Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Two things: My faithful Gateway is dead. And, I need some help replacing it.

My faithful Gateway is dead, aged 7 years, two months. May it go it IT heaven in reward for its faithful exertions on our behalf.

Unfortunately, I lack the resources to replace it. Fortunately I have a good friend who has offered to do so.

However, this man has already done too much. He would say not, but he has, and that's the truth. (His contribution in time, effort and money to the cause of the Three Percent is incalcuable. For example, because he believed it important, he fronted the money necessary for plane tickets to fly some other folks to the 12 September march, paying for the hotel room as well. Not because it helped him, but because it was needed. I quit trying to keep track of his monetary contributions to the cause some thousands ago.) In a sane world, he would have a statue raised to commemorate his contributions to the restoration of the Republic. But this is not a sane world and all he expects is a quicklime bed in some anonymous ditch. He may not deserve it, but that's the way to bet.

I have also been the embarrassed but grateful benficiary of other Threeper's generosity over the years (for example, the Gateway was a gift that enabled me to begin writing again because another friend thought it important.) Most recently, a Threeper arranged the repair of my Blazer's starter without solicitation on my part.

I cannot tell you how humbled I am by folks' generosity when they have understood a need. I have never solicited funds before and frankly am ashamed that I am now. But, I am on diasability and though my wife works, she previously was required to take a cut in pay so our means barely make our needs and not at all when there is a sudden expense.

And, unless Absolved is successful beyond my expectations, I will be unable to pay anybody back. In anycase, I will finish the book on a donated laptop, but it too has reliability issues and I'm holding my breath.

My friend says it is a matter of splitting the last MRE in the foxhole, and if I had the means I would do it for him. Which is true, but beside the point.

So, I'm asking. I know it is terrible timing, with Christmas and in the middle of a depression that bodes only to get worse, but if anybody has a couple of bucks they can forward to me so I can give to him to make up part of the expense of the new computer I would be ever grateful.


PS: Any donations should be sent directly to me, at PO Box 926, Pinson, AL 35126, and I will see that he gets it in person. If there is an overage, it will be applied to the cause in some other way, and not to anyone's personal benefit. This I swear before God. -- MBV


Anonymous said...

$20 check en-route as soon as I get home.

johnnyreb said...

Mail will be sent tomorrow.

Stephen said...

email inbound.

Anonymous said...

get yourself a cheap used Dell of of ebay for ~$50. If you can afford more, then get yourself a box from or, there you purchase a reasonable PC with Linux installed.


Anonymous said...

Can you use or are you will to learn how to use Linux or FreeBSD? I have many lappys but am unwilling to curse anyone with the windows experience.

Anonymous said...

I'm on the road. I'll put a $100 check in the mail to you when I get home. No later than Fri.


spitnyri said...

If you have an extra pc laying around you can add a NIC card or two and install open source software like IPCop or PFSense that is free and will get you online quick with some decent protection.

aughtsix said...

As usual, your analysis is spot on.

I would if I could but, the season and the wife in the hospital (among many constraints), preclude my financial contribution.

However, I can offer all the huzzahs I can toward completing, publishing and S.E.L.L.I.N.G. "Absolved" asap.

Print it, and they will buy.

All the best, Mike, and thanks a million... Liberty Notes!

drjim said...

Mike, if you need a new PC I'll build you one. Intel Dual-Core, decent video, big hard-disk, DVD/CD burner, Windows XP SP3, and all the updates and all the anti-malware stuff I install for my customers.
It will take about a week from your go ahead, and probably another week to get it shipped to you.
Just let me know.

Anonymous said...

If I'd known you'd need a computer, and knew you were in Columbus at T'giving.... I'd have given you one... (LOL have way too many).. but too late now... remember openoffice give you all the functionality of m/s office and its free (

JDW aka jeepster

Doc Enigma said...

Check your email....

Anonymous said...


Check is on the way. It's not a donation, it's an investment in The Republic.

Paul III

Anonymous said...

Let me riffle through the dusty corners, balance the checkbook, and see what I can do.

Checks ok? Made out to Mike Vanderbough?

B Woodman

Anonymous said...


Here's a suggestion and an observation; the observation first: of course you have the means to pay everyone back so this isn't charity, altho charity among friends is fine.

Suggestion: simply make this an announcement of Advanced Book Sales. Then you finish the damn book and provide eBook copies to those who already purchased them... simple, eh?

The Benefit of being an Advanced Book Purchaser is that the Author, Mr. III-Per His-Own-Self, will make a personal dedication to said Advanced Purchaser in their copy of said eBook. For instance in my case you could write: 'To bacsi: God how I hate those arrogant self-important snake eaters who always have an god damn opinion they have to share. Give me a god damn leather-neck Semper Fi! anytime and not that damn tutu dancing De Exppresso Liver crap.' Most Sincerely; Mr. III-Per My-Own-Self, MBV.

So, set a price, post it, and let me make an Advanced Book Purchase...

The only down side would be if you kick the bucket before the book is finished. In that case all such funds received for Advanced Book Sales automatically become The MBV 'Mr. III-Per His-Own-Self' Funeral and Widow's Benefit Fund.

In any case, advanced sales makes this your income that you are Absolved from having to account or apologize to anyone for, its your money, you earned it.


Unknown said...

I've got a desktop which I will load with fresh XP pro, if you're interested. I'm local.

Anonymous said...

Do not feel bad Mike. This
makes me feel good to help, it won't be much but it is some. A signed book later would be great

The Allegory

III more than them said...

Check yer mail, bud.....

Anonymous said...

Good used/refurb laptops and PCs can be had at pacificgeek dot com. They even have warranty available for a little extra - more than worth it IMHO.

Also, if you post what's wrong -- does it need a HD? a power supply? I have parts...

Glad you're back, a little $ will be coming your way as well...

God Save Our Republic!!

shiloh1862 said...

A little something headed your way Brother.


Eagleclaw1 said...

Help is on the way Mike. I do appreciate all you do and contribute in fighting tyranny in America.

A side note sir. Please check out my myspace page. I started it on a thought 1 week ago and it has snowballed with 500+ real patriots & many many active duty Oath Keepers. Many finding me.

I am both humbled & proud to be a American, still knowing we have so many that will stand as 3 pers.

The best to you and yours sir and keep up the great work.

Mike Price/III
US Navy 77-83
Freeport TX

Anonymous said...

Hope you take checks....

On the way!


Anonymous said...

Yo! How about posting a name we can put onto a check? Not all of us are familiar with this blog enough to know all that.

Anonymous said...

2 things: first; I have an older dell laptop with a power cord issue, a replacement is under $50. I just havn't gotten around to it but I can't send it until I get home at the end of the month if you're interested. Second; I'll send you some cash on payday to help with replacement of you gateway.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the wonderful work that you have done on our behalf. I have sent you a little bit that should arrive on the 17th.
I hope it finds you and yours well and happy.


drjim said...

Mike, if you'd like to get a hold of me to discuss my offer of a new custom-built PC, my email is:
I've been building and repairing PC's since 1995, so I know my way around them, and only use high-quality parts.
I'd be more than happy to "Donate To The Cause".
Maybe besides a UMSC, we could have a UMIT?
Regards, Jim

MamaLiberty said...

Watch the mailbox...

Get a good one, Mike! And consider running Linux instead of Microsoft. It's a lot easier on both you and the machine. :)

Anonymous said...

Mike V. said:
> My faithful Gateway is dead, aged
> 7 years, two months. May it go it
> IT heaven in reward for its
> faithful exertions on our behalf.

Mike, I've got a couple of older desktop computers (but probably newer than your Gateway) that my family members have upgraded away from. Would be happy to send one your way if you think it would help. Let me know if you're interested by e-mailing dhj at excite dot com.

Regards and good luck,


suek said...

A couple of things not to be overlooked:

Freecycle (go to the main site and see if there is a reasonably local branch) People actually do give away computers - among other things!

Local schools that may be considering new computers

Craigslist, of course. Although this could be a bit risky...

If you can deal with it, consider the possibility of a linux users group in your area. They often have access to people's cast-offs that are then re-programmed with new linux operating systems. Means you can use older computers that have had their operating systems wiped clean. Linux doesn't have the same system requirements that Windows has - especially the new Windows 7...

Duane Suddeth said...

Mike, I don't have alot to give others because of my own family medical issues, but I do have an older laptop that works, albeit a bit slowly, and would not be put out by giving it to you as a xmas gift. just let me know.


dubber308 said...

What little help I can afford is on it's way.

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Check's in the mail.


Anonymous said...

And as promised in the first post, I dropped a $20 check in the mail this morning. :)

I suspect that you'll be able to buy a replacement desktop AND laptop with the funds already en-route, which is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Mike, do you have a Paypal (or perhaps Gunpal) acct?


triptyx said...

Mail outbound tomorrow. It's a darned shame to have you out of commission. :)

Carl Bussjaeger said...

My check is in the mail. Not as much as I'd like to send, but money is tight.

Anonymous said: "Suggestion: simply make this an announcement of Advanced Book Sales. Then you finish the damn book and provide eBook copies to those who already purchased them... simple, eh?"

Interesting thought... but I granted money to a freedom worker (not a loan or mere gift, Mike; if you feel an obligation, do someone else in need a favor). I demand my right to purchase Absolved.

Casey said...

Mike, we are in kind of the same situation in terms of the family income and our Gateway is 9 years old and on its last legs. Just in time though GoodWill advertised refurbished desktops for $100.00. If you have one local check them out.

typeay said...

It's in the snail mail.

Anonymous said...

I second the motion to simply announce this an "advanced book sale". You've done enough on "Absolved" that it WILL be completed. Go ahead and set a price - perhaps with a list of "contributors" or an autographed hard copy as part of the deal.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you generate cash - and it being the Christmas season, what better gift for one to buy another? Advanced sales get you into the Christmas buying surge - and making it an advance sale means you're not taking out of the gift-buying budget, you're contributing an option to add to the gift list.

I can think of at least three friends for whom I'd want printed copies.

Anonymous said...

How do I get a donation to you?


suek said...

Anonymous Tom...

Read the side bar. All of it. Slowly if necessary. Info is there.

To the Ebay suggestion...

Wow! I've bought stuff on Ebay, but never computers. Found one yesterday that was basically the same one I use for work...don't know how much it went for, but with 18 minutes left, it was at all of $30!! Plus $10 for shipping. From a nearly 100% approval seller! You really can't ask for much better than that!

Anonymous said...

I sent you a little something on Monday. You should see it by Friday at the latest.

Take care & Merry Christmas!


P.S. Finish the book!!!

Unknown said...

After hearing a lot of good reviews, I purchased a Dell laptop for $195 from lionoutlet 4 months ago. Laptop arrived after 10 days in one piece, outer casing had some scratches, LCD was fine.
Laptop slows down when running multiple programs, ie if I run instant messenger, facebook and other couple of the same websites at the same time. Laptop slows down. Otherwise works well. Let’s see how long the laptop lasts.

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