Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Rise of Progressive Oligarchy

But what if Pelosi was simply saying what she believed to be true and acknowledging what ruling class Americans think about their non-ruling class counterparts? Namely, that there are people like Pelosi, the highest-ranking female politician in American history, who get it, and people like Marino, merely a second-term congressman from “gun- and religion-clinging” northeastern Pennsylvania, who don’t.


Anonymous said...

and THAT is why there is a 4GW list!

Plinker said...

Mike -- thanks for turning my attention to Corbin and Parks. I knew of their web site but am embarrassed to admit that up to now I hadn't really paid it much attention. That has now changed.

Anonymous said...

A movie from 1954 called "The Bamboo Prison" has the Chinese captors of American troops in the Korean war and are trying to convert them to full blown communists. They know some Americans are already sympathetic to communism and the Chinese referred to them as "PROGRESSIVES". So in 54 some understood exactly where "progressives" were coming from. I think they should be called "backward-ives" or something similar that would more readily identify them as not going in advance, but actually in reverse for mankind.

Paul X said...

"to frame the Founding as a grand enticement, if not quite a crime, and the founders as crafty oligarchs, if not quite criminals."

Well, this is not such a far-out claim. Half the population were suspicious of the "founding lawyers", and opposed the 1787 convention. Patrick Henry "smelt a rat".

The REAL founders, like Patrick Henry and Sam Adams, were not crafty oligarchs. But those in the 1787 convention? Hamilton? Yeah, I think they were.