with SpyBot, Ad-Aware, and finish up with your anti-virus program(s) of choice. Heck, it might even work...

take care;


Anonymous said...

Get well soon Mike, we need you.

Unknown said...

Mike, try AVAST anti-virus. It's free, and has worked great for me.

Dr.D said...

Your in our thoughts and prayers Mike.
get well soon and finish that book.


Happy D said...

Are you sure Waco Jim doesn't have a
Mike Vanderboegh voodoo doll?
Get well soon.

suek said...

AVG is the professional version. We have it at work and in that form, it's not free. The free version is Avast, and is available for home computers.

Also, you probably know already that Foxfire as your browser has fewer problems than IE.

I'm no expert, and also no linux person, but my son is...and has been preaching Linux to me for the last ten years or so. Due to Windows XP entering the "no support" phase, and the introduction of Windows 7, I'm entering the introduction phase to Linux. There's a new version of Ubuntu out, and I'm starting with that. With definite reservations. However, with the computer requirements for Windows 7, (1Gig Ram, 16Gigs of available memory), we either find another workable system, or have to buy about 4 new computers for our business. Another son of mine says upgrades to meet the physical requirements would be easy and not _very_ expensive. _very_ being the operative word here. So I intend to learn about Ubuntu - we'll see what develops. In the meantime, MalwareBytes and CCleaner are new to me...I'll check them out.

Jay Stang said...

Do you have the scoots or the squirts?

RJMcKee said...

Mike, we've been praying for you. It just wouldn't do for you to leave us with Absolved unfinished LOL. Seriously we're all glad our "voice" is better!

MamaLiberty said...

Excuses, excuses... LOL Can't wait to get my hands on that book!

Bless your heart. Be well, and we'll try to curb our impatience. :)

Love ya!

monkeyfan said...

Looking forward to your speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Here's an analogy for you: Windows is an unarmed populace that refuses to learn better, and antivirus is law enforcement. Some law enforcement is honorable and will help you out. Some law enforcement is outright thieves. Much of law enforcement just wants the status quo to continue, with them staying on top. They might help you out..some...if it's convenient for them.

The informed user rejects that whole ecosystem and uses Linux, which has a self-defense philosophy permeated through everything.

The Packetman said...

I'm with anonymous ..... get away from Windows, and try Linux.

I use Ubuntu ..... and have no viruses! The Ubuntu discs are 'live' ones, and you can try the operating system out without installing.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Mike.
Daniel K Day