Sunday, August 17, 2014

A factoid CNN ISN'T reporting.

A Witness Conversation Unknowingly Captured at the Scene of the Ferguson Shooting is a Game-Changer


Phelps said...

It's not the game changer it's being made out to be. (I speak jive.) It's entirely consistent with all the other witness reports. He is not saying that Brown charged or even advanced in any significant manner. He says that the cop shot him in the back, while the cop was leaning over the truck, and that Brown turn around to face the cop, and the cop shot him some more.

It's still a bad shoot.

Anonymous said...

Along with this are the pictures themselves. He has no shots in his back. He fell TOWARD the police vehicle rather than away from it. If he chest shot nine times quickly, even being large, he would have fallen backward.

Holder, crump and crew are intentionally delaying the autopsy - why? We know why they tried to get the video of the robbery hidden!

How about this? He only got shot ONCE and that happened when he treated that cop just like that store keeper. Through his arm and into his chest maybe?

If the autopsy shows he want "gunned down like a dog in the street" then what will Holder do? Just delay it all indefinitely? Let me know how that works out.

Oh and then maybe seeing folks will realize the REAL goal here - supplanting the elected office of sheriff with executive branch tools called state police.

Toastrider said...

Er, with respect Anon, a person who dies/loses consciousness while standing falls -forward- due to the way the body's center of gravity works. Yeah, there's the kinetic impact, but it's not like he was being shot with 12 gauge slugs.

Still, I can't help but feel like Dad does about the Alabama/Auburn game. 'Can't both sides lose?'

Anonymous said...

Claire Wolfe, JPFO: "Oh the things
We Choose Not To See":

whatever you think of the death of
Michael Brown, the Ferguson and St.
Louis police changed a tense situation
into a disaster; photos of full on
"military" action.

This is from memory; it's better in
the original

Average Moke said...

Well, The National Guard has just been called in so good job looters! Much appreciated. The autopsy has also been released and all shots were from the front, so there goes the "shot in the back while running away" narrative.

T. Paine said...

I'm just still waiting for the leadership of the black community to explain why brown was fighting with the cop. I mean after all, he is being portrayed as good boy who loved his mama and was headed off to college, right? So WTF was he doing fighting with the cop? Who does that? Oh....criminals? Maybe someone that just robbed a store? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ya fall forward when her running away. Uh huh.

Talking heads doing their best across channels though I've heard "shot at least six times" over and over yet only ONCE did I catch that only THREE "bullets" were found in the first autopsy. It's unclear yet if those were complete or just pieces.

Additionally, the heads are working TEAL hard to claim the arm wounds show that his hands were UP while saying there was no gunpowder residue on the body - all while this ME has admitted having NO ACCESS to clothes! So then, why play this game unless propaganda is it's name?

Ok, maybe he was shot more than once as I first felt in my gut but I'm sticking to its feeling closely anyway. He wasn't gunned down running away, shot in the back. A struggle in the vehicle and shooting there seems proven and it's certainly looking still like a thug acted like a thug and got what thugs get.

I'm still betting he wasn't actually shot 6 times.

Darkwing said...

Bad news: I saw the video on CNN this morning, I wonder if FOX will play it??