Monday, November 5, 2012

Another whole alternate universe heard from. Lying sack of excrement and government monopoly of force advocate Josh Horwitz conflates "The Window War" with my novel.

Josh Horwitz's Perfect World: A Government Monopoly of Violence.
On Eve of Election, Pro-Gunners Suggest Building IEDs for War With U.S. Government
I'll have more on this later.


Vegas Dave said...

I thought it portrayed you in a very positive light, so congrats are in order

Anonymous said...

That article made my day, its good to hear the "loyalists" and "tories" are terrified that not only do we have black "assault weapons" but we have an explosively powered argument of why NOT to tread on us. I guess we'll see what happens Tues because I believe its the difference between war and peace in our faltering Republic.

Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst
-TAG Ripper

CowboyDan said...

Okay, Horwitz has again shown he's crazy. Most of the commenters share his POV. That's the scarier part to me.

One fellow said 50% of Americans have a low opinion of black people, up from 45% when Obama took office. I'd like to see his polling instrument(s ).

I'm especially interested to see if that number is broken out by race/ethnicity, and if there were questions on people's relative opinions of white people. I don't see as much deep-seated animosity toward black people nearly as much as I see FROM black people.

How come gangs of white kids don't go wilding on largely black beaches or mob rob black stores? Is it Orwellian newspeak that those who are largely tolerant are most often accused of intolerance?

Crazy world keeps getting crazier. God save the Republic!

Pray the Rosary for peaceful elections and wise choices in the elections.

May God have mercy on us all!

Anonymous said...

Guess it never occurred to Horwitz that the only part of the military that would face the possibility of injury or death would be those who chose not to honor their oath.

Anonymous said...

Note to those who would curtail freedom using force: we most emphatically do not come in peace.

Mattexian said...

I guess the lefties are ignoring the cries from their own side of "if Obama loses, I'm'a start a riot" across Twitter, by the dozens, if not hundreds. Certainly there's enough of us on FB who are voicing our concerns about those kind of people, who think they can use violence (or the threat of) to scare the majority into voting against their original choice.

Anonymous said...

Mike as far as I can tell this("news"story) Is the tip of a huge fed iceburg. Far to many web sights that preport to be "free-for" are in fact enemy Disinformation and propaganda websights. We are being bombarded with defeatest disinformatinal propaganda by AM- Mosby and far to many more. the "men" I speak of are SERVEING US ARMY who If they did ANY of the things the do(or wright)without full government vetting, Would be setting in the stockade in 24hrs. We have men like them (and Oleg Volk) tell us we cannot win. That we MUST form large groups and train in public(Better to be set up by the FBI). That we must attend "schools" "patcons" and "blogshoots" (photogaphy anyone?) People If it talks like A "TORRY" its the enemy! Pull yor heads out! OPSEC- TRUST IN NO ONE. Szun Zu said that the test of skill was to win a battle before it started.Remember this.You have no rights. The military can use what you SAY on the internet. To have you KILLED. ITS the LAW. OH!! and one more thing. Look at the HUGE number of "patriot" websights that are written by current or former members of The US ARMY CIA/NSA/DEA/FBI/DOD/SAS/MI-6 are those guys on YOUR side?

John Otis Comeau said...

publicity can't hurt, even the negative kind. in fact, negative publicity from guys like this expands the reach of our message beyond the pro-gun community. if we can make the goons back off without firing a shot, all the better IMO.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks the're scared shitless!!

Anonymous said...

IED = Important Electoral Decision

The 'bomb' is in the ballot box!