Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More black-robed lawlessness -- in the courtroom of Triskelion

Maryland Judge Robert Nalley ordered officer to shock defendant in court.


Robin said...

I thought that most laws concerning electric shock prohibit its use as a compliance tool. To me, it sounds like the judge committed an aggravated assault in the courtroom. Does judicial immunity apply in this case? If so, what prohibits any judge from assaulting anyone in the courtroom?

Anonymous said...

We've been saying for some time that the courts are controlled by tyrants and this really illustrates our point. Why did this brainless court officer even follow those directions? ..This judge should be stripped of his robes (now we know why they're black) and never allowed in a courtroom, except to be prosecuted, again. At this rate how long will it be before we have prison ships off the coast where our people can die en mass from disease and never even see a trial?

Anonymous said...

Robert C. Nalley
Birth date: sept 1943

Wife: Lynn Rees Nalley, Age 63

(301) 934-3676

6225 Burford Place, La Plata, Maryland