Sunday, November 25, 2012

“The Mechanisms of Democracy”

Fools are in the saddle and ride mankind…


Anonymous said...

The Tea Party posted a question on my fb page this morning. Glen Beck predicting Obama will be impeached over Bengazi , Do you agree ?. My answer ; No nothing will happen to Obama , this guy is untouchable. He is the ' Pied Piper ' of fool`s and the ' Judas Goat ' of the sheeple. And this place is finished.

Anonymous said...

Perfect. I propose an amendment to H.R. 822

H.R. 822-02

(a) Let it be resolved, all first military draft choices for any new wars per 822-02(b), declared or not, shall be drawn from those names of age eligible sons/daughters of all elected and appointed Federal officials who vote yes for any war, or for funding of any and all military budgets per 822-02(b).

(b)New wars shall be defined as any military action after January 1, 2013, of a period no less than 10 seconds, so stipulated by the Executive branch, in any foreign nation, state, ocean or cyberspace, by either personnel, machine, or data.

(c) All inductees, per 822-02(a) shall serve their duty for no less than 6 years active service in those sphere’s of conflict per military action voted as yes, by their respective Federally elected or appointed parent, or until such time said military actions have been officially terminated, by either order of the Executive branch, DOD, or vote of Congress, or by death of inductee.

(d) Should service be terminated by death, all possible future military income of deceased inductees, shall be reconstituted to the Federal Reserve Audit fund, which shall be managed by the Peoples Congressional Wallstreet Indictment committee, who by vested authority, shall use said fund for the express purpose of identifying, arrest, and prosecution, of any and all parties who financially profit from any military action per 822=02(b), which was authorized by virtue of a yes vote, by any elected Congressional member, or the President of the United States, who received $1 or more in campaign contributions from those parties in question.

(d.01) Any and all elected or appointed officials, who by virtue of evidence entered into the Court record at any trial of those parties, convicted per 822-02(d), shall be indicted per the NDAA for the charge of terrorism, per “material support of terrorism”, by virtue of military actions which said elected official voted for authorization, result in collateral damage to innocent parties in any and all foreign nation, country, state, or ocean.

(d.02) For purposes of National Security, any and all elected or appointed Federal officials who, by virtue of (d.01), under the appropriate sections of the NDAA, shall be deemed a “terrorist”, and indefinitely detained, with no access to any due process, regardless of any Constitutionally guaranteed right, until such time the NDAA should be deemed either(a)unconstitutional by the Supreme Court,(b)amended by Congress to remove said Sections, or (c), violent overthrow of the US Government by the citizens of the United States, who, by virtue of the citizen group in power, shall ..well, do as they damn well please, but hopefully will include restoring the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land.

I had a dream last night. :)