Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jonathan Kay’s Hoplophobia Forged by Bigotry, Ignorance and Hysteria

Jonathan Kay of Canada’s National Post is weighing in on America’s “gun culture”. Before asking what in Hades a Canadian could know about the subject, know that he spent two years studying the conspiracist subculture on his way to authoring Among The Truthers, so his current polemic, America’s firearms culture forged by paranoia, racism and civil rights unrest, is based in part upon that experience.


robins111 said...

Kay is a moaning libtard from one lf Canada's formerly center right newspapers. They are still in shock after 10+ years of conservative government. Something apparently isn't right in their world. Don't be too upset.. Anti-American spew is the default setting in most Canadian lefty minds.. Followed by Anti-Israel

Sean said...

He's not a hoplophobe. He's another ass faced Canadian shooting his mouth off about something he will never understand, and that is absolutely none of his business.Confronted with reality, people like him retreat to the supposedly safe haven of cowardice.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
'Ol J.K. here looks like he's buckin' for another Michael A. Bellesiles academic excellence in fraud award!! Bellesiles was a History Prof. at Emory Univ. who got "defrocked" by the Univ. for fraud in his book "Arming America." The battle against fraudulent information is constant and ongoing. One writer commented on Bellesiles something to the effect of like how much fraud does one have to commit before even the anti-second amendment left stops quoting you??
Got Gunz??,

Anonymous said...

How can a 'subject' of the Crown ever understand the mindset of free Citizens!