Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters On Petraeus

"Timing Is Just Too Perfect"


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. I don't believe there was even an affair. Look at Patraeus. Married 37 years. That guy is as square as they come. This story is total Barbara Streisand. The truth will never come out with this administration unless the water boarding starts. Hmm...maybe I'm on to something here....

William Flatt said...

Ralph Peters. This is the guy who said; "The desire for patriotism [the sovereignty of our nation, our flag, our freedoms, and nationalism] is considered an ENEMY doctrine. The U.S. armed forces must be prepared to fight against all those who OPPOSE the New World Order and who are holding out for nationalism. This new warrior class IS MOST DANGEROUS because they consist of those willing to fight out of strong beliefs... There is a worldwide class of patriots who number in the millions, and if the current trend continues, they may be more of these who love FREEDOM and are now the target of the New World Order. "

FRAK Ralph Peters! He's a globalist scumbag tool and an enemy of Liberty.

WarriorClass III said...

Major Ralph Peters is a scumbag, but he's right. There are millions of us who are dangerous to the NWO, who love freedom. I took my name from him. I am also a descendant of the original Three Percent.

WarriorClass III

Charles N. Steele said...

Bah. No big conspiracy necessary, just a small one. The scandal was kept quiet until after the election, according to WaPo.

Anything sent via email should be assumed to be public info; this is how secure it is. That's why Hank Paulson never used email.

William Flatt said...

Hi, WC! Yeah I caught that. And yes, the 'bad guys' often utter aphorisms that prove correct, both in Peters' case and Mao Zedong ("All political power flows from the barrel of a gun").

But someone else posted a reply on another entry that seems to make the best sense: Obama prolly asked Petraeus to fall on his sword for Benghazi, thinking Petraeus was still his water-carrier. Petraeus no doubt decided better to force the admin to burn their trump card now, so he would be free to answer questions about Benghazi later without being 'compelled' to cover-up, obfuscate or lie under oath.

Someone else aptly noted "the lefties were right about Petraeus being 'Betray Us', albeit ironically for other reasons". I thought this may be true, but then DC is a pit of vipers anyway... and maybe Petraeus intends to hang Obama out to dry in a big noisy way that can't be spun or covered up.

And for all of us who are warrior class patriots who oppose the New World Order and its standing army of tyranny, maybe we will be blessed with some 'mighty good entertainment' if Obama suddenly finds himself twisting in the wind. Heck, maybe it would be an opportunity to stoke the firestorm and revisit all the other deliberate criminal acts Obama has committed, Including Ogden's F&F comment to Univision that draws an unbroken timeline straight back to Obama, where we know the original orders came from!

Be well, brother!

"Si vis pacem, para bellum"

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the machinations of Obama and the reasoning of Petraeus, the fact remains we've lost a good man. There are only so many people capable of being good combat generals. We now have one fewer of that select group. Yes, he brought it on himself, by failing to keep his pants zipped and failing to respect his marriage vows. Those who are in any select group, be it combat generals or brain surgeons or whatever, should keep in mind that we can't afford to lose them. Their special talents place obligations on them that they should keep in mind.