Thursday, August 14, 2014

"They are all crazy and the sooner the government gets rid of them the better."

When I posted this link earlier today here I failed to read the comments. They do make instructive reading.


Anonymous said...

Lawks-a-mercy missy - them foaming at the mouth dumbcrappers are the biggest danger to the country!

The 1st amendment is so useful - lets them flap their mouths and reveal their true violent intentions.


Oregon Hobo said...

Left a comment. We'll see if it makes it past moderation.

Oregon Hobo

Anonymous said...

You have to Give Bill Ayers and company their due for destroying the education system in this country. Words of wisdom emanating from the basements of leftist parents. When the fighting starts, bags of poop lose.

Carl Stevenson said...

The problem is that 90+% of people in the teaching profession are leftist sheeple who reject the idea of self-defense as "barbaric."
Until being trained and armed to protect their charges is part of their certification/job description, they will, by and large, refuse and express revulsion at the thought.
Fine, let them find another occupation. I'd like my grandchildren to be looked after by custodians who can and will protect them, as I would if they were in my care.

Anonymous said...

I also am curious if my comment will make it past moderation, since I pointed out that BOTH CT and NY are currently dealing with the backlash of laws which essentially state "tell us if you own a gun like 'this' so we can take it away from you when we want to, or we'll take it away from you now" kind of ran counter to their claim that nobody was even trying to confiscate people's guns.

Anonymous said...

"The Three Percenter Club’s founder, Mike Vanderboegh"

It's been a club all this time and I didn't get my membership card?

What gives, Dutchman!


Radio Patriot said...

"We don't want yellow cowards in the army. They should be killed off like flies. If not, they will go back home after the war, goddamn cowards, and breed more cowards. The brave men will breed more brave men. Kill off the goddamn cowards and we'll have a nation of brave men."

-- Gen. George S. Patton, in his speech to the Third Army.

I buy that.

Maxwell said...

Anyone who says, in effect,"You're just a bunch of republican tea-party racists who want to kill people", and then IN THE SAME SENTENCE calls for your summary execution, can't be reasoned with.
Anyone whose posts they won't visit your website because it's just a bunch of lies designed to deceive people and spread lies, and cannot see the hypocrisy inherent, isn't worth wasting time on.
Fuck 'em. Let them burn.