Tuesday, November 13, 2012

David Codrea: Homeland Security Inspector General’s report on Fast and Furious still unfiled (and a personal appeal from me).

An important article.
Guys, this is important not just for the article but for this addendum:
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bondmen said...

Apparently we have a government under control of outside forces, one that's no longer answerable to We The People as 'formerly' represented by our House of Representatives, the ones who used to control the purse strings, the ones who used to issue subpoena for officials who wouldn't answer important questions and for critical papers withheld for nefarious purpose. Under Speaker Boehner, We The People are apparently powerless to stop graft, corruption and the stealing of funds from our US Treasury.

The Constitution and First American Republic is in grave peril and We The People await a leader committed to leading US back to the path of individual freedom and liberty! May God save US as a country where opportunity to achieve greatness and success remains for our posterity.

Anonymous said...


This government is under the control of inside forces who are very connected and very Marxist. Speaker Boehner is owned by them.

If you're waiting for a leader, look in the mirror because nobody else is going to fix this but you. Don't like the sound of that? Well that's too bad because no one except unknown and faceless people are outside their firing solutions. You are the Cavalry. Congratulations!