Saturday, December 26, 2009

Praxis: Random Thoughts on Previous Praxi.

OK, folks the comments on Monday's "Praxis: Improved M16/M4 Magazine Followers and Springs" are now closed. The comments turned into an insulting pissing match over the merits of the AK versus the AR. There are merits to both side's arguments but I am not going to referee the bout here. It is like arguing religion. To each his own. Like religion, I have my own opinions. They should be obvious to anyone who has been paying attention to what I have been writing over the years, but I am not arrogant enough to believe that my solution must be adopted by everyone else. Like religion, the proof will be in the end result. Until then, stop shouting insults about it on my blog, please.

Now, that said, my son Matt has some opinions on the magazine question:

Here is my .02 USD's worth on the question of Mags. I have not seen a significant difference between 50$ HK steel mags and well cared for USGI mags.

The spring is the key here as is the follower. CMMG makes a juggernaught of a spring for a pricey 6$. But as most malf's from those beloved M4geries come from the damned magazine, it is an investment.

Please see the link below.

Description from CMMG site:

CMMG Braided Wire Replacement Spring

CMMG braided wire replacement spring. Combined with the CMMG SSAT follower, CMMG's braided wire spring delivers AK reliability in an AR15 mag. Spring gives 40% additional pressure over standard USGI springs. Nano-ceramic coating protects against salt spray for 400+ hours. This will be the last spring ever needed! Braided wire springs are run max length and may be customized by cutting of 1-3 coils. This ensures optimum performance for those running mags fully loaded or downloaded.

Matt also has this comment on canteens:

Not a whole lot I can add to the canteen praxis. Not being one who is a slave to gear trends (okay maybe I am, what's it to you?), as my division goes back to Iraq I have seen one new item for hydration that has become in vogue for soldiers who are sick of the Camelbak. Blackhawk produces a mini Camelbak that you mount on the side of the IOTV (or rack). As jumping in and out of vehicles can pop a bladder if you are not careful, this is seen as a better alternative. I will stick with my old OD canteen as it is the same principal but I certainly see the utility in a side mounted bladder.,893,1407.htm

From the Blackhawk website:

These hydration pouches were designed for those missions where you don’t need or want 100oz of water on your back. They hold 40oz each, and can be mounted anywhere on a vest or pack with S.T.R.I.K.E./MOLLE. Originally designed by warfighters to mount on their sides during vehicle ops, they are adaptable to almost any hydration need. Carry more than one and use our patented quick disconnect to switch tube from one to another.

Mount on side, back, front or on a pack with our patented speed clips

Drink system protected by Microban® antimicrobial technology

Market-proven bite valve and patent pending quick-disconnect system

New quick disconnect bite valve that allows back filling through delivery tube (requires 26FV0000)


III more than them said...

I hear ya. In our group, we may make fun of differing weapons choices on occasion, but in the end we WORK TOGETHER to make sure that, whatever the choice one makes, he is SUPPORTED. Some things work better mentally for some guys and gals, and if it can be made to work, then why the hell not? I'd rather have a group that can team-up and man-up with a hodge-podge of weapons than some monolithic collection of piss ants that are more effective at berating each other than engaging a threat.

Good Lord in Heaven above... does BROTHERHOOD mean anything???

Sean said...

Mea Culpa, oh mighty Dutchman 6. Brotherhood? I got five brothers, and only three are worth a damn. Yeah,III more than them, I hear you. You are right. III.