Thursday, November 29, 2012

Latest on the Sucker State from Kurt Hofmann: Massive new gun ban for Illinois could be voted on as early as today

Quinn's modifications were to completely gut the bill, and turn it into one of the most draconian bans of "assault weapons," "high-capacity magazines," .50 BMG caliber firearms and cartridges and "assault weapon attachments" ever seen. Banned items owned before the effective date would be subject to confiscation if the owner could not prove his/her pre-ban purchase of them, and even with such proof, would now be registered with the state.
Well, they didn't call it "The Sucker State" for nothing.


Earl Flanigan said...

The Mighty Quinn got owned on this. Senate overwhelmingly returned it to its original language (allowing mail-order ammo), and eliminated all the anti crap Quimm had put in it.

LFMayor said...

from the link:
We the boys from Illinois
We live in caves and ditches
We wipe our a-- with broken glass
and Laugh because it itches

The people down your way weren't laughing when "suckers" were making Sherman's neckties.

Think all that old blood's gone, do you? Then you're confusing us with Chicago or East St Louis. Break one of those election maps down by county, and you'll see how we have those parasites nicely contained. All that we need for the implosions is for the power to go off.