Friday, November 16, 2012

Ron Paul's Farewell address.

Text here.


Anonymous said...

The last American voice leaves the house of lunatics, liars and thieves..

Anonymous said...

Man, what could have been. On the plus side, w/obammy reelected the crash will come soon, and the rebuilding can begin.

rexxhead said...

+1 DixieDennis.

Mike, thank you for posting this link.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations America. By virtue of collective voting stupidity, you've now become an accomplice to a regime of depraved murderous psychopaths. Unfortunately, hindsight will not save you. You had your chance and blew it. The ONLY person who for decades, has been telling you the truth is now gone. While you were playing your video games, watching 'Merican Idol, and believing the lies of the Oligarchy, they were preparing for your slow and sure demise. Soon, you will wake up and wonder what happened and why. But you will be as clueless then as you are now. In reality, you have successfully proved two axioms...

1. The Iron Law of the Oligarchy.

and 2. There is no cure for stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Yank III, the last American voice also assured b. hussein Obama's
2nd term and the continued rise of America's movement to a totalitarian state -aka- Obamacare.

I was no huge fan of Romney but unlike Gary Johnson Paul ran under the R banner and held onto his tantrum "principle" by not endorsing Romney in the end.

Ron Paul, go ahead and ride into your retirement sunset but keep your mouth shut. You made a huge selfish contemptable blunder in your final days. Go join the John Roberts coward brigade.

Anonymous said...

5,000,000 McCain voters and 3,000,000 BHO voters didn't vote this cycle, why? Because 5,000,000 voters would not vote in the same manner that netted US BHO in the first place. 3,000,000 voters wouldn't either, nor would they be fooled again. An endorsement for Windsock by Paul would not have netted a million votes. Still waiting for anyone to tell me the substantive difference between the two statists. Either you believe in freedom and Individual Liberty, or you do not. If there is to be trouble, let be in our lifetimes, so that our posterity may live in peace. 8,000,000 votes on top of what Windsock did get would have done the trick. When presented with 2 different statist as being the only choices, how is that freedom. Both of those CONTROLED the message, and the message wasn't the truth nor a solution but guaranteed the slide into a totalitarian state. Now once again we are told that sticking to principles is unprincipled. Cognitive dissonance sure is a logic killer.

Anonymous said...

"There is no cure for stupidity."

You are wrong. For this is exactly the reason that the left seeks to create uneducated masses who will not ask questions. Masses who will not be a problem to their acquiring of power and the maintenance thereof.

Every man and woman is born stupid. One must learn to survive. One must act when they and their families are threatened.

Hemp ropes and overpasses.

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 8:55

So you blame Ron Paul for Obama winning re-election, and not the GOP party that nominated someone who was a gun banner, abortion advocate, healthcare mandater? Did you ever think that Romney being the nominee is why 2 million less people voted for him instead of McCain, who wasn't exactly popular himself?

You also don't mention the way that the neo-con media on talk radio, foxnews, and the GOP parties themselves treated and talked about Paul for the last year. I won't even get into how they literally stole votes and delegates from his supporters at state and the national convention while repeatedly breaking their own rules to do so!

And you dare to suggest it is the Ron Paul people and Ron himself who is to blame instead of the neo-con hacks and the GOP for nominating someone who has no major differences from Obama and who went out of his way to piss off the 2 million Ron Paul voters from the primaries and who knows how many more non-GOP Paul supporters?

Get real.