Thursday, December 17, 2009

Many thanks and an update.

Forgive me, folks, for not posting even though I have been on the net again with a borrowed computer since yesterday morning. I went to the doctor yesterday after posting the Eric Fisher Wood story for a post-hospitalization check-up. I still have not quite got the hang of the med changes they made, so I have been feeling more than a little under the weather.

Insofar as all your kind donations to the computer fund have been, I must say I am overwhelmed. We will be able, with the money and equipment that has arrived or will be here in the next couple of weeks, to have some needed redundancy so that if one computer goes down we will not miss a beat on the blog.

As for Absolved, I am tweaking the final chapters now. Also, tomorrow or the next day, you will be treated to a new chapter, Chapter Thirty Two.

I want to go back to the subject of the donations because they really overwhelmed me. One fellow sent four singles and 4 quarters taped to a Christmas card with the notation, "All I can afford, but it's yours." I must confess I thought of the widow's mite and about burst into tears right there in the post office.

Everyone who donated will get an autographed copy of Absolved (or two or three or more, depending upon how much they sent). Again, I cannot thank you enough.

God bless you all.



Ex Pluribus Unum said...

Hang in there. Two years ago this week, having been diagnosed with cardiomyoathy and a bad aortic valve, I had a heart attack. I had been told I needed open heart surgery for valve repair when my heart was strong enough. Three days later, I had a full arrest in a chemical stress test, they saved my thankful ass and shipped me next morning to the OR. They gave me an incidental bypass, oopsed somewhere in the process, and 20 transfused units later or so, I had a left-sided motor stroke. They shipped me to rehab where it took me six weeks of battling atrial fibrillation and learning to walk etc all over again. I left with wheelchair, walker and leg brace, none of which I need. I got a $55K Porsche in my chest to keep me tickin properly. A year later, I walked my daughter down the aisle and danced at her wedding. Keep on keepin on.

III more than them said...

Mike, you're doing important work, and these people that have come forward must feel a measure of peace knowing that they have put something into the effort. It's good to see people helping people. Kinda rare these days.

Gents, along with the current support, I'm sure Mike will covet your prayers, as well. We're nothing without the blessings of God.... just so much sound and fury blowing in the wind.....

Anonymous said...


Hope you get the meds issue squared away soon, and am looking forward to the next Absolved installment. I'm overseas and the best way to get a check to you is by having someone in the States put a post office money order in the mail. Look forward to my autographed copy. Hell, if you are not careful you might become a known successful author - altho I will still give odds that you either are one already writing under the monkier of Johnny, or you certainly have a twin out there in who has been banging out military sci-fi on a word processor for years.

take care;


Happy D said...

Look after your health Mike. We worry.

triptyx said...

Hope you feel better bud.

Autographed copy or not, I'm still buying an extra or two for sending to family and loaning to like minded friends.

Edwin - it's stories like yours that really make me cringe at the thought of Obamacare, and the dearth of such stories the implementation of such will cause.

Sean said...

Hell, I'm not worried about you, you're too damned curmudgeonly to slip over to the other side. Besides, when hell yawns before you, the best thing to do is, smile back. None of that "times' winged chariot hurrying near", stuff, for you, or me. Yeah, my health ain't exactly swell either, but when the hell was it ever? I'll keep my eye on the loyal opposition, as they pretend to govern, and I pretend to obey. See you at the top. III.

Uncle Lar said...

Spend most of 2009 dealing with a bout of prostate cancer myself, so I know some of how you feel. Just consider myself fortunate that I was able to slip a little something in an envelope for you.
Had a radical prostatectomy in August and am testing clean since, so far so good, time will tell.
You take care of yourself. You are needed here yet for a while.

Anonymous said...


It was a pleasure. Your work means so much to some of us out here who don't have the same gifts as you to convey thoughts and ideas. We appreciate you standing up for us and I for one am honored to be able to do something small to pay you back for your service to the community.

Make sure you take care of yourself!

God Bless and Merry Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

One autographed copy will be enough, AT COST. No freebies. Just keep us informed, as you continue to do.

Thanks for your continued hard work.

B Woodman

suek said...

You really should find out how to put a paypal link button on your site somewhere. You don't need to push it, but if it's there, it would make it easy for those so inclined to contribute to the cause.

Much easier than checks etc...

Ahab said...

Hi Mike,

Eleven years ago I was in the throes of heart failure, severely blocked arteries at the heart muscle. I needed immediate surgery, or be dead within hours. Friends helped, and I'm good to go. When you are in need, remember always, you have friends in low places who will help. That's why I was very glad to be able to support your need for new computers. You are needed much more than I was needed, so be sensible with your work schedule and do what your doctors advise, reactions to the meds notwithstanding. Take them! Eventually, the medicos will get the balance corrected, and you too, will be good to go!

A friend in low places,

j said...

Does it strike anyone as odd that most of us seem to be the 'walking wounded' of latter years? I guess stuff happens when we grow older, but it IS ironic that a lot of us would never make a forced road march.... but we can still manage to hit eight inch circles at 400 yards.... so that may still be a useful skill ;o)
- parapacem -
<< Blogger still dislikes me enough to not let me post the normal way. waaah. >>