Friday, December 18, 2009

Doubling down on disaster. Are these guys crazy enough not to want re-election or do they have a "chaos theory" all their own?

"Off with their heads," said the Red Queen to Alice.


One of the things that I have been privately discussing with my friends is the origin of the Obamanoids' apparent self-destructive compulsion for doubling down on disaster -- hurtling head-long toward unpopular policies like the health care debacle and trying to push a business strangling cap-and-tax in the middle of: (a) economic collapse, (b) an email scandal that reveals the scamster scientists behind the discredited theory it is based upon, and (c) in the teeth of the worst winter in a decade. The polls by which these morons live and die are all showing the precipice of political death and yet they march in lockstep -- no RUN -- toward it.

It is as if the 2010 election means nothing to them.

So what do they know that we don't know?

At the top level, the string-puller's summit, these are not stupid people. They would not have arrived where they are by being stupid. Neither are they crazy, well, at least mostly.

So how does chaos benefit them? For it is chaos they sowing. Just watch what happens to our currency while they print it in trillions to monetize their appetite for debt. Do they have their own "chaos theory" that embraces their own political, economic and moral defeat?

Read the story below. I'll have more comments on the other side.


Environmental Blackmail

The Obama administration’s EPA ruling is an attempt to force Congress’s hand.

by Max Schulz

16 December 2009

Typically, when a law is passed or a regulation proposed, its champions believe that the action will be beneficial to society. But that’s not the case when it comes to steps that the Obama administration took last week, when Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson issued an “endangerment” finding that greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are harmful pollutants and therefore subject to EPA regulation under the Clean Air Act. Jackson issued the finding largely because the Obama team believes—or at least thinks that Congress believes—that EPA regulation of CO2 would be devastating to the economy.

The endangerment finding was designed to strike fear into the hearts of those worried about the economic harm of severe government action. The aim is to terrify industry and move public opinion to such a degree that Congress feels compelled to pass cap-and-trade legislation—no matter how economically harmful it would be—in order to pre-empt a much worse, EPA-imposed regulatory regime. It is, essentially, environmental blackmail.

Up to this point, Congress has seemed unwilling to pass global warming legislation, largely because of the perceived economic damage that would ensue. A 2007 MIT study suggested that cap-and-trade would cost the average American family $3,900 each year in economic losses and taxes. A more recent Heritage Foundation study reached a similar conclusion. Even candidate Obama said, “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” What Obama is saying to Congress today is: If you don’t pass cap-and-trade, which I have already acknowledged is costly, I’ve got something coming down the pike that will be even costlier. It’s a very cynical—and very risky—strategy.

United Nations climate chief Yvo de Boer explained the strategy to reporters in Copenhagen: “If I were a businessman, I would say, ‘Please, please, please do a deal in Copenhagen, and please, please, please make it market-based.’ Because if we fail to get a market-based deal here, and if the U.S. Senate fails to pass cap-and-trade legislation, then the EPA will be obliged to regulate. And every businessman knows that taxes and regulations tend to be a lot more expensive and lot less efficient than market-based approaches.”

An unnamed White House official was more explicit, telling Fox News, “If you don’t pass this legislation, then . . . the EPA is going to have to regulate in this area. And it is not going to be able to regulate on a market-based way, so it’s going to have to regulate in a command-and-control way, which will probably generate even more uncertainty.”

The Clean Air Act would indeed be a bad instrument for regulating greenhouse-gas emissions. The act and its subsequent amendments were designed to apply to pollutants harmful to human health, like nitrogen dioxide, lead, and sulfur dioxide. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant in the traditional sense; indeed, large concentrations are needed to make plants grow and to sustain life on earth. In passing later amendments to the Clean Air Act, Congress discussed but ultimately decided against including greenhouse gases like CO2, largely because of that distinction.

Despite the explicit nature of the act and its amendments, the Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 in a 2007 case not only that EPA could regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant, but that it had to do so unless it could come up with a scientific rationale for avoiding such action.

Still, that’s a pretty shaky foundation for wholesale federal regulation of CO2, especially when it’s not clear just how far government can go. The Obama administration prefers that Congress set the parameters of CO2 regulation, affording greater legal legitimacy and avoiding the legal challenges that would surely result from EPA action—to say nothing of the economic harm. The administration seems to grasp that, too, but claims its hands are tied. It’s obligated to move forward with CO2 regulations that apply in the same way as rules for other, more legitimate pollutants—unless, of course, Congress acts.

“When we think about the agency’s history, it’s always controlled air pollution—pollution coming out of a tailpipe or a smokestack,” said former EPA general counsel David Martella in an interview with Energy & Environment News. “This decision will give EPA the authority to regulate the energy going in to a process”—a much broader scope.

The new regulations would, in accordance with the Clean Air Act, apply to any entity with annual emissions of 250 tons or more. That’s a reasonable threshold when talking about emissions of particulate matter from a power plant’s smokestacks, but it’s laughably low for CO2. The average American household emits around 10-12 tons of CO2 per year, and an average commercial building or office building is likely to be responsible for more than 250 tons. As one former EPA official told me, “The potential impacts of this are mind-boggling. Any change to your facility, any modification, and virtually all new building construction would be subject to Clean Air Act regulation. We’re not just talking higher energy costs. It will be real economic chaos.”

All year long, Washington observers have expected that Congress would pass cap-and-trade, particularly because of the looming threat that EPA would issue the endangerment finding. But Congress didn’t take the bait. The House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill in June, but during the summer recess members in both houses were excoriated by their constituents over cap-and-trade and health care. The Senate punted, signaling that it won’t even consider a global warming bill in 2009—and 2010 is an election year, making it even less likely that climate-change legislation could win passage from this Congress. The threat implicit in the administration’s CO2 endangerment finding probably won’t change that legislative calculus. Acting to “save” the economy with a measure for which they’ll get flayed by voters is political suicide. Better to let President Obama take the blame for imposing the regulations.

Looking for a political hedge in the event Congress stands pat, the EPA made an important claim in announcing its finding: that the regulations will apply only to facilities with a minimum 25,000 annual tons of CO2, not the Clean Air Act’s stipulated 250 tons. The higher threshold would remove the suffocating blanket of regulation from many smaller enterprises, while keeping it firmly on power plants, refineries, and large manufacturing facilities. Such a threshold would likely prevent a complete economic meltdown, though the regulation would still impose considerably higher costs across the economy. There’s just one problem: the EPA has no legal authority to raise the threshold arbitrarily. If the agency is compelled to regulate CO2 under the Clean Air Act, as the Supreme Court suggested, then it is obligated to do so under the act’s terms.

Right now, proponents of greenhouse-gas regulation in the Obama administration are walking a fine line. They know that the proposal they prefer, cap-and-trade, will entail some economic drag. They also know that the course to which they presently are committed—EPA regulation under the Clean Air Act—threatens truly grave economic harm. Perhaps Congress will save them and choose the less damaging option, but that’s doubtful. Perhaps the courts will bail them out by allowing EPA’s arbitrary 25,000-ton threshold to apply. That’s doubtful, too.

The likeliest scenario? Chaos, here we come.

Max Schulz is a Manhattan Institute senior fellow.

MBV: The stated intention of the Obamanoids to bring up another amnesty bill after cap-and-tax will only rile the populace more, coming as it does in the middle of large unemployment. If you thought it was controversial when they brought it up when the economy was booming, how popular do you (or they) think it will be in 2010?

There are twin demonstrations called for DC in April. The first, on the 12th, was designed to be a tax protest. The second, on the 19th, is a Second Amendment-centered event. Both are about liberty -- something the Obamanoids are attacking daily root and branch -- and they will be LOUD. If you thought 12 September was big, wait until April. If things continue doubling-down toward disaster as they are, there will likely be five million protesters in DC over that week. They will SWAMP the capitol and be undeniable to the state-run media.

And how will the man-child president react when his poll numbers are in the twenties? Can we expect another Bonus March?

You've just got to wonder where this motivation to double down, and double down again, on political disaster comes from.

We are, it seems, truly through the looking glass now, where all the old political verities no longer apply. Get ready for the Red Queen.



Patrick Henry said...

"...Look for the UNION label...!"

If you strip a Dem congressman down, you'll find it tattooed across his backside, preceded by the words "Property Of...".

They promised their union masters that health-care would pass. The real motivation is simple: The unions are B-R-O-K-E and can't meet their obligations to their retirees. Passing it all off to the taxpayers saves the unions hundreds of billions of dollars.

Mark my words: Any pol who loses his seat over these debacles *WILL* step right into some union job somewhere -- most likely a "no-show" job like most other mafia crooks.

Cap & Tax? Soros and Goldman-Sachs own most of the "climate exchange" stock and have already dumped billions into "carbon credits" -- which will become WORTHLESS if it's not passed.

Amnesty for illegals is also a "must-pass" as it's the only way Dems can possibly keep a hold on power.

If they can jam through all of the above, they figure it will guarantee them control of the .gov for decades or centuries to come.

They're not thinking about *US*, however...

One more thing that should terrify everyone: The EPA just put out an order for Glock pistols - enough to outfit all their "agents" and employees -- just before announcing this extortionary pronouncement. Coincidence? Riiiiiight.

God help us - and God Save Our Republic!

Bill St. Clair said...

I still can't believe that a whole bunch of politically active gunnies are planning to converge on DC, unarmed. Trying to stage a repeat of the Bonus Army?

(I've been re-reading Unintended Consequences)

Anonymous said...

How does one post a comment? I spent a half hour discussing the issue of akienation of the voters; I submitted it crrectly, I think; and nothing came out the other end. The work simply disappeared.

Anonymous said...

They truly believe in themselves, and their will. Unfortunately, they are also clueless as to the true state of the Union, watch as they fly to yet another country to grovel and show absolute disrespect to OUR nation.

parabarbarian said...

A man's actions action are ultimately determined by the principles he uses to construct his world view. Obama's principles are those of the cannibal pot. Add in a massive dose of egomania and you have a leader who is willing to throw an entire civilization into the stew as long as he gets to distribute the fare.

Anonymous said...

All of the actions being taken by the Obamaroids and the Congress of criminals is designed to hasten a collapse.

They KNOW what the outcome will be.

They KNOW it will create public outcry and civil disobedience.

They KNOW it will bring down the economy.

They KNOW it may actually lead to an armed revolt.

They KNOW and they want it that way. They want it that way so they can declare an emergency and suspend the normal operation of our representative republic.

They aren't worried about losing elections in 2010 because they don't expect there to BE elections in 2010.

Please convince me that I'm wrong.


daniel said...

"The second, on the 19th, is a Second Amendment-centered event. Both are about liberty -- something the Obamanoids are attacking daily root and branch -- and they will be LOUD. If you thought 12 September was big, wait until April."

Restore The Constitution rally, April 19, 2010.

Location: A FIREARMS CARRY LEGAL LOCATOIN (TBD) AS CLOSE TO DC AS POSSIBLE. Most likely a National Park in Northern Viorginia.

Blog and networking site for event:

Like a bank about to foreclose on a hose when they "call the whole loan due," I say we recognize this crap and tax, Obamacare, and amnesty attepts as the last straws of unconstitutional law and call the entire US Constitution due in full. No compromises. I'd go to DC itself, but I'd like to be able to excercise my 2A rights as excercise my 1A rights.

Restore the Constitution.



Anonymous said...

Just watch what happens to our currency while they print it in trillions to monetize their appetite for debt.--MVB

Obama is generating poverty because Democrats typically gain the poor's vote. Obama is simply expanding his party's constituency.

This will better enable him to continuously deficit finance the Welfare State until he has brought the US economy to such depths that we can never again intervene to shape world history.

If America is truly The Great Satan, as most Muslims and many Democrats believe, why would it not be an worthy goal to seek its destruction through impoverishment?


W W Woodward said...

Apparently the EPA has "reasonable regulations" in mind that are intended to, by "due process", both punish and tax us for breathing and farting.

Illegal aliens will of course be exempt from regulation, by treaty.


brianF said...

Perhaps they are not planning on having those pesky elections??

Northwoods said...

I've been saying this since the first bailout protests fell on deft hears.

Exactly " What do they Know that we don't "!

When over 95% of their constituents screemed " NO, Don't do it "!

From the bailouts to the sezure of auto companys to Cap and trade to health care reform...and on and on!

They have done whatever they damn well please and to hell with whom they were elected to represent.

It is so blantantly obvious that they care nothing about the next election that I belive what they do know is there WILL NOT BE A NEXT ELECTION!!!

That is food for (some very scarey) thought people....

Anonymous said...

In Tom Clancy's book, Executive Orders, the scenario is that Iran has initiated a whole host of apparently disconnected attacks against American targets-including a biological attack. The ultimate aim is the conquest of the Saudi peninsula and all the oil. A similar question is raised in the book with the answer being along these lines;

They want to keep us out of business just long enough to achieve their aim and that once that's done and they're in power, whatever we do won't matter.


Obama's end-game is obvious. He and his gang intend to crash the entire system so that they can replace it with another one with themselves at the head.

The unelected and unaccountable have quietly set about to create as much instability and insecurity as possible. With their willing and silent lapdogs in the press, they set the trajectory to nose dive. This makes America react in horror and demand stability and security. And though Obamacrats will take action, pass laws, rules, and regulations that sound like they’re helping (like the freedom of choice/Card Check act), all of these only accelerate the decline.

They will do precisely enough to disguise their true feelings, intentions, and aims to stave off outright revolt/rebellion until the crash happens. After the crash, they will declare an emergency, place all authority in the executive, disband all pesky opposition, checks and balances, and outlaw all opposition.

And they think that once that happens, what they do won’t matter anymore because they hold all the cards.

How many realize that we’re on United Flight 93, right now?


Oldfart said...

"The aim is to terrify industry and move public opinion to such a degree that Congress feels compelled to pass cap-and-trade legislation—no matter how economically harmful it would be—in order to pre-empt a much worse, EPA-imposed regulatory regime. It is, essentially, environmental blackmail."

"ter-ror-ism (-iz'm) [Fr. terrorisme] 1. the act of terrorizing; use of force or threats to demoralize, intimidate, and subjugate, esp. such use as a politica weapon or policy 2. the demoralization or intimidation produced in this way..."

Pretty well shows us what kind of government we have these days. It also indicates what we're going to have to do to win this one.

Uncle Lar said...

Back in 2008 some of the more radical lefties were agonizing over the possibility that Bush and company would declare martial law and suspend the election if it didn't go their way. Ridiculous on the face of it, but it occured to me at the time that they feared most what they themselves would be capable of.
Never forget, their beliefs are every bit as important to them as jihad is to the RIF. And anything that forwards their agenda is fair game.
And the two things that keep them in check are our military who still swear allegiance to the country not the president, and us the well armed citizenry who will give in only so far and not an inch further.
So, crazy? Yep. But crazy like a rat cornered and about to be put down, so it would be foolish to turn our backs on them or count them out until we know they are down for good. And even then a wooden stake and quicklime couldn't hurt as a bit of insurance.

Anonymous said...

DC is high on massive quantities of an intoxicating drug called hubris... the walls of the leftists will come tumbling down if we simply KEEP UP THE PRESSURE.

Bob Katt

looking4aline said...

I am sorry, I think you missed the memo! The Senate is going to vote on the Health Bill on Christmas Eve! 800 Billion is needed by Fanny and Freddy BEFORE the Jan 1st! The dept cap was just raised by 1.8 Trillion this year so they don't need to do it NEXT year. The Immigration bill needs to be pushed through over the holidays this year not in 2010. C&T that is going to slide unless they can figure on a way to pass it in the middle of another emergency bill BEFORE the end of this year. And then the Copenhagen Treaty (or whatever they are calling it now) will tie all of this up in time for the financials to crash in the first quarter so we have a really bad emergency to hide under. Do you think they are going to let us get to April? Really?

They know we are out here. They know we are waking up to the fact that they planned and executed this mess to get control at any cost. They know we will be looking for justice so what are we missing? And it is going to be something big because not even a false flag here in the US will work at this point! It will be just another something big for use to put on account!

So again, what are we missing because they have something planned. And while you are at it, what did Clinton promise the Chinese to guaranty our dept? Lastly, What are all of the foreign troops we are hearing roomers about being brought in for?

There is not enough resources to prepare for part of this let alone what is coming....

sofa said...

His plan is simple. His pals always hoped for it and he was preached it for 20 years. Obama is damning America.

Will he put up a banner that says "Mission Accomplished"?

Moe Death said...

Obviously, I need more range time...

Anonymous said...

sofa said...
"His plan is simple. His pals always hoped for it and he was preached it for 20 years. Obama is damning America.

Will he put up a banner that says "Mission Accomplished"?"

Maybe not, but I'd bet he will one day raise a Muslim flag over the White House to show peace, tolerance and mutual respect.

Concerned American said...


I am not sure that a "whole bunch of politically active gunnies" will show in DC or its environs on 4/19, either unarmed or armed.

But there are plans for both:

2nd Amendment March on DC Confirmed for 4/19/10

UPDATE: Restore The Constitution 4/19/10 Open-Carry Civil Rights Demonstration - As Close To DC As Possible

If the Communists are silly enough to do a bad thing, you'll know what to do.

Mike III said...

We know those in power for what they are. We know their plans for our Republic.

And we know ourselves for what we are and what we will do, if forced, to defend our Republic.

That said:

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.
If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.


We will not be subjucated. We will not roll over in the face of tyranny. We will not allow our Republic to become a Socialist/Progressive state.

If our hand is forced by those in power, God help us all, as what will come next will be the undoing of all we hold dear.

And the blood that will be shed will be justified.

Mike III

straightarrow said...

Their intention is to have reason to forego the next election cycle. They can only accomplish that by goading us into physical conflict.

So, if we are goaded beyond endurance, then we should not allow ourselves to be placated by anything less than their total destruction. I mean this in the sincerest way.

aughtsix said...

After thoughtfully reading the original posting and all of the comments, I can only offer my total and heartfelt agreement with Straightarrow:

So, if we are goaded beyond endurance, then we should not allow ourselves to be placated by anything less than their total destruction. I mean this in the sincerest way.

Get your 'stuff' together, people.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with straightarrow. Once it begins, it goes till complete. No time outs, no quarter, stop when there is NO more enemy.

Anonymous said...

This analysis concludes or assumes that Congress will be boxed in, and able to do only one thing: pass Cap and Trade. What about other alternatives, like Congress amending the Clean Air Act to remove the EPA's authority over CO2? Or cutting the EPAs budget in half, or to zero? As with the wars everywhere, the Congress holds both the legislative and the purse strings, and can stop this on any day they choose to. If they choose not to, that is a decision you may hold them fully responsible for.

Don't spend your money on travel to a demonstration, spend it on night vision and thermal imaging gear that you've avoided as a luxury.

Of course there will be a next election. Even the Soviet Union had elections. Elections support propaganda claims that the people selected these particular elected officials from out of all adults in the country, and gave them a mandate. In the USSR, voting was mandatory, and there was one candidate. Soldiers made sure you voted the right way. Whereas here in the Union of American Socialist Republics, we always have several candidates, but sometimes they are frat brothers (Bush/Kerry). All viable candidates since JFK support the same national policies.

"Obama's end-game is obvious. He and his gang intend to crash the entire system so that they can replace it with another one with themselves at the head."

They already have a system with themselves at the head. Why change? All they have to do is keep boiling the frog and making you choose between obeying "the law", and a shallow grave. Historically, millions are intimidated enough to choose the shallow grave. Oooh, better not turn the heat up so the ice caps don't melt, and don't break any of those laws that prevent us from manufacturing, distributing, and imbibing inexpensive but effective modern medicines. Exposure helps flu turn into pneumonia, and you die, but there's no gas chamber to point to as a genocide mechanism. Walk the Trail of Tears without leaving your couch.

Anonymous said...

The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.
-- Vladimir Lenin

This has been the fate of the American taxpayer for a considerable while, though it appears the steeper region of the exponential debt/inflation curve is finally near at hand.

Perversely, the dollar may strengthen temporarily as Eurozone sovereign defaults loom, but the ultimate fate of the dollar appears sealed. It seems that even massive taxes and massive spending cuts would no longer suffice to stop the debt chain reaction, and you know massive spending cuts aren't in the cards unless the D.C. lamp posts grow heavy with carrion.

The elites that own and rule this country have got the rest of us by the balls financially. Left unopposed, they will tax and inflate and regulate us until we all have to stand in line for government cheese, lest our children starve.

Note that they are also grasping for control of food production. The FDA wishes to dictate whether and how you may grow crops and raise livestock on your land, for your own consumption, and whether you may provide it to your neighbor. There are reports of the FDA building SWAT-style capability of late. This all is coming under the guise of "consumer protection" of course -- safe food for our children. Do it for the children!

No money and no food --> the hungry masses will sign away everything, and it'll be "democratic" and "legitimate" no less.

But I get the feeling that open armed conflict between the government and the patriots is not yet in the cards. I think that they intend for us to get weaker and more desperate yet.

- the worsening predicament of ordinary people the world over
- the insolvency of many governments/bankers with their paper money
- the looming oil production crisis (especially on a per-capita basis)
- the diminishing ability of the dollar to pay for oil
- the new wheat rust strain that's already spread beyond Africa, and against which the current wheat varieties of the world don't do so well...

... I think that within a few years we will see international conflict and/or a real pandemic. (Rhetorical question: just how hard is it to breed/engineer an H1N1/HPAI A(H5N1) hybrid, when it's damn near happening on its own?)

Anonymous said...


A lot of angry people the world over, getting angrier, getting hungrier and colder as "global warming" sets in. Could well be too much for governments to handle. They need something that's an effective distraction, and that would diminish the threat to them from their own able-bodied male constituents.

War enriches certain plutocrats, and pandemic others. If the "health care" treachery is pushed through, perhaps it will be deemed that pharma will have had its fill at the taxpayer trough, and that it will once again be the turn of the military complex to dine.

That, and the need to sit on top of (or very close to) the 60% of world's oil reserves:

makes me suspect that the military option will feature prominently. (Oh, and how's about a draft to help with the devastating unemployment of the corporatocracy's own creation? Now we're talking!)

Lastly, as I conclude my disorganized spiel, I'd just like to mention the recent emphasis on drone aircraft procurement. Even the MSM reports that 30+% of military aircraft budget is going to UAVs.

This suggests to me that the conflict within our own borders, when it comes, will make heavy use of UAV surveillance and the terror of "death from above".

In the old days, to spread terror you'd send in Cheka in leather coats with broomhandle Mausers, or Gestapo with their Walthers, but nowadays why send in Brightfire or Alphabet Soup when you can have Indian customer service contractors retrained to play a video game of "put the crosshairs on the redneck"?

I'm being partly facetious, but the point is that, with this technology, they can have foreign contractors, living in a convenient time zone for night operations even, drop Hellfires on us. No conflicts of allegiance, no Oath problems, no OathKeepers stirring the pot, no chance of getting shot by a patriot rifleman on the way home.. just an office job for a foreign geek lighting up despised imperialist yankees 10 timezones away for a nice paycheck.

You might ask how many UAVs they're buying just this year, and the number is substantial. They will have lots more by the time things get rolling. I suspect the way to stop them will be to encourage the people in power here at home to change their mind and ground the UAVs.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe that voter demographics and entrenched power/political structures could possibly yield an election result that would put a stop to the madness.

Thus I see no reason for the PTB to fear the next election cycle. They might be lamenting the fact that economic hardship makes illegals' amnesty less palatable, worried that they would lose more support than they would otherwise gain. But fear the election.. I just don't see it.

I suspect the political machinery will simply excrete new stooges with fresh faces for seats where people clamor for "a change from The Change", but that behind closed doors it'll be business as usual.


Anonymous said...

I used to be torn between the prospect of government thugs kicking down my door to get my guns and memeber of the dependent class kicking down my door to get both my guns and my food once they discover that the government can no longer give them the things they have been told forever that they are entitled to.

Well, now I think it possible that these Obamoids are in fact trying to have it both ways. How better to finally subdue all of us than to pitch the have-nots against the rest of us in armed struggle, hold the military on their bases feeding them the MRE's and then when the time is ripe, swoop in to pick up the pieces.

That sound about right to you?

Anonymous said...

"No money and no food --> the hungry masses will sign away everything, and it'll be "democratic" and "legitimate" no less."

Isn't there a Bible story about the populace selling themselves into slavery to Pharaoh for food, after Pharaoh taxed their grain in previous years enough to prevent them from saving for lean times? It worked 4,000 years ago; it will work today, if you let it.

"But I get the feeling that open armed conflict between the government and the patriots is not yet in the cards. I think that they intend for us to get weaker and more desperate yet."

Enforcers going house-to-house is an obvious and straightforward problem to object and react to. Much more effective to get additional taxes collected off the paycheck by the employer. Then tax victims have to not only fight the enforcers, but also change the employers. How many big employers are willing to accept the exposure as overt tax protestors? Atlas may need to shrug merely to escape the chains of withholding.

"How better to finally subdue all of us than to pitch the have-nots against the rest of us in armed struggle [...]"

...while law enforcement picks off anyone who fights back too effectively. Britain is already doing this, today. Any excuse to kick your door down works, it doesn't have to be a general gun confiscation. Maybe you're on a no-fly list and can't have guns. Maybe you are a suspected tax cheat, or a financial tracking evader. Whatever. As long as you are willing to not fight back while they kick your door down and then put you in the camp, it works.

Anonymous said...

"The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.
-- Vladimir Lenin

Total up all the policies and mechanisms you are going to have to actively evade, to avoid being ground up. If you do all that you are a de-facto anarchist, aren't you? The German Jews had to choose between becoming anarchists and becoming dead, and millions failed that test. Don't let your everyday honesty and sense of fair play be used against you. They aren't honest and they aren't playing fair.

Toastrider said...

Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.

As noted above, if the EPA gets too pushy, Congress may just opt to yank their leash. Remember that even Democrats have actual sentience (even if they don't always show it) and they might resent this little body-check attempt. And that's assuming the Chamber of Commerce doesn't get involved.

Now, as far as Copenhagen goes? More like 'total fail'. India and China just walked out. Obama's promising $100 billion, but I can promise to grow wings out of my arse; doesn't mean it'll happen. I seriously doubt anything of note will come out of Copenhagen, especially in light of the damaging email/data leak at CRU.

Health care. Problematic, but Obama's Chicago-style politics aren't winning him any friends. Now people are getting very ugly with Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman, and that's the sort of thing that can come back to haunt Harry Reid. Even Obama's vaunted charm hasn't won over Nelson. I worry most about this one, myself, as it's blatantly obvious Reid and Obama are trying to find Nelson's price (I would find it immensely amusing if they did, only for him to sabotage the bill anyways. Would serve them right).

A columnist (who I can't recall right now) said it best: the Dems have put themselves in a tight spot. Push through healthcare bill, hand every Republican candidate ammo for 2010 and on. Don't push it, and their leftist vote detonates.

Go all out, suspend voting entirely? Well, he /could/, but as Obama has little rep with the military and he hasn't pushed through enough gun bans to make it safe for him, I'd say that's a very long shot to retain power. Not to mention the prospect of many states going 'Uh, no.'

Anonymous said...

Why go right to the edge of DC? Just do it. Not to be provacaturish and all but what has following laws got us? What are they going to do? mow down 2-3 million ARMED citizens.

Only fools would allow the repeat of another bonus army incident.

Somehow this sounds eerily familiar to an incident that happened in Boston 200 years ago.

AvgJoe said...

I have pointed out here in my comments that they seem to act like the next two elections are not going to be a problem for them. What does this mean? It means they "may" know something that we don't know. Or they know that something is going to happen and have been told do not worry about the elections because they will not be happening. If and that is an if because I have zero inside information. However I'm pretty good at reading situations and seeing the most obvious. A false flag will not work, too many are up to speed with that dirty trick. There is only one thing that they have that will shut down the elections, should this be the agenda. They will bug us and do bio-containments shutting down cities by the hundreds.
Keep your ears and eyes open to a bio release because thats the only ace in the hole that will play their game.

skybill said...

Hi all,
Like "Moe Death" said,"Obviously, I need more range time...." Me too! The sound of "Gimmie Shelter" is playing on my radio, I load a clip and take aim at a tin can on the board out past the shed,...I put the pumpkin on the post and think to my self,"'s just a shot away!!!....Practice, practice!!" "POW!!" and a tin can flips up into the air as the round hits it.


Anonymous said...

Dems or RINOs - it's a false dichotomy as they're cut from the same rotten cloth. We have a de facto single-party state with two competing propaganda departments.

So if D.C. Dems happen to falter due to the "health care" debacle, color me unimpressed, as the void will largely be filled by more bastards.

The one political change I am hoping to see is the election at the state level of folks willing to stand up for States' Rights.


Anonymous said...

From a recent WRSA post:

The reality is FAR worse than that. Because if there was a mysterious "they" out there getting together in little cabals, we could do something about that.

But while we spend our time and our energy throwing tea-parties and thinking that all we have to do is to simply get the message out loudly enough, we are missing the essential nugget.

A nugget that no pundit is willing to address.

And that nugget is that the non-productive electorate now outnumbers us, the productive minority of the nation. We have passed the tipping point where voting and protesting and educating no longer helps us any more, because the oppressive majority knows exactly what they are doing to us, and laughs at our efforts to free ourselves with posterboard.

This is a point I've been making for a long time now. 50% don't pay income taxes, but they vote! TPTB are increasing the size of this stratum of society in several ways:
- importation and breeding, via unchecked immigration and child-indexed entitlements
- impoverishing (Lenin's millstones) the middle class to the point of joining the gov't cheese line
- undermining the family, and turning the education system into a factory for emasculated indoctrinated serfs

It looks to me as though, on the national level, they already have enough redistribution-seeking voters to keep the rapists of the middle class in D.C. permanently. And if they're not already there, it's right around the corner as the demographic trend makes abundantly clear.

Thus, as per the above quote, our efforts to free ourselves with posterboard are indeed laughable.

The only potential solution which doesn't involve civil war, to my neuronally-challenged mind anyway, is to use States' Rights (in the right thinking states, of course, not California!) to protect at least partially from the confiscatory effects of mob rule as exercised via federal channels. Then there's secession (seems rather unlikely, at least given today's relative calm).

And to avoid holding, and transacting in, USD, to stay off the taxation radar in both the IRS and inflation sense.

I think, at this late stage in the game, the federal level is a lost cause to any recourse save for revolution.


Phillip Sandusky said...

Doubling down is a new thing in a president when the bet is this evil, that evil, or both. The union's mantra is becoming more and more, "Workers Unite," a sign of socialism at its finest.

I personally believe that Obummer is seeking to destroy the Republic. How better to do it than to crash the currency under loads of debt? Destroy the Republic and replace it with the Worker's Party. The United Socialist States of Amerika,USSA.